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How to write the ISB PGP reapplicant essay

Updated: Mar 17

A rejection in the ISB PGP application feels like the hard work and aspirations have been wiped out at the instant. Well, now it's time to be positive and re assess the previous year's application as well as the strategy. A comprehensive review of the ISB PGP application together with the applicant's potential can help him to forge ahead to a successful reapplication.

The various aspects of the application that need to be collated vary from the scores to the presentation in the essays and in other parts of the ISB PGP application.

A winning ISB PGP reapplication strategy should be devised well in advance.

Please keep it in mind that the admissions seriously looks for a diverse pool and a higher GMAT is not the only strategy to have in place.

There are some benefits of being a reapplicant at ISB PGP. You know what didn't work. The greatest benefit being that you have already gone through the ISB PGP admissions process once and if you're lucky you would have been at the ISB interview as well. Having been there really helps as you would already have a bit of an innate sense of what went wrong.

At the same time, there is a lot of explaining to do which could have been avoided if the application would have been meticulously prepared the first time. There is always a chance to come up tougher the second time round.

There are two parts to the reapplication strategy : one is the journey within and the other is the journey without. How is your resolve now? How open are you to receiving feedback, even from those people who would not have a clue of what the process entails? How critically can you analyze yourself and accept the shortfalls that need to be taken care of?

The second part is equally tough. Look for individuals who have experience of the ISB admission process and can suggest pragmatic steps to take forward. It could be ISB admission consultants, seniors, relatives who can really spend time to evaluate what can be changed and what needs to be changed.

"Retake the GMAT" is one such forthright flag which is raised whereas as ISB admission consultants, we have had numerous cases of applicants with a high GMAT who could not get admitted due to a short representation in the application. It is worthwhile to note here that the ISB PGP admission committee has different sections in the application to perceive different aspects of the applicant's growth and potential.

Unless you have a lot of time to study and work on the GMAT it is also very impractical to expect the GMAT score to soar by a lot of points. The schools like ISB PGP usually have an acceptable range of GMAT scores, thus it needs to be checked what is the applicant's status vis a vis the range. For a school like ISB there have been cases where a score like 320 GRE or a 720/ 740 GMAT has been rejected due to a poorly written application.

Another snap suggestion is to seek a "consultant to write the essays". This again may lead to a misfire at the interview stage if what's written in the essay is not true to the disposition of the MBA applicant. The ISB PGP application can be successful only if the applicant is able to communicate leadership potential, global focus and a vision to the admissions team at the interview. The same needs to be carried in his own true self and not imposed by a series of flamboyant portrayals on paper. It therefore makes sense to seek mentors to assist you in this process.

The ISB PGP reapplication essay usually asks: " As a re applicant to the ISB PGP Program how have grown personally and professionally which makes you a better candidate now than before?"

This is the place to discuss candidly your evaluation of your failure to get admitted and what are the steps taken by you to find the spark within you. It can be related to achieving a clarity of goals, realigning objectives, upgrading skills, interning somewhere to close the gaps, getting real with your dreams or crystallising a vision.

It certainly does not mean that reapplicants to MBA programs venture out to accumulate new certificates, spend two - three more months to prepare for the GMAT when they already are in the acceptable range, prepare a resume with a more classy designation or go on a trip to the Himalayas.

For a final word. Go within and start from scratch! There are no rules one can follow for reapplication to ISB PGP. Our ISB admission consultant suggests to take a fresh look at the application in this case.

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