MBA Admissions Consulting FAQs

Get answers to general queries about the process that we follow.

 01  Why do we personalise the process.

I believe in quality over quantity. I think a personal approach yields the best results for the applicants that I choose because preparing an ISB application essay is often a process of self discovery for applicants. It takes time and effort to sift through all past experiences to choose the ones that best portray any applicant's true personality. I believe quality applicants are worthy of my undivided attention to achieve the best results. 

 02  Why are there limited testimonials available on the site.

ISB selects the best from each sphere of life. As I share a very personal relationship with each applicant whom I assist, I like to protect their privacy and not just use them as advertising vehicles. I recommend reaching out to me via email/phone to discuss your profile in person. We can then decide whether its mutually beneficial for both of us to move forward with the process or not.

 03  How can I be sure if I will get an admission. Is there a guarantee?

If you know from within that you are ready for ISB application and interviews in the best context that it deserves, we believe that if we approach the application in the right manner it will show in the application process. We don't issue any guarantees.

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