Executive MBA from IIM Udaipur

Global Supply Chain Management (GSCM) is a one year MBA in India offered by IIM Udaipur. This full time Executive MBA in IIM is a solid establishment in management fundamentals and intensive specialisation.


Every year, the Indian Institute of Management Udaipur (IIMU) invites applications for this unique one year MBA course in India in Global Supply Chain Management for knowledgeable professionals. At the same time as India is poised to turn into a Global Supply Chain leader, there is a rising need for business managers who can deal with multifaceted supply chains necessary for the global economy.


IIM Udaipur has also created an Advisory Board comprising highly knowledgeable supply chain professionals from a few of the top companies including Infosys, etc. The Board helps set up both existing and future managers in the supply chain management and logistics domain by making available insights on planned initiatives and growth plans.


Why should one pursue the 1 year MBA course in India, the GSCM by IIM Udaipur?


IIMU’s One Year MBA in India in Global Supply Chain Management is a full time course and the admission process requires submission of the GMAT score or the GRE score. Students initiate the course in April of the first year and graduate in March of the subsequent year.


The IIM Udaipur, Global Supply Chain Management course is the only one year Executive MBA in India that offers a focussed specialty in supply chain management.


Nothing like other one-year global supply chain management courses which take account of a short international component, IIM Udaipur offers students an opportunity to learn and work with students from all over the world, in addition to access to top-notch staff and facilities.


What is the IIMU GSCM 1 year Executive MBA in India eligibility?

Like any other one year executive MBA in India the IIM Udaipur Global supply chain management course has specific admission requirements:

  • Applicants with at least 10+2 years of school education and at least 3 years of academic education in the midst of a Bachelor's degree or equivalent in any course.

  • The GMAT/GRE score is the standardised test score for the course; any applicant with a valid GMAT score or a GRE score can apply

  • Applicable work experience of at least 36 months for those who apply to this one year MBA in India.

  • Candidates applying for the one year executive MBA degree program need to possess 4 years of college education and are requisite to submit evidence of English language proficiency. Applicants need to submit one Language Assessment Test for the purpose of admission to Purdue University. Students can opt from the Test of English(TOEFL) and the IELTS

  • For IIMU + Purdue choice: At least 10+2 years of school education and 4 years of college education in the midst of a Bachelor's degree or equivalent in any course

  • For IIMU choice: At least 10+2 years of school education and 3 years of college education in the midst of a Bachelor's degree or equivalent in any course


What is the duration of the IIM Udaipur one year executive MBA in India?

One Year


IIMU GSCM Executive MBA Fee Structure ( Indicative figures)

Fee for Module 1 (Program Format 1 and 2) - INR 7,30,000

Fee for Module 2 - INR 6,60,000​

Fee for Program Format 1 – IIMU + Purdue Option - US $ 29,390

Fee for Module 3 (Format 1 & 2) - INR 3,10,000

IIMU GSCM Executive MBA Placements


The major recruiters at IIM Udaipur take account of Flipkart, Colortokens, Johnson & Johnson, Mahindra & Mahindra, Michelin, Cognizant, Future Supply Chain Solutions, Jubilant FoodWorks and many more.

  • Highest maximum salary offered is INR 22.42 lakhs yearly

  • Average package offered is INR 15.44 lakhs yearly

What are the benefits of the IIMU GSCM Executive MBA Course in India?


  • The placements for all the batches completed is pretty well taken care of. Regardless of being a new IIM, students get successfully hired by different companies from different domains like consulting, retail, operations, finance, banking, manufacturing, etc. Placement cells play a key role in getting in touch with diverse companies and inviting them to the school grounds for the purpose of placements.

  • IIMU was the first in the midst of the new IIMs to move to its new campus. It is extended over and beyond 300-acres, and it is most probably going to be one of the best-looking campuses in the country. All the wide-ranging facilities are present in the new school grounds.

  • The staff in the school is highly qualified and pretty accommodating. The case-pedagogy is the key method used for teaching the subjects. Professors used to make sure that the course was amply rigorous and is an approach that facilitates the students to bring the most excellent out of them.

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