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Checklist For Your MBA Application

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

We are close to the first round deadlines for many schools. Below is a checklist that you should have ensured before you hit the SUBMIT button to your dream MBA School application:

1. Class Profiles At Your Target School: Do you fit the bill for the school you want to apply for? The best way to do a self analysis is go through the class profiles which are freely available and compare with yours.

2. Recommendation Letters: There is a limit to how much you can swagger about yourself. Choose a recommender who would be more than happy to contribute to your story of uniqueness and adds the third party point of view to your suitability for the MBA Application.

3. Have You Shown Your Spike: Have you written down all the skills, capabilities, and talents you possess that will be critical to your future success. The round in which you apply does not matter much if your application misses the spike it deserves.

4. Resume: The resume should show succinctly and systematically the career progression you have achieved till date. Does it show the summary of your profile which can be corroborated from other parts of your application. Is your resume action packed and show you as an achiever or is it full of slow, historic unnoticeable describers.

5. Awards & Achievements: The awards and achievements section does not require a whole list, but does it have just one such award or achievement which shows that you are unique? Finally, the point of this section is to give you an additional scope to reassert the strengths, skills, talents and character that you wish to show through your application.

6. Essays: Do your MBA application essays answer the questions asked or are you on an ego trip of your own? Make sure you address the question and create an impressive outlay of the stories that relate. The admissions committee wants to see an honest portrayal of who you are and how you will add value to the school.

7. What Are Your Chances: If you are sure that you have what the school wants and you are able to show it through various aspects of your application. Go for it. Ensure all the parts of the application are properly in place addressing the FIT with the school.

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