Application Insights from ISB PGP PRO Admit 2019

Q 1. Please discuss your profile briefly.

I am a senior Associate at JP Morgan and Chase bank

Q 2. How did  you shortlist the schools to apply to? What were the key points that you were looking for? What resources did you refer to while making the decision?

I was only looking for the best colleges in India, so I was only looking for IIMs and ISB. I searched how the process for applications and the courses is, then ISB only check the profile so i thought of applying for ISB

Q 3. What do you think was the most important decision you took during your application process? And Why?

I think the most important decision was to contact GoalISB for my application process as it helped me in getting my application to a presentable level.

Q 4. What was the most challenging part of submitting your application to different schools? Please discuss how you handled these? Any pointers for future applicants?

I think the most important part was choosing the college where you want to apply and understand how that college can help your career. For future applicants, is that they should be clear on why? And then follows which college? And then how?

Q 5. What was the interview experience like? Did you feel you were well prepared at the time of the interview? What all resources did you access to prepare for the interview? Which of these provided the most valuable inputs?

The interview was a bit intimidating as the panel was very experienced and had few questions for which I was not prepared. I only consulted Goalisb Shruti for the question and preparation and since the interview was scheduled in 2 days i did not get proper time to prepare but it went ok as i stuck to my answers on why i have to do mba.

Q 6. What are some myths that every applicant must leave behind before they start the application process?

Myths are that your profile is not good for good schools but its not right as until you will not try you won't know and you can always apply again and with every rejection you gain experience which helps you for future applications

Q 7. Any suggestions for future applicants as a person who has been there, done that successfully!

Believe in yourself and always give it a shot.

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