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Study abroad plans can be tough when it comes to choosing the right University programs. Wharton MBA is one of the most preferred Ivy League universities. The Wharton business school has ranked and of the top business schools for MBA aspirants all across the globe. Not only an MBA but the university also provides numerous graduate and doctoral programs for prospective students. This post highlights the amazing opportunities that the Wharton MBA offers with a variety of programs and international opportunities.

What is full form of MBA - it is masters of business administration. This cannot be taught without excelling in the field yourself. This is what this best college of MBA in world applies to its MBA course.

What University Of Pennsylvania: Wharton MBA Has To Offer

In the current changing times with the world economy and business framework constantly reforming, business schools like Wharton MBA, University of Pennsylvania have brought various fresh opportunities for graduate aspirants. This makes Wharton the best college of MBA in world. The university has come up with numerous success stories even in the midst of the current Corona Virus pandemic. The Wharton Business School is located at the following prime cities that attract a plethora of students from a number of countries across the world:

  1. Philadelphia

  2. San Francisco

  3. Beijing

The Wharton MBA aims to inculcate innovation in all its students to make them ready for a progressive career in business, analytics, finance, and more. Students can excel not only in their field of study but also gain global exposure with numerous international programs to support aspiring graduate students.

Research Opportunities Offered By Wharton MBA

The research exposure at the Wharton MBA revolves around more than 20 different research focus. Research helps it to complete the full form of MBA and retain its position as the best college of MBA in world year on year. These research centers range widely from Analytics and Finance to Human Resources and Social Impact to name a few. The main aim of research at Wharton is to create an effective collaboration between faculty members, business leaders, and students. The teams at these research centers arduously work to formulate solutions for the exigent challenges in real-world business.

These research activities have resulted in the publication of numerous books, research papers, periodicals, and journals by Wharton School Press and various faculty members.

Academic Programs At University Of Pennsylvania Wharton MBA

Wharton MBA is one of the most prestigious institutes for acquiring MBA degrees all across the world. Students from various countries aspire to take up MBA courses at the University of Pennsylvania: Wharton. Apart from full-time MBA programs students can also choose Executive MBA, Ph.D. programs, Executive Education programs, and more.

Wharton MBA Course - The Best College of MBA in World

Wharton MBA is most famous for its progressive and highly immersive MBA programs that offer abundant opportunities for aspirants looking to build a career in the business world making it unparalleled as the best college of MBA in world.

Students can choose from a versatile range of Wharton MBA majors for their MBA course are as mentioned below:

  1. Accounting

  2. Business Analytics

  3. Business, Energy, Environment and Sustainability

  4. Business Economics and Public Policy

  5. Finance

  6. Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  7. Healthcare Management

  8. Management

  9. Marketing

  10. Marketing and Operations (Joint major program)

  11. Insurance and Risk Management

  12. Operations, Information and Decisions

  13. Multinational Management

  14. Organizational Effectiveness

  15. Quantitative Finance

  16. Real Estate

  17. Statistics

  18. Strategy Management

The International Programs For Wharton MBA Students

At Wharton MBA the educators understand the significance of a holistic education bolstered by international exposure enhancing its position as the best college of MBA in world. To entrench cross-cultural collaboration and understanding of the global business environment the institute offers two extensive international study programs:

  1. Global Modular Courses (GMC): Depending on topics relevant to the student’s the major they can opt for full-credit courses in a number of partner institutes across countries like Brazil, India, UK, Chine, Israel, and more.

  2. Global Immersion Program (GIP): The GIP Elective at Wharton MBA gives the students an opportunity to experience the global cultures and changing economic scenarios with in-country exposure.

Exchange Program Opportunities For Students at Wharton MBA Course

The excitement of pursuing a Wharton MBA course does not end with enrolment into the renowned institutions. Apart from the on-campus student experience for local as well as international students the institute also offers international exchange programs with 19 partner institutions from all over the globe. Meritorious students, from the Wharton MBA course, are nominated for pursuing a semester abroad at one of the partner universities which are also one of the best college of MBA in world.

There are two major exchange programs available for Wharton MBA course students:

1. Wharton-INSEAD Exchange Program

2. MBA International Exchange Program with various partner universities like:

  1. ISB, Hyderabad

  2. CEIBS, Shanghai

  3. HEC/ISA, Paris

  4. AGSM, Sydney

  5. COPPEAD, Rio de Janeiro

  6. SDA Bocconi, Milan, to name a few

Wharton Executive Education MBA Courses

The Wharton Executive Education courses include a variety of individual programs, custom programs for organizations, and online courses. The main aim of Wharton Executive Education programs is to inculcate leadership skills, business acumen, and exposure to solution-driven programs for executives and organizations. Wharton being the best college of MBA in world assures the same level of adherence to high education standards in all its MBA courses.

