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GMAT Sentence Correction - Word Pairs

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

  • Either…or Either

  • The company’s Managing Director or her assistant will be present at the meeting later on this afternoon.

  • Neither…nor

  • According to the educationist, neither the recent crisis nor any other period of economic turmoil had been caused by fiscal policies.

  • Not only…but also

  • Grapes not only taste very good, but they also contain numerous essential vitamins and minerals.

  • Both…and

  • The media company, while successful, trails its competitor in both the morning and the evening serial broadcast.

  • As…as

  • Although she began training later than many other players, Radha is just as good a badminton player as many of her competitors.

  • Between…and

  • When purchasing a mobile phone, many people find it difficult to decide between buying a Xiaomi and buying a different brand.

  • So/such…that

  • John's birthday cake was so large that the guests at his party found they were unable to finish all of it. John had such a large birthday cake that the guests at his party found they were unable able to finish all of it.

  • No sooner…than

  • No sooner had the CEO announced his intention not run for reelection than the media began to speculate about the next stage of his career.

  • More/less…than

  • Although Prem Chand's novels are more widely read than those of her contemporaries, Prem Chand was hardly the only male author in nineteenth century India.

  • Just as…so

  • Just as Thomas Edison is known for inventing the electric light bulb, so is Albert Einstein is known for developing a theory of general relativity.

  • From…to

  • The shift from matriarchy to patriarchy occurred in Italy over a remarkably short period of time in the early nineteenth century.

  • At once…and

  • The artist is at once controversial because of the scandals she has been involved in and beloved because of her personal charisma.

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