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GMAT Roundup

Updated: Apr 6

The GMAT exam evaluates your preparedness for business school by simulating the real time decision making environment—it assesses the ability to understand multiple types of information and how they can be interpreted to take decisions. GMAT does not test vocabulary you will most likely never use again. With the GMAT exam you prepare for real-world problem solving. Many wonder what is the ideal GMAT score for ISB or for that matter any MBA program. The answer is that there is no ideal GMAT score for ISB admissions, it is the whole profile that matters, however , the GMAT score is still an important component of the ISB admission process.

The GMAT exam is three hours and seven minutes long and recently it has been made even more concise. With the GMAT exam, you get to decide your section order. Instead of shifting between math and verbal sections, you have the facility to select the order that works best for you and allows you to put your best, most confident self forward. 

A journey to a business school starts with the GMAT exam. The GMAT score is accepted by more than 7,000 business programs across 2,300 schools.

Additionally, there are free (limited duration) tutorials/ classes offered by some websites like Gmatclub, magoosh etc. You can also try QSleap for preparation resources to get an optimal GMAT score for your dream Business School..

Free practice tests are available online, to name a few:

Free material is helpful for getting started with your preparation, however, I do suggest you to get a specialized coach/ private tutoring for sometime to improve your specific GMAT score and shortfalls. Once you have achieved a GMAT score of around 580 on self preparation, is the time for an expert to take charge of your preparation.

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