Ahmedabad University Admissions

Ahmedabad University Admissions:

The applicants are required to write a personal statement as below for Ahmedabad University admissions to undergraduate programs.

Q. Which of your qualities or attributes makes you a valuable member of your class at school? What could others learn from you? Tell us about the occasion at school, when you have demonstrated these qualities or attributes?

Why are liberal arts colleges popular today?

Liberal arts colleges offer — small classes, full-time faculty mentoring and the many learning and development opportunities inherent in a private, on-the-campus experience — is costly. Some leading courses in liberal arts are offered by Ashoka University, Flame University and KREA University.

How is Liberal Arts Education At Ahmedabad University?

The University was established back in 2009 with the intention to bring liberal education to the domain of career building. Ahmedabad University is a private institution that offers a wide range of opportunities to its students. The institute was set up by Ahmedabad Education Society (AES) as a non-profit organisation. Today it consists of four schools bringing the chance for interdisciplinary education with the help of four centers.

What are the Accreditations and Collaborations at Ahmedabad University?


Stanford University, Wright State University, University of Ferrara, Rennes School of Business, Olin College of Engineering, University of Valladolid, Harvey Mudd College, University of Applied Science in Nysa, University of Bradford, Harvey Mudd College, and University of Applied Science in Nysa.

What are the Programs That Ahmedabad University Offers?

Ahmedabad University offers various courses for interested students in a wide variety of fields of study. Their undergraduate and postgraduate programs are aimed at instilling critical thinking and effective decision making in the students.

What are the Undergraduate Programs Offered by Ahmedabad University?

The following UG degree courses are offered by Ahmedabad University:

  1. B.A (Hons)

  2. B.B.A (Hons)

  3. Bachelors of Commerce (Hons)

  4. Bachelors of Commerce Professional (Hons)

  5. B. Sc (Hons)

  6. B.Tech

Each program is designed to create industry leaders with the help of amalgamating course specific learning and multidisciplinary learning with international exposure.

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