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The ISB YLP Programme

Updated: Apr 9

ISB YLP is a deferred admission for program for students who are in the third or the fourth year of their graduation which leads to the main ISB PGP. There are a series of modules which prepare the students for the flagship MBA programme at ISB.  The ISB YLP modules are designed to guide you in navigating your career with constant input & feedback from the world-class ISB faculty through a series of online, weekend interactions.

ISB YLP admission is a multi stage process structured to check your academic & analytical skills and enhance the student's leadership potential.

The first stage involves submission of the application form and application fee, followed by submission of a valid GMAT score or GRE score, one essay and one evaluation. The final selection step is a face-to-face interview.

The learning model at ISB YLP is designed to enable the students to ace as leaders in their professional work before they start the actual ISB PGP. Learning weekends are regularly scheduled for the selected students for a full fledged overview of the ISB experience.

The learning weekend sessions open the gates to understanding the requirements of an MBA program and opportunities to explore the career options available in the corporate world. There is a specific focus on the enhancement of communication skills and communication skills during the ISB YLP.

The tentative timelines for the three stages of ISB YLP application this year are as below:

ISB YLP STAGE 1 March 25, 2019

ISB YLP STAGE 2 August 31, 2019

ISB YLP STAGE 3 September 15 - October 15, 2019

ISB YLP RESULTS October 31, 2019

The admissions process is followed by the selected students pursuing a work experience of around 20 months before they can join the ISB PGP program so it's something like a guaranteed deferred admission through the ISB YLP.

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