The aim of Wharton Executive Education programs is to enhance the competence of executives in their career fields like marketing, innovation, wealth management, and more. The Wharton Executive Education offers lifelong learning opportunities with course structures like LIVE virtual programs, Comprehensive Executive Programs, General Management programs, among others. Individual and group enrolments make the Wharton Executive Education a progressive course for the enrolled executives.

Getting A Doctoral Degree At Wharton Business School

The education perspective that Wharton Business School offers for its aspiring applicants encompasses a wide range of doctoral courses as well. Students can begin their research journey at the University of Pennsylvania in 9 versatile program options including:

  1. Accounting

  2. Applied Economics

  3. Ethics & Legal Studies

  4. Finance

  5. Healthcare Management and Economics

  6. Management

  7. Marketing

  8. Operations, Information and Decisions

  9. Statistics

The enrolled Ph.D. scholars get an opportunity to work with some of the most pedantic faculty members at Wharton and carry out research activities in wide-ranging fields of study. The Ph.D. program includes an initial two years of classroom courses followed by research activities and dissertation preparations.

Benefit From The Online MBA Course

The drive to disseminate educational programs all over the world does not end with the on-campus programs at the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton. The institute also offers an array of online courses that let students gain immersive business education remotely from their home countries.

Some of the online courses include the following:

  1. Artificial Intelligence for Business

  2. Strategic Management

  3. Digital Marketing Certificate

  4. Managing in the Global Digital Economy

There are many other online courses available on the university website for students to increase their prospects for better business acumen.

Understanding The Application Process To Wharton MBA

The Wharton MBA applications open in three different rounds and include an immersive process that calls for completion of a number of requirements. The application deadline for the various application rounds are as follows:

  1. Round 1: The Wharton MBA application deadline ends in September and the decisions are published in the month of December.

  2. Round 2: The second round of Wharton MBA applications has a deadline in January and the decisions are published in March.

  3. Round 3: For the last round of Wharton MBA applications the deadline is in March and the decisions are published in May.

The students need to provide the following information and documents to complete their Wharton MBA admissions application before the deadline:

  • Background information: The basic information about the student that the applicant requires to provide in the application form includes contact information, date of birth, transcripts of previously acquired academic degrees in English, employment or work experience is also necessary for admission into the MBA program.

  • Application Fees: The students need to deposit a non-refundable application fee amounting to $275 during the application process.

  • Admission Essays: The Wharton MBA application includes two essay questions that aim at getting to understand the students personally and professionally. It is important to provide a candid account of one’s personality in an eloquent and terse manner.

  • Letters of Recommendation: The Wharton MBA application requires a minimum of two letters of recommendation from current or previous employers and academic mentors. The references need to fill out an extensive form to provide in-depth information about the applicant’s character and academic caliber.

  • GRE/GMAT and English Proficiency Exam Scores: The Wharton MBA applicants can self-report their GRE/GMAT scores at the time of application. In case of receiving an admission offer, official scores would be required for verification. TOEFL or PTE scores are required for the proof of English Proficiency for international students who are non-native English speakers.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ page on the Wharton MBA website provides answers to a variety of questions regarding the application process, program details, and other requirements. By going through the answers provided one the institute website it is possible to get a better idea of the application process. Some of the most common questions that applicants often have include the following:

1. Is the IELTS score accepted by Wharton MBA?

No, the institute does not accept IELTS scores as proof for English proficiency. Only PTE or TOEFL scores are accepted.

2. Is work experience mandatory for enrolling in the Wharton MBA program?

No, the work experience is not mandatory but proof of prior work experience in any field of the industry creates a positive impact on the admissions committee.

3. Are decisions delivered by e-mail for the Wharton MBA?

The Wharton MBA application system sends an e-mail to the applicant whenever a status change occurs in the application. However, the applicant needs to login to their application dashboard to check the application status.

4. When is a Wharton MBA interview scheduled?

The admissions committee selects candidates for interviews based on their application. The interviews are arranged by invitation only and are mandatory for seeking admission into the program.

5. What are Wharton MBA application fee waivers?

The applicant needs to deposit an application fee of $275 for the completion of their application. However, in extreme economic or financial issues, the applicant can consult for an application fee waiver. The waiver is entirely need-based.

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