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MBA admission 2020 insights on what matters?

Updated: Apr 6

Gearing up for the MBA admission 2021 which is just round the corner? Here we reflect on MBA admission 2020 we find that the turmoil resulting from the COVID pandemic saw an overflowing number of applicants for MBA admission 2020.

The high number of applications at ISB, IIM and other Indian schools was largely contributed by the fact that International travel was totally prohibited. Applicants for MS programs also converged towards MBA application just because of the lack of options. This resulted in a large number of applicants submitting their GRE scores ( originally intended for MS applications) for MBA applications.

MBA admission 2020 also had a huge pool of applicants from the role transition seekers and industry shift seekers for a valid reason that some industries and some companies suddenly became obsolete in the pandemic situation. This surge has also resulted in an urgent need to competitively position oneself. The expectation is that the rise in the numbers of applicants shall continue in the MBA admission 2021.

We have compiled resources which would add value to your profile and career prospects while preparing for MBA admission 2021:

  1. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace: This is a very important part of the work culture now. How are you equipped to handle this?

  2. Duolingo English Test: The good news is that many universities prefer the Duolingo test because they get more information about the applicants (including a video of the applicant), and it is much cheaper and more accessible than the other tests.

  3. Online Volunteering opportunities: There are plenty of options to volunteer now. In fact it is easier now than before.

  4. Brand your life skills: There are a unique way to showcase your potential. Try profiling your skills. Choose from management skills, entrepreneurial skills, team collaboration and lots more.

  5. Mentoring and coaching skills: There's no better way to show your growth as a leader and a team person than helping others solve their problems. Coaching and mentoring through different platforms definitely adds a new dimension to your profile.

MBA admission process 2020 was no different than the previous years. It was just more challenging and hectic for schools and applicants both.

The MBA admission process 2020 has seen the schools adopt many new tools to reach out to applicants than just career fairs. If your LinkedIn profile is something that you have not visited for quite sometime, it is time to go there and ramp up things.

Last but not the least are professional skills.

How many years has it been since you last engaged in a professional development course?

One thing that the MBA admission process 2020 highlighted was the gap in the pre Covid and the post Covid workforce. Skills of the new world are not very difficult to gain but are definitely important. They have emerged as being decisive in defining whose prepared for the long term.

Have you decided on a career strategy going forward and how have you positioned yourself for the future - these are important questions to answer before you start grilling for the MBA admission 2021.

The most important lesson of the MBA admission 2020 is that the GMAT is important, but the schools are looking beyond the GMAT now. Are you ready for it? Get in touch with our MBA admission consultant to access resources about what would add value to your profile.

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