Business Analytics Career Opportunities in India

What is the Fields of Sports Analytics?

The practice of sports analytics has been just about for many decades, but modern advances in data collection and managing technology have broadened its scope considerably. The utilisation of data and statistics has turned out to be prolific all the way through most major sports. In actual fact, a huge portion of professional teams at this moment routinely draw on the services of specialised statisticians to maintain their operations.

On the whole, sports analytics is the practice of applying numerical and statistical principles to sports and interrelated secondary activities. At the same time as there are a lot of factors and priorities specific to the trade, sports analysts draw on the similar fundamental methods and approach as any other type of data analyst. Setting up parameters for measurement, and time and again collecting data from a wide sample is the foundation of the analytics process. This data is afterward curated and optimised to get better the precision and usability of the outcomes.

Sports analytics has a lot of on-field applications in a sports background, together with organising both individual as well as group performance.

Coaches can draw on data to optimise work out programs for their players and expand nourishment plans to capitalise on the fitness. Analytics is also by and large utilised in developing tactics and players’ strategies.

There are quite a lot of degrees that can lead to a profession in sports analytics.

A degree in statistics and data analysis will make available the skills needed to follow a career in sports analytics. Several schools tender a bachelor’s degree in Sports Analytics.

Several schools focus on sports data analytics inside their Sports Management department. This allows the learner to build up skills in statistics and analytics, at the same time as also developing a by and large perceptive of the field of Sports Management.

How to become a sports data analyst?

Sports analytics is an interesting but unknowable field. There are great opportunities for analytics resting on the fan facing side (sports gambling & daily fantasy), but what goes on following the doors of NFL, NBA ,and MLB franchises can be an all-inclusive mystery. For somebody looking to get into the field, it can be a tremendously perplexing place to begin with.

There is a bizarre amount of sports analytics content lying on the internet. Coding languages and image tools are becoming all the time more vital in analytics. Excel models will soon be a leftover of the long-ago. If you are looking to dig up into this field, you will have to learn to utilise Python or R. By means of these tools, you are able to process considerably more details than you would be able to with a conventional database. You should also look at visualisation tools like Tableau and Power BI. Insight is worthless if you cannot elucidate it. People appreciate graphs and pictures better than expressions, so perform your best to elucidate your findings all the way through visuals.

Sports teams are at all times looking for innovative ways to find excellent candidates. There are scores of opportunities to meet the right individuals and display your material at conferences. These are excellent ways to get access to exclusive sports data and to get credit for your work. Working in sports is a bit of an alliance, and getting your foot in the door is very significant. If you can cope to help out your college team by means of analytics, this is a plus advantage.

Sports analytics is a somewhat difficult marketplace to crack; on the other hand, if you pursue these recommendations you will be setting yourself up for accomplishment.

Indian Sports tech landscape

The Indian sports tech landscape is still in a very hopeful stage but there have been momentous steps made over the most recent 1-2 years. The Indian Super League (Football) and Pro Kabaddi League can’t yet contend with the business influence of the Indian Premier League (Cricket), but their increasing popularity and the augmented interest in other different sports such as cycling , marathons, and also eSports are pinpointing of a budding sports economy; as a result, presents openings for several different startups.

  • Typical offerings for activity & performance are data tracker, wearables and innovative categories of sports equipment.

  • Solutions emerging to help manage venues, organisations, events, and leagues, in addition of covering platforms to locate other sportsmen, instructors, etc.

  • Solutions making available sports interested individuals and companies with all sorts of data and content.

  • Companies that make available Fantasy Sports and Betting solutions, as a sort of service for gamers & players.

Some companies in India who are engaged in Sports Analytics:

Formcept: This Bangalore-based company is managing ESPN Cricket Insights, amusing fans with visually alluring data and Statsguru videos. The Formcept platform maps near about 25 dynamic variables for each ball bowled all through the match, pairs it with past data and proficient insights to carry on fans state-of-the-art with wide-ranging analysis.

Sports Mechanics: This Chennai-based company is leading in the area of sports analytics. The company introduced video analysis to Indian cricket, and facilitated wrap up the World Cup title in 2003. The company’s real-time management system allows a coach to survey all the achievable options that are possible all through a game.

