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10 Deferred MBA programs from Top Business Schools

Updated: May 11

Berkley Haas - Accelerated Access

Berkley Haas deferred MBA has opened up recently. This relatively new Berkeley Haas program provided its undergraduate students the chance to apply to the full-time MBA course. A student has the choice to defer starting the Berkley Haas MBA course by two to five years to gain professional experience.

Currently Berkley Haas deferred MBA option is available for University of California, Berkeley undergraduate students in their final year of education and Berkley graduate students who do not have full time work experience.

Berkley Haas deferred MBA course encourages applications from students with diverse backgrounds and academic interests.

The deadlines for submission of the applications for the deferred MBA course are: 2nd April and 11th June.

Stanford GSB - Deferred enrolment

Stanford GSB deferred MBA course is available to students who are in the final year of their bachelor or graduate studies. The school encourages those applicants to chose a deferred MBA option who think that they could benefit from a few years of work experience before joining the MBA program.

Industries like private equity, management consulting and biotechnology in particular prefer to recruit MBA graduates with work experience in their specialised sectors. If a student wants to pursue a career in any of these sectors, deferring the MBA course is a better option to achieve your career goals.

The students who are offered deferred MBA admission use this opportunity to build their skills in the specialised sector of interest. This period gives the applicant time to enhance their professional skills before they enrol at Stanford GSB. The school has recently revised the deadlines for application due to the COVID crisis.

Application submission deadlines for the Stanford GSB are 12 Sep, 09 Jan & 08 Apr 2020.

Wharton Advance Access

Wharton deferred MBA is the Advance Access Program. Students in their final year of education are assured a seat in the Wharton MBA course. The enrolment to the MBA course can be deferred from 2–4 years during which the students are expected to enhance their work experience. The Wharton deferred MBA is open to students from all academic interests. The selective group of students are done so on the basis of their innovative, intellectual and business acumen.

Once an applicant is offered admission to the Wharton deferred MBA course he can collaborate and access the professional network of Wharton globally.

Wharton deferred MBA course application deadline was May 27, 2020

Chicago Booth Scholars Program - Chicago Booth Deferred MBA

Chicago Booth deferred MBA is the Chicago Booth Scholars Program. Students in their final year of graduation can apply for the Chicago Booth deferred MBA course. Once admitted the admission to the Chicago Booth Full Time MBA Course can be deferred by 2–5 years.

During the period of deferral the student can access the resources and network offered by Chicago Booth and gain work experience in the chosen field of work. Diversity of applicants is valued by the school and they encourage students from varied backgrounds to apply. The Chicago Booth Scholars are selected on the basis of their academic scores, extra curricular engagement, leadership potential and intellectual acumen. Internships, part time employment and entrepreneurial exposure are highly valued by the school.

The Chicago Booth deferred MBA course deadline is June 1, 2020

Harvard Business School 2+2

The Harvard Business School Deferred MBA course is the HBS 2+2 program. The diverse group of students selected for the program have common traits of leadership potential, analytical skills, academic excellence and community contribution. The school looks closely into how the applicants demonstrate these skills to decide the admits to the deferred MBA program.

Personal achievements, community interaction, classroom collaboration, academic performance must be evident in the application to the Harvard Business School 2+2 MBA course.

Applicants with experiences of community involvement and team collaboration. The learning environment at Harvard is highly communicative and collaborative. These are two skills which are markedly important to a Harvard applicant.

The Harvard Business School 2+2 Application Deadline has been modified to June 1, 2020.

Columbia Business School Deferred Enrollment Program

Columbia Business School deferred MBA course is offered to students in the final year of graduation. The Columbia deferred MBA gives the students an option to defer enrolment by 2- 5 years to the main MBA course. The students can spend the time of deferral to gain skills, build their work experience, gain in-depth knowledge in their sector of interest.

Applicants to the Columbia deferred MBA must possess academic and personal excellence and demonstrate collaboration with their community. The quality of academic achievements, work experience, internships and community involvement as closely examined for a Columbia deferred MBA applicant.

The students of the Columbia deferred MBA can opt to join the 16 month program which begins in January or the 20 month program that begins in August every year. The applicants are also eligible to apply for merit based scholarships once they have completed the deferral period and are ready to start the course.

The deadline to submit the Columbia deferred MBA online programs has been prolonged to June 1, 2020, and the extended cut-off date for standardised test rankings to July 1, 2020.

Darden School of Business Future Years Scholars Program

Darden deferred MBA program is the Future Years Scholars Program. Darden’s Future Year Scholars Program offers a 2- 5 years deferral to selected students before they join the coveted Darden School of Business MBA course. The students in the last year of graduation or masters programs can apply for admission to the Darden deferred MBA program.

Darden deferred MBA gives the students access to the most coveted business and professional resources of the Darden Business School on their path to gain experience and develop skills.

The Future Year Scholars Program upcoming application cut-off dates are 1 June 2020 and 1 August.

MIT Sloan MBA Early Admission

MIT Sloan’s deferred MBA is the MBA Early Admission program.

The MIT Sloan deferred MBA option is suitable for ambitious and high performing students globally. This assures the students a seat in the MIT Sloan MBA course after 2–5 years of work experience.

Students who have recently graduated or are currently in their final year of graduation in an undergraduate program or a masters program are eligible to apply to the MIT Sloan MBA Early Admission.

MBA Early Admission application is the deferred entry program by MIT Sloan MBA course.

The application deadline for MIT Sloan MBA Early Admission programs has been prolonged to June 2, 2020.

Kelloggs Future Leaders

Kelloggs Future Leaders is the deferred MBA option from Kelloggs School of Management. The school offers the graduating students to create a road map of their career and assures them a seat in the Kellogg MBA course. In the meanwhile the students can continue pursuing their work experience for 2–5 years till they decide to join the Kellogg MBA course.

Students who have recently graduated, undergraduates in the last year of school and master’s students who have no interim period of work experience can apply to the Kellogg deferred MBA course. The school is not charging any application fees. The applicants have to submit the online application and their GMAT scores/ GRE scores and TOEFL scores.

Current year applications to the Kelloggs Future Leaders are due June 3, 2020

ISB Young Leaders Program

ISB YLP is a deferred MBA program from Indian School of Business Hyderabad. ISB YLP allows a deferral of 2 years before an admit joins the flagship ISB PGP MBA. The admission to ISB YLP takes place in two phases. The applicants can be pre final or final year students from any stream of education. The first phase of applications requires the students to submit an online application with the academic record and essays. During the second phase of application to the ISB YLP, the GMAT or the GRE score has to be submitted along with the essays in the online application. The applicants who qualify in the second phase of ISB YLP application are then invited for an interview by the ISB after which the final results for ISB YLP are announced.

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