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8 Pros and Cons of Online MBA You Should Know

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

The past decade witnessed an increasingly gained momentum of online learning across the globe, granting millions of people a new medium of advanced education. And this pace will now just increase, thanks to the unforeseen changes that the COVID pandemic introduced globally.

Online learning has proved to be a boon in academics, especially for students who have difficulties in adopting a full-time regular course for advanced degrees like MBA programs. A report released by the QS MBA Applications and Aspirations Report indicates the same. It suggests that - 15% of students opting for an MBA program are looking for an online program instead of a traditional “brick and mortar” MBA program.

Advantages with online MBA

With top accredited universities around the globe offering online MBA programs along with an on-campus program, the former has acquired prominence among both students and recruiters. However, if there are perks of online learning, there are some downsides too.

Let’s get started with advantages:


The online MBA programs of top accredited universities deal with the same MBA curriculum and faculty members. Besides, the alumni networks as prescribed to their traditional classroom counterparts. Hence, the quality of education is not compromised, with students getting the same education through a different though the convenient medium.

An online education system administrator in the US states that there is mounting evidence that indicates that the quality of the online education system is superior to the traditional format or face-to-face interactions.

In an online learning format, students get the opportunity to implement their knowledge in real-world business environments, whereas the students in the conventional format generally derive their practical knowledge through case studies and presentations.


Students doing full-time jobs or having a family usually opt for online programs because they are more flexible than conventional programs that constrain students by a pre-set time and day. Online programs provide a remarkable extent of freedom and flexibility to non-conventional students to make adjustments in their busy schedules without compromising with the quality of education.


The online system of education is cost-saving and comes up with many budgetary advantages. Due to the low operating costs of online programs as compared to that of the traditional formats, their tuition fees are significantly less. So, you get the same education and reap all the benefits of the programs at a decreased price.


Some 20 years back, the online system of education was a subject of disapproval for both students and recruiters. However, with top accredited universities offering online MBA courses in recent times, the reputation of such courses has significantly increased among students and recruiters as well.

Another major benefit of the online format is that you get familiar with sought-after technologies through the online learning journey that equips you to handle technicalities of future workplaces.

Disadvantages of Online MBA

Before plunging into pursuing an online MBA, it is wise to know about the downsides it owns:

Lack of class participation and other on-campus activities

For a business school graduate, a mere curriculum would not suffice. Interactions with peers and several on-campus activities are equally important. On-campus activities mainly include building relationships with peers, attending classes, lectures, and seminars, participating in workshops and presentations given by illustrious speakers. However, these opportunities for conventional learning cannot be equally availed by an online MBA student.

Also, online students miss the career support system and job fairs held on the premises of schools. Online programs, in general, do not qualify for internship programs. This can be one of the demerits of the online MBA program.

Recruiter apathy

While selecting the candidates, recruiters focus on the mode of the MBA the student pursued it. As a job aspirant, you are likely to score more if you have completed your online MBA from an accredited university. So, when you look for admission in an online MBA program, make sure you perform intense research on the accreditation of universities.

Need of Self-discipline

Maintaining self-discipline and work-life balance is a challenge for students who opt for online courses as most of them do jobs or run a family. There may be chances that you procrastinate that may lead you to miss some assignments and important tests. You may also not get prompt and quick feedback or guidance in online courses.

Technology cost

Though tuition fees and on-campus expenditures of online programs may be less than their on-campus counterpart, students still have to be bear technology costs of devices and high-speed internet to make their online programs feasible.


Depending on your needs, preferences, and requirements, you can choose whether you will opt for an on-campus program or go for an online format. Well, if you need to do an MBA for a career boost, and you think you cannot do it without a job and salary, or then it would be difficult to bear the tuition expenses, then the online program could be the best option for you. You must be careful in choosing the right university that has accreditation and suits your learning style and career goals.

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