ISB Admission Consultants

How can ISB admission consultants help?

ISB admission consultants are professionals who have a perception of understanding the career growth of the individuals whom they consult.


ISB admission consultant is not only an essay specialist but also a career strategist who can understand what the school offers and how the applicants can benefit in the long run.

Best admission consultants for ISB have been those who understand the different career paths and can visualise where a professional can go. 

ISB admission consulting at Goalisb is a mix of career story telling and mentoring on the career strategy. This when communicated properly in the application leads to a successful admit.

ISB admission consulting is a time taking process, therefore we suggest that you should start early.

For every applicant selected in a business school program there are nine equally good people who are rejected. So while applying to business school we suggest that you should hedge your self. At least apply to 4 - 5 schools so that your interests as an applicant are hedged.

An ISB admission consultant at Goalisb can help you to identify the schools that you should apply to. 

Our philosophy as ISB admission consultants:

1. At ISB admission consulting, we offer unlimited interaction with our clients for the sake that when applying to business school an applicant's stakes are quite high and addressing any queries that you might have.

2. Our expertise lies in building the application strategy and ensuring that it is communicated consistently throughout the application. We are not essay writing machines with a standard formula that works for the schools.

3. ISB admission consultants at Goalisb are those who have a long term goal and invest in their knowledge with respect to career strategy and graduate school admissions worldwide. Technically speaking and ISB admission consultant at Goalisb is required to be an Associate member with the IECA and the NAGAP, or any similar internationally accredited  body.

4. An ISB admission consultant at Goalisb would have invested 30 hours or more in the previous year to upgrade themselves in the relevant aspects of counselling, career strategy or admissions consulting.

5. We do not offer any guaranteed admissions or refunds policies.

To find the best admission consultants for ISB for your application talk to a lot of ISB admission consultants at length and decide if you have faith in the process and the working style of the ISB admission consultant.

The best admission consultants for ISB are those who you believe you can work positively with.  

Get in touch with ISB admission consultants at Goalisb for a profile evaluation.