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How is the Schulich MBA in Canada?

The blog post provides information about the Schulich School of Business at York University in Canada and its MBA program. It highlights several features and requirements of the program, as well as the benefits of pursuing an MBA at Schulich, especially for students looking to launch careers in consulting. Here is a structured summary of the post:

Schulich MBA Program Overview:

  • Schulich offers MBA/MBA in India, International MBA, Full-Time and Part-Time MBA, and MBA/JD Programs.

  • Schulich is ranked #1 by the Economist and Forbes & CNN Expansion.

Schulich MBA Application, Deadlines, Class Profile, Course:

  • Application fees for Schulich MBA is $150 CAD (Non-Refundable).

  • Estimated total cost for international students is $1,12,250 CAD.

  • Schulich offers several scholarships for MBA students, including the Robert Krembil Scholarship of Merit, the Goldberg Leadership Award of Excellence, and others.

  • Schulich MBA Class Profile includes data on average age, years of work experience, GMAT score, GPA, graduating class size, and gender distribution.

  • Schulich MBA Application Requirements include education, GPA, GMAT/GRE, work experience, language proficiency, essays, and reference letters.

  • Schulich provides placement statistics on students hired within 3 months of graduation, average salary, average signing bonus, and salary range.

  • Schulich has over 33,000 active alumni in 90 countries and 93 global alumni chapters in 62 countries.

  • Toronto, where Schulich is located, is ranked the 2nd Best city in North America for quality of living, has a strong financial and tech sector, and is considered one of the world's most livable cities.

York University MBA Fees:

  • The Schulich MBA program is spread over four terms of 12 weeks each.

  • The Schulich School of MBA fees per semester for Canadian students is approximately $17,973, making the complete York University MBA for domestic students $71,900.

  • The York University MBA fees for international students are $26,722 approximately per semester, making the total Schulich School of MBA fees for international students tentatively $106,900.

  1. Consulting Career Post Schulich MBA:

  • Schulich MBA provides students with the opportunity to pursue a career in business consulting through the York Consulting Group (YCG).

  • York University MBA students gain valuable real-world experience through the YCG.

  • Schulich MBA students participate in a 26-week management consulting course involving seminars, case studies, and real-life consultations.

  • The course aims to equip students with advisory expertise and practical skills for solving real-world business problems.

Is Schulich MBA Worth it for a Consulting Career?

  • Schulich MBA provides a valuable education for students interested in consulting careers.

  • The YCG offers hands-on consulting experience and connections with industry professionals.

  • The management consulting course provides a comprehensive understanding of the consulting industry and opportunities to develop practical skills.

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