Compare the top options for an Executive MBA in India

What are the options for an Executive MBA in India?

Executive MBA in India by top schools is offered in two variants -

1. Full time executive MBA in India

2. Part time or Weekend Executive MBA in India.

For working professionals who do not want a break in their career a leading flexible Executive MBA in India is the ISB PGPpro. The ISB PGPpro is an Executive MBA suitable for those professionals who aspire to grow from mid level positions to senior level positions. The admission process for Executive MBA from ISB requires the applicants to submit essays.

On the other hand, IIMs offer residential full time one year Executive MBA in India. Executive MBA from IIM requires the applicants to submit their GMAT or GRE scores along with an application. Executive MBA in India is a one year program where the students are introduced to general management education along with International exposure and a wide choice of electives to specialise in.

Is an Executive MBA in India worth it?

An Executive MBA gives a mid career boost to the professionals and helps them scale new heights. There is an inherent question about the placements after one completes an Executive MBA from India. The graduates of Executive MBA from India are eligible for lateral rolling placements through the school.

An Executive MBA from India gives you access to the extensive research based courses incorporated in the current industry context.

Finally, an Executive MBA from India is the right opportunity for someone who wants to achieve his dreams of being a global business leader.

Another advantage of an Executive MBA from India is the cost effectiveness as compared to pursuing an Executive MBA from an International school.

One major advantage that just cannot be overlooked is that when one does and Executive MBA from India, the network that he gains access to is the emerging markets. It really doesn't make sense to build a network at one location and the target opportunities being elsewhere.

Still need to evaluate if you should pursue an Executive MBA from India? Get in touch with experts to get your profile evaluation.

What are the other programs for specialised skills in India?

Additionally for those who seek not to pursue a general management programme like an Executive MBA from India but wish to develop specialised skills in the field of Business Analytics, ISB Hyderabad, IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Calcutta have advanced certificate programs in business analytics. There are many other schools like Great Lakes which are offering focussed Business Analytics programs. These programs are different from the Executive MBA as they focus on specific skills in the upcoming field of business analytics while the Executive MBA gives a full senior management perspective.

What is the Business Analytics MBA at IIM Bangalore?

In addition to its Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore offers a 2 year full time residential program the MBA in Business Analytics. The admission to this program can be applied by submitting the application along with the CAT or the GMAT score for International applicants. The domestic applicants have to submit their CAT scores for admission to the MBA Business Analytics by IIMB.

10 things you must know about the Application Process of IIMs and ISB?

  1. IIMs offer two full time programs which are highly in demand. First is the flagship two year program for which individuals qualify through the submission of their CAT scores.

  2. Second is the one year executive MBA program offered by the IIMs which is also a full time residential program for working professionals.

  3. The minimum work experience required for applying to IIM Ahmedabad is 4 years in a managerial position.

  4. For all the other IIMs the minimum work experience requirement is 5 years in a managerial position.

  5. Application to the executive MBA from IIMs requires the submission of the GMAT score or the GRE score.

  6. The GMAT score or the GRE score to be submitted to the IIMs should be within the 5 year period from the date of application.

  7. The IIMs require the submission of an SOP and a recommendation letter with the application.

  8. Application to the Executive MBA from IIM however does not require the essay answers or the recommendation in the first stage.

  9. Once the applicant has submitted the first stage form application to Executive MBA from IIMA, the school selects the profiles for the second round which involves submission of essays and recommendation letters.

  10. The selection through the application process of IIMs and ISB for the executive MBA one year MBA programs is largely profile based. Be sure your profile is presented well to the school so that you stand out from the crowd of applicants.

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