Liberal Arts Colleges In India - KREA University

Why KREA University Undergraduate Studies?

KREA University was launched in 2018 and it had been approved the rank of State Private University by UGC. KREA University is an approaching international university. The University is located in Sri City (Chennai). The University was established via a group of academicians, intellectuals, and industrialists.

KREA University offers a wide range of courses in liberal arts and science. The courses tag along a matchless learning method which takes account of academics on top of experiential learning. The guiding principles of the set of courses are - research-based learning, immersive learning writing-intensive, historicity, ethics, interdisciplinary elements, and data analytics. KREA University is one of the few leading liberal arts colleges in India like Ashoka University, Flame University, Ahmedabad UniversityOP Jindal University.

What are the subjects offered by KREA University in its curriculum?

KREA University is one of the leading liberal arts colleges in India offering a wide range of UG, PG, and doctoral programmes, such as full-time and executive MBA/PhD programmes. School of Interwoven Arts and Sciences offers BSc (Hons) and BA (Hons). In addition, it offers need-based fiscal assistance to its students all through admissions, for which students can apply subsequent to the short listing process.


What are the opportunities for extracurriculars at KREA University?

The University makes available wide-ranging exposure to its students all the way through various housing councils, student councils, and student clubs. To the extent that the infrastructure and facilities are considered, it incorporates an ultra-up to date green campus outfitted in the midst of healthcare and fitness services, laundry services, AC classrooms, student common room, library with wide-ranging collections, swimming pool, and cafeterias.

KREA University has scope for football, cricket, badminton, volleyball etc. With the exception of sports, krea has a saloon, open-air theatre, cafe, media lab, dispensary, laundry service, and more.

Who are the key faculty at KREA University?

The entire faculty consists of PHDs and business experience, which make them knowledgeable not only in teaching courses from an educational viewpoint but also a real-world viewpoint. Every member of the staff here is a specialist in his or her own field. Each faculty is also a winner of an interdisciplinary approach, signifying they acquire what it takes to teach a course except their field of knowledge.

  • N Vaghul :Chancellor & Member at KREA University

  • Hariharan Krishnan: Professor of Practice, Arts Director of Media Lab, KREA University

  • Prayaag Akbar: Senior Fellow, Arts and Literature, KREA University

  • Swarnamalya Ganesh : Assistant Professor of Practice, Arts, KREA University

  • Srajana Kaikini: Assistant Professor, Arts and Humanities, KREA University

  • Akhila Ramnarayan: Associate Professor of Practice, Literature & Arts, KREA University

  • Sumitra Ranganathan : Senior Assistant Professor, Arts and Humanities, KREA University

  • Anil Srinivasan : Associate Professor of Practice, Arts, KREA University

  • Kalpita Bhar Paul: Assistant Professor, Humanities and Environmental studies, KREA University

  • Bharath Sundaram: Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies, KREA University

  • Aashique Ahmed Iqbal: Assistant Professor, Humanities, KREA University

What are the scholarships at KREA University?

Scholarships at KREA University as one of the leading liberal arts colleges in India are offered to undergraduates on the basis of the yearly income of their family unit.

  1. Annual income below INR 10, 00,000: Up to 100% tuition fees that may also take account of living expenses depending on genuine income and other interrelated parameters

  2. Annual income between INR 10, 00,000 – 50, 00,000: Up to 75% tuition fees depending on real income and other interrelated parameters.

  3. In terms of the fee structure, Krea University supports students economically. Based on the earnings of parents, Krea will make available students with the necessary amount of financial aid.