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Liberal Education Programs at Ahmedabad University

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Liberal Education For Everyone At Ahmedabad University

Every student is entitled to the best education from top colleges. Ahmedabad University has become one such renowned institution that attracts a large number of students every year. Their liberal education framework has become famous among young and aspiring minds of today. This post underscores some of the crucial information about pursuing one’s education at Ahmedabad University.

How is the faculty at Ahmedabad University?

There are many adroit professors and lecturers in the faculty team at Ahmedabad University. Each and every faculty member is erudite in their field of study with amazing contributions made in research and learning. Some notable faculty members are as below:

Ms. Shilpa Bhat is an Assistant Professor in Communication with numerous successful articles published in a number of renowned journals. Mr. Anjan Ananda Sen is another Professor in the Mathematical and Physical Sciences department currently working on the cosmological evolution of the Universe. Mr. Aditya Patel is an assistant professor making huge strides in the field of artificial intelligence and data science.

What are the Graduate programs offered by Ahmedabad University?

The graduate-level programs available at Ahmedabad University include both Masters and doctorate level courses.

  1. Masters Programs: Every Masters program offers the opportunity to learn specialized courses with the aid of liberal education and application-oriented learning. The University offers a number of Masters Courses for the students to choose from:

  2. Masters of Management Studies

  3. MBA

  4. Global Executive MBA

  5. M.Tech

  6. M.A. Economics

  7. Doctorate Programs: The best thing about doctorate programs available at Ahmedabad University is the level of hands-on exposure they offer. They are deeply research-oriented programs giving a lot of positive reinforcement for students to take up solving real-world problems for their dissertations and research. The university offers a Ph.D. degree in the following subjects:

  8. Computer Science and Engineering

  9. Applied Sciences

  10. Mechanical Engineering

  11. Chemical Engineering

  12. Management

  13. Physics

  14. Life Sciences

Students can choose from any of the above-mentioned courses to pursue their education at the prestigious Ahmedabad University. These courses make students aware of the importance of learning and probable ramifications of applying theoretical knowledge to practical problems.

Expenses And Available Scholarship Opportunities

The tuition fees for different UG or PG courses can vary between INR 2 to 10 lakhs. There are various financial aid and scholarship programs available for the students enrolling in the Ahmedabad University.

Financial Aid On Basis Of Need

The need-based scholarship program offer tuition fee waivers for students who need financial support. The deserving students can get partial to a full fee waiver as a result of securing the scholarship. These scholarships are reviewed every year making it necessary for the scholarship holder to at least score 2.0 CGPA to avoid rescinding of the scholarship benefits.

What are the Scholarship On Basis Of Merit at Ahmedabad University?

The meritorious students showing academic excellence are also offered scholarships as financial aid. The selected students get full fee waivers for their tuition fees. Students can apply for this scholarship after the completion of their first year of the degree program. The scholarship is offered based on their academic performance.

What Is The Prestigious Undergraduate International Research Program?

Ahmedabad University offers the opportunity of securing the Undergraduate International Research Program award for international students. Under this program awarded students can take up any research degree available at Ahmedabad University.

  • Eligibility To Apply

The program has some basic eligibility criteria for all the applicants, India or international to be considered for the scholarship.

  1. Applicants should have a deep interest in pursuing research as a future career path.

  2. Applicants must have zeal to grasp new concepts and opportunities in a constructive manner.

  3. The selected scholars need to maintain a good academic record in their fields of study.

  • Application Process For The UGRP

  1. The students who successfully get an admission in an undergraduate program at Ahmedabad University can apply for the UGRP scholarship. The information about the position is circulated on the students’ emails. The students can select a faculty from their field of interest and email the concerned faculty with their research interest.

  2. The students must present all the relevant documents that they submitted during their admission application process.

  3. Good command over the English language is required to be eligible for the scholarship.

  4. The students are expected to maintain excellent academic performance to continue being a part of the program.

  • Perks Of Being A Part Of UGRP

Every student enrolled in the Undergraduate international research program gets the chance to work on a diverse number of research topics during their undergraduate studies. The program helps build a strong profile in the field of research that the student chooses to make their CV very impressive. It gives a chance for students to club application-oriented understanding with classroom learning. Moreover, the hands-on experience helps inculcate various soft skills like communication, public speaking, self-confidence.

How Are The Placement Trends For Ahmedabad University?

The placements and future career opportunities available for the recent graduates from Ahmedabad University are versatile and very promising. There are many famous and top-level firms that are a part of the recruiter's list of the universities. Students get to work in a variety of fields like technology, software development, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Management, Marketing, and Finance to state a few. On average a student can secure a placement package of 5LPA after their graduation.

Augment Learning With Projects

Ahmedabad University requires students to complete certain projects for augmenting their ability to grasp basic concepts and put them to practical use. The projects need to offer some meaningful contribution to resolving a real-world problem in an innovative manner.

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