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Executive MBA in India eligibility criteria

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

ISB PGPPro Executive MBA eligibility

The eligibility criteria for ISB PGP Pro Executive MBA programs are as follows:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree

  2. The applicant should have bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification in any course. The related qualification will be determined by the program’s Admission Committee.

  3. Work Experience

  4. Full-time work experience ranging from 5 - 12 years. Applicants having below 5 or above 12 years of work experience as on Jan 1, 2021 (Bengaluru/ Mumbai) and as on July 1, 2021 (Delhi/ Hyderabad) are not entitled for admission to this Pro Executive MBA program.

  5. ISB PGPpro Executive MBA program is intended for mid-career professionals (5-12 years of work experience. Spread over a period of 18 months, a sum of 24 courses will be covered in 4 categories like foundation courses, advanced courses, electives, and specialization courses.

  6. The 4 important elements incorporated are:

  7. Strategy and Leadership skills

  8. Decisive Thinking

  9. Specialization – Finance/ Marketing

  10. Moral principles

All these 4 elements are covered as:

  1. It starts with the online modules taking account of study materials, case studies, etc.

  2. Online assessments and classroom learning are a vital part of the program

  3. Industry visits are organized at some stage in the program for the participants

  4. Apart from the typical program, the participants will also have access to employment services and this will help them in their future job planning.

  5. The one-week international immersion involves country experience, classroom teaching, cultural and industry visits, along with management interaction.

  6. The program has the top faculty and a lot of famous professors of best schools around the world; as a result, this experience itself is inspiring.

There is a lot more depth to the program than what appears on the face of it. Connect with experts on the application process to understand the details of the application process.

ISB PGPMAX Executive MBA Eligibility

Work Experience Requirements

The minimum work experience necessary to be considered for this curriculum is 10 years. Although, it was at the start estimated that the standard work experience would be in between 14-15 years, but it is in fact much elevated.

Does the PGPMAX Executive MBA need GMAT?

If you are fearful of encountering the GMAT, but the GMAT score is not compulsory for admissions to PGPMAX admissions. The stress is more on getting to be familiar with what you’ve done at work in the business world. In case you’ve previously appeared for the GMAT and encompass a GMAT score, you may put forward the same and this would be considered.

ISB Admissions Interview

An ISB interview would be a necessary and vital component of the admissions process. Candidates would be assessed on different specialized and personality-related parameters like leadership abilities, communication skills, projects embarked on and productively delivered, in addition to your educational performance. You’d also have to elaborate on how the curriculum would help you take your profession to the next level.

Support Letter from Employer

A letter of support from your existing employer is looked-for. This letter would make available information that your employer knows about your inclination to follow the program and supports the same, notwithstanding whether they’re sponsoring your course or not.

Share your profile with an experienced ISB admission consultant to know the application process and your suitability for the program.

IIMA PGPX Executive MBA Eligibility

  1. A Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in any course (at least 15 years of study as per the Indian education system )

  2. At least 25 years of age (31st March of the year) in which the PGPX program starts. There is no any higher age limit.

  3. An applicable GMAT/GRE score (GMAT/GRE scores are applicable for five years from the date to the application closing date).

  4. At least 4 years of full-time work experience, later than completion of graduation as on 31st March of the year.

  5. The short-listed candidates are anticipated to put forward essays on particular topics, within the predetermined time period.

IIMB EPGP Executive MBA Eligibility

The eligibility conditions and other prerequisites are as follows:

  1. You need to be a Graduate in any course with at least 50% marks or equal CGPA

  2. You need to have at least 5 years (and if at all possible below 12 years) of work experience later than the completion of graduation

  3. You need to submit an applicable GMAT / GRE score in conjunction with a Statement of Purpose (SOP) and two References.

  4. Shortlisted candidates will undertake a Written Ability Test, followed by an Interview.

Connect here for a profile review for your eligibility for the IIM Executive MBA.

