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How to get into IIM Executive MBA?

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

10 things you must know about the Application Process of IIMs and ISB

  1. IIMs offer two full time programs which are highly in demand. First is the flagship two year program for which individuals qualify through the submission of their CAT scores.

  2. Second is the one year executive MBA program offered by the IIMs which is also a full time residential program for working professionals.

  3. The minimum work experience required for applying to IIM Ahmedabad is 4 years in a managerial position.

  4. For all the other IIMs the minimum work experience requirement is 5 years in a managerial position.

  5. Application to the executive MBA from IIMs requires the submission of the GMAT score or the GRE score.

  6. The GMAT score or the GRE score to be submitted to the IIMs should be within the 5 year period from the date of application.

  7. The IIMs require the submission of an SOP and a recommendation letter with the application.

  8. Application to the Executive MBA from IIMAs however does not require the essay answers or the recommendation in the first stage.

  9. Once the applicant has submitted the first stage form application to Executive MBA from IIMA, the school selects the profiles for the second round which involves submission of essays and recommendation letters.

  10. The selection through the application process of IIMs and ISB for the executive MBA one year MBA programs is largely profile based. Be sure your profile is presented well to the school so that you stand out from the crowd of applicants.

Can a Btech Biotechnology graduate get into top IIMs?

Yes, Certainly. It will even help you; You will get priority over Engineers, because each IIM tries to maintain a diversity in the class. A BSc biotech student will get a higher score for diversity than an Engineer.

Why Iims boost verbal scores in scaled scores in CAT?

Psychometrically-sound approach is used for the scoring process for all CAT candidates. Raw Score is “Equated” Equating is a statistical process used to adjust scores on two or more alternate forms of an assessment so that the scores may be used interchangeably. IIM Udaipur has given 2% weightage to CA/CS & ICWA (completed) Candidates. NMIMS has given 7.5% weightage to Case Discussion.

My son is physically handicapped partly want admission to IIM in Mumbai is there any reservations for him

You need to have at least 45% marks in graduation in order to apply for CAT exam. Visit the website - Yes there is reservation for physically handicapped persons at IIMs. However, there is no IIM in Mumbai yet.

Can we know mock test score of cat taken by IIM?

Yes, Of Course. By participating in the CAT mock test free, you can clearly know about the latest updated exam pattern.

How are courses decided in Iims?

Academic input is delivered through two types of courses: core courses and elective courses. Core courses are compulsory for all participants and contain more than 50 percent of the total curriculum. The elective courses, which are offered only in the second year, will give participants a deeper understanding of different functional areas and enable them to specialize in areas of their choice

B.SC honours with 50 or B.SC general PCM with 80 which one has better chance of getting into Iims with a great cat score

B.SC general PCM with 80 has better chance for admission. The higher the score, the better are the chances of admission in an esteemed institution.

How much can an IIM graduate hope to earn as a sales executive with Audi cars in India?

Average salary : 21 lakhs per annum.

How to apply for Executive MBA in IIM?

Executive MBA in India by top schools is offered in quite some variations. For working professionals who do not want a break in their career a leading flexible Executive MBA in India is the ISB PGPpro. The ISB PGPpro is an Executive MBA suitable for those professionals who aspire to grow from mid level positions to senior level positions. The admission process for Executive MBA from ISB requires the applicants to submit essays.

On the other hand, IIMs offer residential full time one year Executive MBA in India. Executive MBA from IIM requires the applicants to submit their GMAT or GRE scores along with an application. Executive MBA in India is a one year program where the students are introduced to general management education along with International exposure and a wide choice of electives to specialise in.

What is the benefit of an Executive MBA course?

An Executive MBA gives a mid career boost to the professionals and helps them scale new heights. There is an inherent question about the placements after one completes an Executive MBA from India. Well, the graduates of Executive MBA from India are eligible for lateral rolling placements through the school.

What are the specialised courses in Analytics in India?

