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All you want to know about tests for MBA Preparation and MBA Application in India and Abroad

An applicant for MBA in India or Abroad has primarily two things to take care of: one being the qualifying test scores be it an exam like CAT, NMAT, GMAT or GRE; second being the overall leadership profile of the candidate. An applicant who successfully treads both these roads can expect an admit from one of the target schools.

The qualifying exam scores sets the limit on the target school that one can apply for and be hopeful for an admit. This acts like a cut off around which the target schools can be aligned. Once the satisfactory score is achieved comes the profile evaluation part. This process involves evaluating the applicant's strengths and work experience as per the core values of the school. A mismatch in those would also result in a ding.

The major tests for preparation for MBA applicants are listed below:

1. CAT 2019 -

2. NMAT 2019


4. GRE

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