Kadamba: Kadamba has been in a planned partnership with UK-based football data and a leading analysis provider. The company analyzes more than 6000 football matches on a yearly basis for more than 70 football clubs (Europe, the Middle East, North America, and South America).

Sports Insight: Sports Insight established in 2007 makes available real-time analysis, including counts Indian Premier League Franchisees, USA Cricket Board and leading sports academies, and Bangladesh Premier League as their real patrons. The cricket match analysis software (iCricket) provides meticulous statistics along with the correct video analysis to examine a player in all the parts of the game.

Some International companies in Sports Analytics:

Business models develop with the passage of time, every so often owing to changes in the marketplace and every now and then owing to arrival of technology, resulting in appearance of innovative exciting trends. Internationally, there are more than 1000 Sports Analytics companies, and here is the list of some of the most interesting ones:

Whoop: It is supplier of a smart wearable device for the monitoring of physical activities. It proffers a wearable device that monitors the consumer's heart rate, heart rate inconsistency, quantifies the amount of the exercises, monitors sleep time, and revival time. It allows athletes, their instructors, and trainers in accessing damage and recovery to stability training, decrease injuries, and forecast performance. The platform makes available its own Smartphone app intended for analytics as well as reporting.

Sportradar: It is supplier of a sports data-as-a-service solution. It proffers a wide range of betting solutions, event establishment, probability suggestions, trade tools, horse racing monitoring, sports content (live-streaming), and more. The company has n special joint venture with manifold sports leagues, such as NFL, ITF, ESL, NBA, and NHL.

Hudl: It makes available video analysis and training tools to sports teams. The tools allow coaches to upload video recording of games, practices, and challengers, split the video down, add voice/text opinion, and deliver the video and training notes headed for their athletes. Hudl also permits athletes to put together highlight reels and support themselves to recruiters.

Dartfish: It is a video analysis solution supplier intended for sports coaches, health care professionals, instructor, students, and athletes and students. It offers both online as well as offline video analytics solutions that allow users to generate, develop, analyse, bring out and monetise video content. Customers take account of league sports teams, federations, Olympic committees, colleges, high schools, universities, military branches, students, and athletes.

Shot Scope: Leading supplier of wearable devices intended for golf performance tracking. It makes available wide-ranging golf performance tracking technology. It also makes available a wearable wristband that tracks action and presentation. It automatically accumulates statistical data at the same time as a golfer plays. Features: club utilized for every shot, the distance every shot travels, the overall number of shots, number of shots on top of every hole, down percentage, etc.

Technology allows us to have access to a plethora of insightful resources, knowledge and data in the 21st century.

Businesses need to understand and analyse this data in order to survive and operate seamlessly, efficiently and effectively.

Industries all over the world are utilising data analytics to make better commercial decisions and take advantage of the competition.

Data analysis ultimately impacts the functions of the entire organisation and helps improve the overall profit of the business.

Analysing data with massive amounts of volume, velocity, credibility and variety, allows businesses to gain better insight on their practices. This ultimately identifies the opportunities for competitive business advantage, among various other benefits.

Certified business analysis professionals are in high demand because they have the abilities to transform large data into the desired outcomes for businesses all over the world.

What Does a Business Analyst Do?

In order to identify the right opportunities for business advantage, a certified business analytics professional has to utilize various resources. Business intelligence software, statistical tools and big data platforms will ultimately guide and improve their decision making.

Data scientists in this industry have to be experienced in programming languages that are often used for machine learning. They also have to understand advanced methodologies and optimisation in order to develop the proper analytical solutions.

Analytical skills and knowledge in data science and business are paramount in order to be a successful professional in the real world.

Business Analytics Benefits

Utilising data analytics to ensure important commercial decisions provides businesses with various benefits.

Predictive analytics allows businesses to make real time organisational decisions that will affect their companies in the long run.

  • Impacts and improves the function of the organisation as a whole

  • Increases profit, market share and revenue, provides better returns to shareholders

  • Increases the functional efficiency of various departments by having a better understanding of available data

  • Provides a rival advantage to companies because the digital flow of information is equal to all industries and players. How the information is utilized by the company creates competition where some businesses understand it better than others.

  • Data analytics combines the available data within various models into valuable information for the decision maker.

Business Analytics Jobs

The progressive growth and access to data affects every industry in society – universities, government organisations, nonprofits and more.

