MBA in Canada Top Universities

Which country is best for an MBA: the USA or Canada? 

MBA in USA vs. MBA in Canada:  The MBA degree is a huge investment and is a stepping stone to a great career; this is why you should peacefully think about every associated aspect like the fees, the living costs, the placement options and the future career growth. This decision should be based on a range of factors, some of which are: financial plan, preference of college, selection of program, and available career opportunities. 

Based on all these factors, we can declare that MBA in USA and MBA in Canada are the most preferred countries intended for following MBA. But, at this moment the main question arises that which one is better? USA vs. Canada? Read here for evaluating an MBA in Canada vs. an MBA in Singapore.

1. Tuition Fee

MBA in USA- The standard tuition fee necessary to study MBA in USA is $15,000 to $60,000 per year depending on the selection of college and course. The average length of MBA within the USA is 2 years.

MBA in Canada- The standard tuition fee necessary to study MBA in Canada is $15,000 to $35,000 per year. The length of MBA within Canada is 1.5- 2 years. However costs for International students for an MBA in Canada top universities is of course much higher than the domestic Canadian students.

2. Eligibility

MBA in USA - It requires a minimum 4 years education later than 10+2 for you to be eligible to apply for MBA within the USA. Taking GMAT is vital. In addition, having work experience isn’t must but favoured seeing that it increases your likelihood of getting an admission.

MBA in Canada - To be eligible for applying to the MBA colleges within Canada, you need a minimum 4 years education after completing 10+2. Taking GMAT is also a necessity. Having work experience is also necessary for applying in nearly all of the colleges here.

3. Living Expenses

MBA in USA : The living expenses for the USA are to a certain extent high. The standard living expense can be anticipated around $8,000 to $15,000 per year depending on the facilities that you.

MBA in Canada : The standard living expenses for MBA in Canada top universities differ somewhere amid $5,000- $12,000 per year depending on your handling of the facilities, spending on amusement etc. Some of the MBA in Canada top Universities are Rotman School of Management, IVEY Business School, Schulich School of Business, Degroote Business School and the UBC Sauder Business School.

4. Career Opportunities

MBA in USA: There are excellent career opportunities within the USA. By and large, all well-known companies hire from the highest ranked universities.

MBA in Canada: Canada is also one of the most preferred countries due to the career opportunities it presents. Canada houses a number of well-known universities like the University of Toronto, McGill University, IVEY, DeGroote, Schulich School of Business etc.

5. Scholarships offered

MBA in USA: There is many scholarships you can search out within the USA as compared to the Canada. A few of them are: Asian Women in Business Scholarship Fund, Fulbright- Nehru Research Fellowships, etc.

MBA in Canada: To some extent, less number of scholarships exists in the Canada at what time compared to the USA. A few of them take account of Canada Asia -Pacific Awards (CAPA), etc.

How is the experience of doing an MBA from Canada for Indian students? What are the job prospects after an MBA in Canada?

Without doubt, Canada is a top destination intended for MBA jobs. Canada is a mounting force in business education and a great marketplace for a career post MBA. In the midst of application growth driven by out of the country students who are attracted by Canada’s brilliant careers prospects and hassle-free visa rules, it’s one of the most well-liked places designed for business students to study.

Here are a few reasons you should think about a career in Canada.

1. Open to International students


Canada has a standing for being open and all-encompassing, welcoming to individuals from all spheres of life.

At the Ivey Business School in Ontario, worldwide student hiring rates bring into line narrowly to those of home students. Several students in general received as a minimum one job offer later than six months of graduation.

Even devoid of a job offer, out of the country students are entitled for a three-year work permit on graduation from a two-year master’s degree, or a one-year permit if coming from a one-year course.

2. Great opportunities for small businesses


The Canadian job market consists of a strong services sector accounting for a great deal of the employment opportunities like financial services, healthcare, retail, and consulting. One thing that distinguishes Canada is that small businesses play a massive role in the financial ecosystem.

3. Employment opportunities


Canada offers abundant opportunities for more conventional employment and entrepreneurship. Networking is time and again cited as the key method of securing work.

Educational background is not inevitably regarded as the top prerequisite for Canadian jobs; as an alternative, employers have a tendency to focus on what you can in fact do. Employers are on the lookout for applicants who can make obvious the skills necessary for the position.

4. Benefit of location:

Apart from Toronto, Vancouver is also an excellent place for an MBA in Canada. Location is also a vital factor within students’ job searches, and Canada offers a varied array of options in this unit. Each area has its personal attractions.

A student targeting oil and gas would be looking first and foremost at career options in the county of Alberta, Calgary especially. For economic services, the head offices of the banks are within Toronto. In fact, as home to 250,000 tech jobs, Toronto is the fourth major tech focal point in North America, and is the rapidly growing. Read more FAQ about MBA in Canada here.

5. A popular place for Consulting Career opportunities

Consulting firms are hiring MBA graduates in bigger numbers. With the push in the cost of crude oil, more students have migrated from oil and gas on the way to consulting. Management consulting, analytics consulting and strategy consulting are gaining traction and so is the connect of the business schools for this career option. An MBA in Canada top university like Schulich School of business does prepare the students step by step for a career in consulting and data science.

Consulting firms are eager to hire individuals with technology proficiency to facilitate companies, such as digital transformations, etc. In the midst of an ageing inhabitants and drive for cutting costs, Canada’s healthcare trade is also getting higher. There are more resources for more MBA courses .