Additionally for those who seek not to pursue a general management programme like an Executive MBA from India but wish to develop specialised skills in the field of Business Analytics, ISB Hyderabad, IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Calcutta have advanced certificate programs in business analytics. There are many other schools like Great Lakes which are offering focussed Business Analytics programs. These programs are different from the Executive MBA as they are centered on building specific skills in the upcoming field of business analytics while the Executive MBA gives a full senior management perspective.

In addition to its Executive MBA IIMB offers a 2 year full time residential program the MBA in Business Analytics. The admission to this program can be applied by submitting the application along with the CAT or the GMAT score for International applicants. The domestic applicants have to submit their CAT scores for admission to the MBA Business Analytics by IIMB.

Why should one do an Executive MBA in India?

  1. An Executive MBA from India gives you access to the extensive research based courses incorporated in the current industry context.

  2. Moreover it is a good chance to take a break and challenge yourself to upgrade for the next level.

  3. In fact an Executive MBA from India is the right opportunity for someone who wants to achieve his dreams of being a global business leader.

  4. Another advantage of an Executive MBA from India is the cost effectiveness as compared to pursuing an Executive MBA from an International school.

  5. One major advantage that just cannot be overlooked is that when one does and Executive MBA from India, the network that he gains access to is the emerging markets.

  6. It really doesn't make sense to build a network at one location and the target opportunities being elsewhere.

  7. After all we know that an Executive MBA from IIM or ISB gives you access to the brightest minds in India and the alumni network which can aid you to create an impact globally.

Still need more reasons to do an Executive MBA from India? Get in touch with experts to get your profile evaluation.

What is the Application Process for Executive MBA from IIMB?

  1. Application to the Executive MBA from IIMB is a tough process which is quite profile based. The application process for Executive MBA from IIM requires the GMAT score or a GRE score which is within five years from the date of application.

  2. The average GMAT score recently has been 709.

  3. There is no minimum GMAT score in the application process for Executive MBA from IIMB.

  4. The application process for Executive MBA from IIMB requires a minimum work experience of 5 years.

  5. Additionally, the applicants should submit the online application giving detailed of their academic background, work experience in managerial positions, a valid GMAT score /GRE score within 5 years from the date of application,

  6. A statement of purpose (SOP) within a word limit of 600 words addressing question similar to "Provide an essay detailing your purpose in taking up this course of study at IIMB, including your future aims" .

  7. Further, the application process for Executive MBA from IIMB also requires the submission of two reference letters.

  8. Once the application form is accepted for the next stage, the application process for Executive MBA from IIMB gives an appointment to the applicant for a WAT ( Written ability Test) and a personal Interview.

  9. WAT (Written Ability Test) is a test of analytical ability of the applicant with respect to processing opinions on the general topics surrounding us.

Some actual WAT topics for application process for Executive MBA from IIM for 2019-20 were are below:

  • " Why are communicable diseases spreading post liberalization. Comment on lifestyle and environmental factors."

  • "Suggest ways to curb the side-effects of internet such as bullying, fake news and mass hysteria."

The first step to start your application process for the Executive MBA from IIM is to get a thorough profile evaluation from experienced MBA admission consultants.

Who should apply for Executive MBA from IIMB?

This is a one year full time executive MBA programme for working professionals. The program offers case based learning for an exposure to real world complex business decisions across industries. The program content is innovative befitting contemporary world leaders.

What is the Executive MBA from IIMB called?

The IIMB Executive MBA program is called the EPGP. The EPGP includes seminar series for extensive industry interaction and an International immersion for the much required global exposure for the future business leaders.

What is the eligibility criteria for the IIMB Executive MBA Program, EPGP ?

1. Atleast 5 years - 12 years of work experience.

2. A valid GMAT or GRE Score.

3. A statement of purpose

4. Atleast 2 recommendations are required.

What is the class at IIMB Executive MBA Program like?