The top industries who are looking for individuals with experience in statistical evidence are:

  • Information Technology

  • Professional, Scientific and Technical Sciences

  • Manufacturing

  • Finance and Insurance

  • Retail Trade

If you obtain a business analytics certification, you will have the option to work in these industry sectors:

Operations Research

  • Analytical Strategist

  • Business Analytics Director

  • Business Insight Manager

  • Decision Analyst

  • Operations Research Group Manager

Business Intelligence

  • Intelligence Manager

  • Commercial Intelligence Manager

  • Competitive Intelligence Analyst

  • Consultant, Strategic Technology Intelligence

  • Director of Enterprise Strategy

  • Market Intelligence

Market Research

  • Development Specialist

  • Client Service and Consulting Manager

  • Communications Specialist

  • Market Research Consultant or Manager

  • Product Line Manager


  • Clinical Statistics Manager

  • Human Resource Statistician

  • Private Psychometric Consultant

  • Program Research Specialist

  • Stats Analyst

Business analyst roles also vary and are not limited to the industries and careers that we mentioned above.

Professionals looking to earn a certification or Masters in Data Science have access to some of the best business analytics courses in the world.

At GoalISB, our mission is to provide our students with the right information while they are searching for the best program for themselves.

Business Analytics Courses in India

Certifications for business analyst professionals are highly sought after in India and other nations.

Goalisb invites you to enroll in any of these prestigious business analytics certification courses:

Indian School of Business - Advanced Management Program in Business Analytics (AMPBA) - Business Analyst Certification

This hybrid program lasts 15 months and classes are held at Hyderabad or Mohali, India. The graduates will receive a certificate with the official transcripts for the courses. Applicants that are eligible for the ISB AMPBA program require a minimum of 2 years’ work experience.

Applicants are also required to submit GMAT/GRE/CAT/NMAT scores or apply for the online admissions test conducted by ISB. The graduates of this Advanced Management Program are not provided with campus placements after their certification.

IIM Ahmedabad – ePost Graduate Diploma in Advanced Business Analytics – Business Analyst Certification

The IIM Ahmedabad ePGA-ABA is a hybrid diploma program that lasts 16 months. Applicants require a minimum of 2 years in the working field to be eligible for this program.

The application process requires a submission of a valid GMAT/GRE/CAT/GATE or the ePGD-ABA qualifying cumulative test score. This program does not provide any campus placements to the applicants.

IIM Bangalore – Master of Business Administration in Analytics – Business Analytics Course with Placement

This program has a duration of 2 years and graduates receive a formal MBA (BA) degree upon completion.

Indian applicants are required to submit their CAT scores, while the International applicants have to submit their GMAT scores. The IIMB – MBA (BA) program offers summer internships and final placements to graduates.

IIM Calcutta – Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics (PGDBA) – Business Analytics Course with Placement

The PGDBA program is a full-time residential program that lasts 2 years. The program modules are conducted at IIM Calcutta, IIT Kharagpur, and ISI.

The application process requires students to submit their PGDBA entrance exam scores and applicants with work experience are preferred.

The PGDBA program offers summer internships and industry leaders offer placement to the graduates.

IIM Calcutta – Executive Program on Business Analytics (EPBA) – Business Analyst Certification

The EPBA program is a hybrid certificate program in analytics that lasts for 1 year. A minimum of two years’ work experience is required to apply to this program.

Test score submissions are not required for the application to this program. If a test is required at any point, it will be conducted by IIM Calcutta for the applicants. No placement assistance is provided to applicants.

IIM Calcutta – Advanced Program in Data Sciences (APDS) – Business Analyst Certification

The APDS program is a certificate program in Data Science that lasts 1 year.

A minimum of 3 years’ work experience is required for this program, although there are no mandatory test scores for applications. A test will be conducted by IIM Calcutta in case a score is required.

IIM Calcutta does not provide any placement assistance to the graduates of this program.

How We Can Help

Goalisb is the MBA admissions consultant that will enhance and improve your application strategy while you are preparing your program enrolment.

If you have questions about any of the Business Analytics Courses that we mentioned above, don't hesitate to contact us.

Admission counseling, branding, and interview preparation are just a few key services that we offer in order to mould you into the analysis professional that you aspire to be.

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