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Reading Comprehension Tips For A High GMAT Score

Updated: Mar 31

Once you have had a profile evaluation and checked where you want to go, the next step is the qualifying exam - the GMAT. A high GMAT score ensures a successful representation of your academic skills in the MBA application. Reading comprehension requires a systematic approach. We have compiled a series of notes from high scorers to collate the list given below:

1. Reading correctly is the prime test taking strategy for the high verbal section GMAT score that you aim for. We have collated notes from test takers repository for the approach to the reading comprehension section.

2. Find the topic, main point and tone of the author in the first reading. You can ensure a high GMAT score by approaching the reading comprehension in the right manner. Rhetoric reading comes very handy here.

3. Practice - Practice - Practice. Our human mind has two parts to its memory the short term working memory and the long term memory. Practice is the main activity that transfers the concepts that we learn from the working memory to the long term memory. If you learn a new technique the next step is to practice. And practice repeatedly.

4. Every list of dos comes with a list of don'ts. There are some points that one must take care not to do if one is aiming for a high GMAT score. You would face 3 - 4 reading comprehension passages on the GMAT test. The preparation should be in line with the mental resources that the actual test would consume.

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