What We Do

ISB Admission Consulting

ISB admission consultants for ISB PGP, Executive MBA from ISB  PGPpro, ISB YLP, ISB PGPMAX, ISB MFAB, ISB Advanced Management Programs and ISB Interview preparation. As ISB admission consultants, Goalisb concentrates on the profile and the goals of the applicants. Our ISB admission consultant mentors the students with post MBA goals, sharpening ISB essays, and prepping for the crucial ISB interview.

Executive MBA from IIM

MBA admission consultants for Executive MBA from IIM. 

Talk to our MBA admission consultant for the program choice according to your profile and goals. 

An MBA Admission consultant at Goalisb works with you to bring out the best in your story impressively.

Connect with our experienced MBA admission consultant at Goalisb to work with you to bring out the best in your story in an impressive manner.

MS, MiM & MBA Abroad

MBA admission consultants for Canada, US, EU, Singapore. Get a profile evaluation with our MBA admission consultant to discuss the schools that you should apply to in India. At Goalisb an MBA admission consultant would start from the goals, professional and academic profile of the applicant to suggest suitable MBA programs to apply to in India or abroad. Recently, Masters in Business Analytics, MBA and MiM have gained traction.

College Consulting

Admission to liberal arts colleges in India and admissions to colleges abroad is highly competitive now. With a reduced focus on the SAT scores alone the schools are evaluating holistic profiles of applicants. AP courses, scholarships, research assignments and pursuing your passion are all equally important.​ As associate members of the IECA we bring together the best resources and programs for aspirants to strengthen their prospects to enter top schools in India and abroad.

Interview Preparation

Interview process and video essays are extremely important and gaining traction every year.


Our expertise in mentoring for

KIRA interviews,

video essays,

behavioural interviews,

MBA interviews,

ISB interview preparation and

WAT or on the spot essays


brings us to add a winning streak to our applicants.

Career Counselling

A certified career transition coach, we bring together our expertise in career mapping from high school to senior professionals. The structured process followed for career counselling ingrains a higher confidence in the steps you take to build your career.

Instead of pursuing course after course, our aim is to map a path which gets you the end goal of achieving success in things you are passionate about.