Ahmedabad University Liberal Arts Education in India

Training in the liberal arts is for everyone. While a liberal education in the arts is often described as only for the wealthy, it is not true. Indeed, the same or slightly greater proportion of low-income students are enrolled at private liberal arts colleges as at leading public universities. Nearly a third of all students from private universities come from low incomes. Most significantly, when students enrol in liberal arts colleges, this means less tuition semesters and an early beginning of a career.

Colleges of liberal arts are popular destinations today. What liberal colleges of arts offer — small classes, full-time faculty mentoring and the many learning and development opportunities inherent in a private, on-the-campus experience — is costly.

How is Liberal Arts Education At Ahmedabad University?


The University was established back in 2009 with the intention to bring liberal education to the domain of career building. Ahmedabad University is a private institution that offers a wide range of opportunities to its students. The institute was set up by Ahmedabad Education Society (AES) as a non-profit organisation. Today it consists of four schools bringing the chance for interdisciplinary education with the help of four centers.


Accreditations and Collaborations

Stanford University, Wright State University, University of Ferrara, Rennes School of Business, Olin College of Engineering, University of Valladolid, Harvey Mudd College, University of Applied Science in Nysa, University of Bradford, Harvey Mudd College, and University of Applied Science in Nysa.



Facilities akin to AC classrooms in the midst of charging cables and Wi-Fi, library, Indoor games room, Computer lab, Sports ground, and especially cleanliness is maintained at peak in support of all these areas and the greatest place where every student hangs on at what time bunk the class is self-service restaurant.

Teachers and professors are well qualified and at all times accessible for doubt solving or any other issues. Teaching quality is pretty good seeing that the semesters are divided in parts, such as quizzes, research papers, and project submission. And in all these phases, teachers are very much accommodating. The course curriculum is well updated and makes available high exposures for students which take account of business visits and realistic examples.

Curriculum – Under Graduate programs

The Undergraduate Programme at Ahmedabad University makes available skills, encourages citizenship, builds audacity, and instills accountability. It is aimed at making available wide-ranging and profound education that will outfit the student to find the way in the world in which he or she lives and turn into a representative of change in the betterment of his or her individual life and that of the civilization. The undergraduate education is based on the fact that it is wide as much as necessary for the student to find out his or her passion in life and get ready to follow the passion and yet build deep proficiency in the preferred field.


What are the Programs That Ahmedabad University Offers?



Ahmedabad University offers various courses for interested students in a wide variety of fields of study. Their undergraduate and postgraduate programs are aimed at instilling critical thinking and effective decision making in the students.


What are the Undergraduate Programs Offered by Ahmedabad University?

The fundamental behind the undergraduate programs offered at Ahmedabad University is a foundational program. This program is followed in every UG degree program for the first year to familiarise the students with various crucial concepts of the real world like data science, behaviour, communication, and more. The main aim is to introduce the interdisciplinary learning opportunity that the liberal education framework at the university has to offer. Emphasis is given to the development of ideas to resolve problems existing in the contemporary world.


Apart from the first year of a foundational program at the university students also learn the concepts related to their specific courses. The following UG degree courses are offered by Ahmedabad University:

  1. B.A (Hons)

  2. B.B.A (Hons)

  3. Bachelors of Commerce (Hons)

  4. Bachelors of Commerce Professional (Hons)

  5. B. Sc (Hons)

  6. B.Tech

Each program is designed to create industry leaders with the help of amalgamating course specific learning and multidisciplinary learning with international exposure.


What Are The Steps To Apply At The Ahmedabad University Liberal Arts Education in India?


The processes of applying for the UG or PG programs offered by the university are simple and easy to follow. There are minor differences between the processes as mentioned below:

  1. Applying to UG Courses:

  2. Visit the university website and view the admissions page for the university.

  3. The Apply Now button in the Undergraduate courses section prompts the applicant to create a log-in account.

  4. Creating the account is simple and needs the student to provide their email and contact numbers

  5. The university would contact the applicants with further instructions via email or mobile number.

  6. Applying for the PG Courses:

  7. The applicants can apply for the PG courses on the university website admissions page.

  8. Clicking on the Apply Now button would prompt the applicant to create a login account.

  9. An application form becomes available after completing the creation of the applicant account. The applicant needs to fill out this admission form online.

  10. There are certain documents required for completion of the application form.

  11. After completing the form the applicant can submit the application and make the payment for their admissions application.

There are basic eligibility criteria for the applicants to either UG or PG courses. These can be checked out in detail on the university website. Basic admission entrance exams like JEE, GATE, GRE, GMAT are required for applying to some of the UG or PG courses. The applicant needs to provide their official scores at the time of filing the application form.