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Everything you need to know about the ISB YLP

Updated: Apr 8

ISB is a premier institute of world repute offering the global MBA curriculum in India through its two campuses i.e. ISB Hyderabad and ISB Mohali. The flagship program of the institute is the ISB PGP program which is offered to individuals with a work experience of more than two years.

For high performing individuals who show great potential as world business leaders there is however one more way Indian School of Business assures them a scintillating future. Such individuals are welcome to apply to the selective pool of ISB YLP applicants who secure a deferred admission to the ISB PGP program.

The school encourages final and pre final year students to apply to the program through the Young Leaders Program ( ISB YLP) assuring the selected few a seat to the coveted ISB PGP program after they have attained two years of mandatory work experience.

Profile of an ISB YLP applicant:

1. Someone who has demonstrated leadership potential in college.

2. Driven to a high performance in academics.

3. Has a 360 degree well rounded personality and is as sensitised to the issues around him as he is academically strong.

4. Indian School of Business believes that future business leaders have a strong extra curricular profile and contribute to the surrounding environment holistically.

5. An ideal ISB applicant has a clarity of his future goals and has a plan of how he will achieve those.

6. Last but not the least the successful ISB YLP applicant would be one who is a class apart in whatever he does. A step ahead of the group is where you would see the ISB YLP admits.

The video above gives the important dates and factors for ISB YLP application cycle 2020.

How To Prepare:

The process of application starts with a detailed profile evaluation by an experienced professional who can give insights into a right strategy for application. It is very important that the ISB YLP applicant has a sound strategy and is well versed with his strengths and weaknesses.

Address any gaps in your profile to apply for the Indian School of Business.

Write succinct clear honest essays for your ISB YLP application. Tell your story. It hardly helps to work with templates to write the essays for any school.

Don't wait for the last day to prepare for the ISB interview. Preparing for a behavioural interview as is conducted by ISB is a continuous process, so start early.

What Are Your Chances:

The chances for any strong profile for admission to ISB PGP is 50% in or 50% out. Till the last day maintain this mindset so that you put in your best preparation level and don't leave anything to chance.

A Special Note For ISB YLP Re-applicants:

The school encourages ISB YLP re-applicants who have worked on their profile to apply. However the thumb rule is to learn from your mistakes. Make a comprehensive list of what happened and what could be done better. Don't be complacent for a moment and forge ahead first with filling the gaps in your profile.

Unlike the ISB PGP re-applicants, the ISB YLP re-applicants are not required to provide any explanations in their ISB application.

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