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COVID Updates and International Deadlines

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

GRE Waived Off For Doctoral Applicants

Many PHD programs especially in biomedical studies have dropped the requirement of submission of the GRE scores and are test optional due to the concern that GRE is increasingly regarded as not being a true predictor of the applicant’s capabilities.

Over 300 (unofficial number) bio and biomedical programs across the US have declared their decision to become General GRE test optional or have removed the requirement of submission of scores. These are now popularly known as the GRExit.

Apart from these more schools and programs are joining the list of GRExit.


Research has shown that the GRE though being extensively used in college admissions when evaluated through a critical race lens has been observed to deny marginalised groups access to quality higher education.


NSF GRFP Graduate Research Fellowship Program applicants are not required to submit the GRE scores now. The programme honours and supports exceptional graduates in NSF-supported science , technology , engineering, and mathematics areas who are completing research-based master's or doctoral degrees at approved United States institutions.

GRFP is the oldest of its kind and has several years of choosing recipients who have experienced success in their future academic and professional careers. The GRFP's reputation also allows them to become lifetime leaders who play important roles in both science and education.

Update on International Travel UBC Canada

UBC has, until 30 April 2021, cancelled all international student travel for university purposes. This includes international programmes such as exchange and cooperative education, placements in student study (both undergraduate and graduate), internships and participation at conferences.

UBC Student Housing now provides complimentary on-campus self-isolation packages (14 days of lodging and meals), subject to availability, if you are a student coming from outside Canada and you are not prepared to self-isolate in your own accommodation. You will not be paid or fully refunded over the next 30 days if you are a UBC Vancouver student with a valid UBC self-isolation accommodation reservation.

UBC Conferences and Accommodation (C&A) also provides those who need to self-isolate upon arrival in Canada a number of fee-based self-isolation accommodation packages. These packages include a variety of C&A-operated on-campus lodging options, plus off-campus lodging in collaboration with local hotels.

Next Deadlines for International Students: August 2021 Entry

MBA - April 6. 2021

MBAN - March 16, 2021

Master of Management - March 30, 2021

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Update on the VISA applications for New Zealand:

The suspension of temporary visa applications (including student visa applications) outside of New Zealand has been extended by the New Zealand Government until February 2021.

Originally, the suspension, which came into effect on 10 August, was for three months. However, this suspension has been extended by the government until February 2021.

At present, Immigration New Zealand does not process visas for individuals outside New Zealand. This is because Immigration New Zealand is constitutionally unable to issue visas to people who are unable to fulfil the conditions for entry.

This ensures that applicants will not go through the visa application process and pay a processing fee, since their application will not be accepted in the near future.

Immigration New Zealand will continue to process applications by individuals invited to apply for a visa by means of an exemption from the process of border restrictions.

The Immigration New Zealand COVID-19 student visa update will be updated with more information.

Priority Admission Opportunity at IE Business School

Avoid the waitlist at IE Business School with the Priority Admission Opportunity - the deadline is 17th November for this round. Post this deadline normal rolling admissions process shall apply. Submit relevant documents between October 21st to November 17th.

Priority Admission option is available for the following courses:

  • Executive Master Digital Transformation & Innovation Leadership

  • Executive Master International Trade

  • Executive Master in Positive Leadership & Transformation

  • Executive MBA (English/Spanish)

  • Global Master in Real Estate Development

  • Global Online MBA International MBA (English/Bilingual)

  • Master in Business Analytics and Big Data

  • Master in Business for Architecture and Design

  • Master in Corporate and Marketing Communication (Part-time)

  • Master Digital Marketing (Part-time)

  • Master in Finance

  • Master in Global Corporate Compliance (Part-time)

  • Master in Legal Tech Master in Management (English/Bilingual)

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