IIMC MBAEX Executive MBA Eligibility

  1. A bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any course with at least 10+2+3 (or 4) years of recognized education

  2. At least 5 years of management/professional experience later than finishing your educational qualification

  3. An applicable GMAT Score, not more than 36 months of the date of application

  4. An overall evaluation of the applicants will be done on the basis of the Educational Background, Professional Work Experience, GMAT Score, and Personal Interview.

IIML IPMX Executive MBA Eligibility

  1. Bachelor’s degree in any course in the midst of a 10+2+3 year education pattern, with at least 50% marks/ equivalent CGPA

  2. GMAT score (GMAT should have been taken in preceding 5 years)

  3. At least 5-years full time post-qualification management experience

  4. On the basis of the GMAT score, applicants are shortlisted for a written test and a personal interview.

  5. Later than the conclusion of written test and personal interview, every applicant is assigned a score. The score is premeditated based on GMAT score, educational and specialized profile, written test, followed by a personal interview.

  6. In conclusion, the organization announces the selected candidates and puts in order a merit list.

IIMU GSCM Executive MBA Eligibility

  1. Applicants with at least 10+2 years of school education and at least 3 years of academic education in the midst of a Bachelor's degree or equivalent in any course.

  2. The GMAT/GRE score is the standardized test score for the course; any applicant with an applicable GMAT/GRE score can apply

  3. Applicable work experience of at least 36 months

  4. Candidates applying for the twofold degree program need to possess 4 years of college education and are requisite to submit evidence of English language proficiency. Applicants need to submit one Language Assessment Test for the purpose of admission to Purdue University. Students can opt from the Test of English(TOEFL) and the IELTS

  5. For IIMU + Purdue choice: At least 10+2 years of school education and 4 years of college education in the midst of a Bachelor's degree or equivalent in any course

  6. For IIMU choice: At least 10+2 years of school education and 3 years of college education in the midst of a Bachelor's degree or equivalent in any course

IIMI Executive MBA Course Eligibility

The eligibility conditions and other prerequisites are as follows:

The Candidate need to possess –

  1. At least 50% in Bachelor’s Degree or its equivalent in any course

  2. An applicable GMAT score - The GMAT score should be within five years from the application’s closing date

  3. At least 5 years of management / entrepreneurial / professional experience later than graduation

  4. The candidates seeking admission to the MBA course should submit their application online and pay the application processing fee online (non-refundable).

  5. The short-listing of applicants for the purpose of interview will be done based on GMAT score and / or any other condition as decided by the admission board.

SPJAIN Executive MBA Course Eligibility

  1. At least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any course from a recognized university

  2. At least 5 years of work experience is necessary later than graduation

  3. Diploma holders with at least 10 years of work experience are also entitled to apply

  4. At least 50% or equivalent CGPA in all major exams is essential

XLRI Executive MBA Course Eligibility

  1. To be qualified to apply for the XLRI Executive MBA Course, the candidate needs to have obtained a three-year Bachelors’ degree or its equivalent in any course from a recognized university.

  2. Candidates who have finished the four-year Bachelors’ degree in any Engineering course from a recognized university are also entitled to apply.

  3. The candidate needs to possess a score of at least 50% or more marks (or its corresponding GPA) in the above courses.

  4. The candidate need to posses as minimum of 2 years of work experience in management/ executive/ supervisory/ ownership.

  5. To be measured for eligibility, the work experience must be obtained later than accomplishment of the above educational qualifications.

Admission Process

The applicants need to fill up the online application form (XLRI website). The applicants need to appear for a written aptitude test (sections on quantitative ability, English language skills, and logical reasoning), and. All the candidates will need to appear for the personal interview to be held at XLRI Campus.

Selection Process

  1. The selection or candidates will be done based on the merit list.

  2. The organization will publish the joint merit list to shortlist the candidates for the purpose of interview round.

  3. Candidates who will productively qualify the interview round will settle on the document confirmation process.

  4. The interview is the concluding stage of the selection procedure which is carried out by the Xavier School of Management.

  5. Qualified candidates in interview round need to participate in document confirmation process.

  6. Candidates need to bring all the requisite documents in original with photocopy at the prearranged center for the document confirmation process.

Share your resume and scores with an admission expert to begin the process of shortlisting your school and program.

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