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FAQ's on ISB Applications-Perspectives

Updated: Apr 9

Re-applicant's rejection analysis:

I was rejected in R1 ISB PGP last year and I'm an R1 ISB PGP admit this year..... my interview didn't go well because I felt I wasn't well prepared..... I did not close the gaps in your profiles. Then, the next application I only focused on what I would write in my applications in the next application .. pursued a few new courses in line with my goals.. did good assignments at work. Hire a consultant if you think that will help. Prepare well for the interviews! Please fill all those gaps where you know what the queries would be.

What is the effect of grades on an ISB PGP admit:

Do average scorers in undergrad stand a chance to convert, given good college, decent work experience and extra curricular experience?

Definitely. College grades shouldn't matter if you have good work experience.

Correlation of the length of the interview to the selection probability:

It is a general perspective that short interviews less than 20 minutes either mean that they got everything from you in that time and are convinced that their interest in you as a candidate is justified or you have given them something that was a complete deal breaker.

That means you are welcome into ISB PGP with an over exceptional application and your scores are enough to get you into ISB PGP. This happens only sometimes. Rest it can also be the case that they have foreclosed the discussion as they were not satisfied.

If the interview extends beyond 40 minutes your candidature is interesting and the interview is going on really to find the spike in your application. Whether it is a sign of acceptance is never sure. One point of view is that it's a yes as no one would voluntarily want to interview someone for 40 mins with the intention to reject. Another is that the panel is trying hard to find the spike in your application.

TAKEAWAY: Prepare well and give it your best. Cover all the gaps. Rehearse and practice. Let there be no surprises and be ready with your goals. The process begins with an effective essay.

What is the 1.5 ISB PGP Interview?

The interview started and midway both the interviewee and the interviewer realised that there’s a conflict of interest there. He had interviewed the interviewee before in a job

And the interview stopped stopped midway to be rescheduled.

Does a longer interview mean and admit?

A long interview can mean both things. Either the interviewer was really engaged and liked talking to the applicant, in which case it's a great thing. Or they felt the applicant's story is inconsistent but not straight out rejected, and hence wanted to discuss more.

What is the role played by GMAT in selection?

  • Higher score with decent profile with everything that you say in the essay corroborates has a good chance of selection.

  • Average score with solid background and solid essays has a good chance of selection.

Why does a GMAT score 750 get a ISB PGP reject?

1.If you are a 750+ with a relatively better profile but you fit into a category (profile wise) that already is full( even though there could be an ISB PGP admit whose GMAT score is 700 with same profile as yours) then you can't do much.

2. A high GMAT score needs to be clubbed with the right work experience and essays at ISB PGP. The ISB PGP essays must show the profile of the applicant effectively.

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