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MBA is a sought after course because of the opportunities it provides. Most professionals start their career close to the ground action. As they keep on rising up the ladder in an organisation an MBA becomes inevitable. MBA courses open up a wide range of opportunities in the career graph. The professional world after doing an MBA puts a kink in the growth curve and lifts the MBA graduate to a new spectrum of roles and responsibilities.

The MBA courses available in India have evolved over the years. There is an increased amount of industry interaction in the design of the curriculum both at the design stage of an MBA curriculum and at the execution of the MBA course. 

One year MBA became a new paradigm in the MBA courses available for mid level and senior level professionals. Top MBA schools in India like ISB Hyderabad, IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore and IIM Calcutta offer one year MBA in India. These MBA courses are specially designed to prepare the professionals who have enrolled for top management career shifts. Our team provides exclusive assistance for working professionals to the Executive MBA from IIMs.

Executive MBA in India is not new. Since decades Executive MBA from IIM was offered for working professionals. The expectations from Executive MBA in India have however changed since then. MBA courses are now proactively engaged with the industry requirements. 

ISB Hyderabad introduced the new format of the one year MBA in India which incorporated in the MBA course a large amount of global interaction.  Visiting faculty, case study method, focus on leadership skills was introduced in the one year MBA in India.

Executive MBA from IIM was a competing program to the flagship program by ISB Hyderabad, the ISB PGP MBA. Executive MBA for working professionals now had a lot many options for those seeking Executive MBA in India.

One year MBA in India later became available to the freshers through the ISB YLP , ISB deferred MBA program. ISB YLP can be opted by final and pre final year students. Through the ISB YLP they can secure their seat in the coveted ISB PGP MBA two years in advance. In other words ISB YLP admits have two years to build their work experience and join the ISB PGP MBA once they complete two years in the industry.

The Executive MBA in India obtained a new avatar in the ISB PGPpro. ISB PGPpro is a program designed for working professionals and gives them the flexibility to pursue a course in their own city. The admits of ISB PGPpro, the Executive MBA from ISB travel to ISB Hyderabad for some modules and the rest of the course is delivered in their location of choice. The selective pool of ISB PGPpro provides the students who are actually working professionals with work experience from 5 - 12 years a global exposure. ISB PGPpro is a unique Executive MBA program from ISB which provides specialisations in Marketing and Finance and equips them to lead in the C-Suite positions.

MBA in Canada is another option offering a wide range of innovative MBA courses.  Rotman school of Business, Schulich Business School, Degroote Business School, Smith School of Business, Ted Rogers , IVEY MBA, UBC Canada are some schools which offer MBA in Canada. These schools also offer a huge range of masters programs apart from the regular MBA in Canada.


For those who aim for International career opportunities an MBA from Canada is a good option. Most of the good schools for MBA in Canada accept the GMAT score. MBA in Canada opens doors to openings in International arena and thus it is a coveted destination for MBA applicants. MBA admission consultants from GoalISB assist to address the requirements for a successful application to business schools in Canada.