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HEC Paris Essays

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

An MBA School looks for certain values in the applicants. These are very close to what the school stands for. This again is very different for every school. Additionally, these values are the ones which help them decide a suitable fit.

As we review essays for HEC Paris we keep a close lookout for adherence to the vision of the school.

1. Diversity: The school boasts of a global community of 60,000 Alumni in 135 countries. The Motto of the school is “Learn to dare” and its vision is “Tomorrow is our business”.

2. Entrepreneurship Focus: HEC has established an Alumni Ventures group headed by Guillaume de Pommereau who is a 22 years experienced CFO in various industries and Finance Director of Hitachi Europe Ltd in the UK. He has had an experience of launching a start-up in 2007 which lasted 2 years before running out of cash. It is worthwhile for any prospective student to keep in mind that the HEC Alumni Ventures targets to help 100 start-ups in 5 years. The team comprises:

a) Penelope Liot who is an aspiring entrepreneur, currently in charge of marketing in the start-up Lima.

b) Jeev Sahoo - an entrepreneur who has founded EzeeHop (www.ezeehop.com) and in an active investor.

c) Emma Li who graduated with a major in Entrepreneurship and is currently a private equity professional at Actis.

3. An update on the activities and stories at HEC we suggest the MBA applicants to watch out the editions of https://www.hecalumni.fr/en/magazine/business/business/hec-alumni-ventures-connect-entrepreneurs-and-investors , the official news room at https://www.hec.edu/en/news-room/take-space-economy-partnership and https://hecstories.fr/

4. Focus on Social Responsibility: HEC Paris has a specific focus on social responsibility. HEC has established the Society & Organizations Center (SnO) which is a center of excellence which entails the community outreach activities of HEC Paris.

The SnO, studies the social and economic impact made by businesses, especially under the "Movement for Social Business Impact" created in 2016 with the support of Danone, Renault, Schneider Electric, Veolia and Sodexo.

The latest research undertaken by the organisation involves study of how the financial markets perceive the environmental and societal dimensions of business activities, to the returns derived from various experiments involving innovations addressed to the lowest-income consumers, as well as access to essential services such as water or transportation.

5. Digital Innovation: There is a categorical focus on digital innovation by the school. The school uses this approach in education of students and to facilitate teaching and research. It also proactively used for interaction with the business community and forge partnerships.

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