The class at IIMB Executive MBA Program, EPGP, is a mix of professionals from different industries like banking, engineering, IT products and services, manufacturing, oil and energy. In the recent batches, out of a class of 76 at the IIMB Executive MBA program approximately 20 students possess International work experience and the average work experience is in the range of 7.5 years.

What are the salient features of the IIMB Executive MBA Program?

The IIMB Executive MBA Program, EPGP, collates the best state of the art management education in its curriculum. The students of the IIMB Executive MBA program apply the knowledge gained in the real time environment through engaging in a live project which is called the Comprehensive Project. The students are offered an International immersion opportunity to interact with a global network. Get a profile evaluation to check your eligibility for the programme.

How to apply to the IIMA Executive MBA, PGPX - Full Time Post Graduate Programme for Working Professionals

Indian Institute of Management offers a one year full time post graduate programme in management for executives. Working professionals with more than four years of experience who are looking at senior management roles in the future should apply to the IIMA Executive MBA, PGPX program.

What are the salient features of the IIMA Executive MBA Program?

International immersion, leading management education, capstone industry projects, leadership training are all included in the one year, full time residential programme for executives, the IIMA executive MBA, PGPX.

What are the requirements to apply to the Executive MBA from IIMA?

  1. The applicants require a valid GMAT/ GRE score,

  2. A minimum work experience of 4 years,

  3. A bachelor's degree in any discipline and

  4. A minimum age of 25 years to be eligible to apply for the IIMA Executive MBA, PGPX programme.

  5. The application process to the IIMA Executive MBA, PGPX, is spread over two cycles, the first round usually ends in mid August and the second round ends towards the end of October every year.

How is the application process for the IIMA Executive MBA, PGPX different?

  1. The application process for the IIMA Executive MBA, PGPX, has till date been slightly different from that of the rest of the Executive MBA programs in India.

  2. To apply for the PGPX, an applicant first needs to submit a form with the academic performance, work experience details, extracurriculars.

  3. No SOP or essay submission has to be done at this stage.

  4. The school then shortlists the suitable applicants for its one year full time residential Executive MBA programme and

  5. Invites them to submit the essays and present themselves for an interview. This by far has been the process adopted by IIMA to select professionals for its Executive MBA program.

To get a profile evaluation for the IIM Executive MBA, PGPX programme by ISB - IIM Alumni, click here.

How to apply to the One year MBA for Working Professionals at IIMC?

One year MBA programs for working professionals are conducted by the most coveted schools in India, the IIMs. Another name in this league is the IIMC Executive MBA.

What is the One year MBA for Working Professionals at IIMC?

  1. The MBA for executives, MBAEx, by IIM Calcutta is a one year full time residential programme for working professionals with more than 5 years of work experience.

  2. The IIMC Executive MBA, MBAEx, is an academically rigorous program focussed on providing the students a rich interaction based exposure on the latest management best practices.

  3. The curriculum combines compulsory and elective courses with ample international industry interaction which prepares future senior managers for leading organisations.

The IIMC Executive MBA, MBAEx unique in its mix of theory and research that it offers the applicants. The program has analytical and problem solving skills at its core with a strong training on leadership skills. Regular interaction with industry leaders gives the students a leadership perspective.

What is the application process for One year MBA for Working Professionals at IIMC?

  1. The prerequisites for the application to the IIMC Executive MBA, MBAEx are

  2. A bachelors degree,

  3. A minimum of 5 years of work experience, preferably in a managerial capacity and

  4. A valid GMAT score.

  5. The applicants have to submit an application form with these details along with a statement of purpose and a recommendation.

  6. This is followed by a call for an interview.

What is the class structure of One year MBA for Working Professionals at IIMC?

The class of 2020 at IIMC Executive MBA, MBAEx had a total strength of about 62 with an average work experience of 8.75 years contributing to a diverse pool from approximately 15 industries. If you look forward to apply to the IIMC Executive MBA, get in touch with our team of experts to establish fit.

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