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Top Ranked Global EMBA (Executive MBA) Programs - I

Updated: Oct 12, 2020


HEC Paris was founded in 1881 and has a long history of producing tomorrow's leaders. HEC Paris is one of the best college for MBA in world and teaches you as much from your peers as your professors, and includes over 60,000 alumni in 132 countries in our inspiring collective. HEC Paris Executive MBA encourages learners to question their business concept, develop new leadership skills and learn how to adapt their skills to the ever evolving economic situation.

HEC Paris has a long-standing history of educating today's leading companies. According to the 2017 Times Higher Education Alma Mater Ranking, the School graduated more CEOs of Fortune Global 500 companies than any other university in Europe.

35 percent of students start their own companies and work in The Capstone Project with faculty supporting the development each year of almost 400 enterprise projects around the school.

Development of executive management is a key component of the MBA course. At HEC Paris, a comprehensive blend of academic theory and learning is imparted for leadership training. Such teaching hypotheses can be evaluated by students.

The Executive MBA of HEC Paris is paving the way for transformation from one of the best college for MBA in world. Most graduates manage to change their careers, whether by industry, position or location.


The Kellogg Management School is no doubt the best college for MBA in world and enhances the development of professional experts and international leaders such as you. Here you build new strategies to solve difficult business challenges and extend your global network in a company of the world's leading executives.

Students are able to identify their future as a high impact leader thanks to lifetime relationships and extensive career support.

The Kellogg Executive MBA Global Network fosters cross-cultural learning with students from seven universities around the world. Access to the unparalleled Global Network. You enter the biggest, most immersive network, centered in Canada, Asia , the Middle East, Europe and the United States.

The program is offered at two prime locations in America – Miami, FL and Evanston, IL.

The Kellogg EMBA global network, the largest and most immersive network of its type, offers students the opportunity to study from the best college for MBA in world.

EMBA-Global Asia

Students from EMBA-Global Asia are creative, corporate management, or entrepreneur in Hong Kong, Shanghai, New York and London, deepen their understanding of the practice of East and West. Columbia Business School, University of Hong Kong and Colombia Business School have unparalleled access to advance insights from the best college for MBA in world faculty of all three schools.

In a collaborative learning atmosphere EMBA-Global Americas & Europa gives the ability to discuss ideas, question assumptions and exchange insights with a range of high-level, world-focused business leaders.

Students learn from a diverse mix of case studies, class discussions, simulations, group training, guest speakers and private study as a member of EMBA-Global Americas & Europe.

To complete this curriculum you have to complete 12 core courses and 10 options.

The graduates are awarded two MBA grades after graduation. One from the Business School of London and one from University of Columbia both being a part of the best college for MBA in world.

OLIN Business School Executive MBA

The EMBA program at OLIN Business School is focussed on leadership and it highlights evaluations and leadership coaching, including when the program is completed.

Customised curriculum allows students to balance long hours of work, regular travel, active lifestyles and family obligations. On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays the students attend classes once a month from professors from the best college for MBA in world.

Data-driven decision taking is a value-based approach that evaluates facts and statistics that weigh in relation to beliefs , values and effect.

Apart from regular course days, 10 to 15 hours per week are spent by most students at the EMBA. Most of the time out of college is spent reading books and practicing. Most teams of students meet once a week.

Participants of the OLIN Business School EMBA engender connections, unlock doors, during the programme, a robust network of successful classmates, top professors, committed students and various business leaders is created.

London Business School EMBA

Make your leadership potential a reality with the Executive MBA (EMBA) of the London Business School (LBS) a top MBA college in world. This transformative programme at London Business School EMBA accelerates career, offers business knowledge, leadership skills and networking.

London Business School Executive MBA (EMBA) leads to a leadership and a general management career to accelerate a current career or expand beyond technical expertise.

The London Business School EMBA students are accomplished managers, each with a unique profile, who achieve the height of their career.

Students at the London Business School EMBA can plan their individual career strategy together with a dedicated career leader. Some move the sector, some want to experience entrepreneurship while others use the curriculum to speed up their career in their present organisation. This is an exclusive MBA type from the top MBA college in world.

Tsinghua-INSEAD Executive MBA

Tsinghua-INSEAD Executive MBA , a top MBA college in world, admits individuals with leadership and management expertise. The Tsinghua-INSEAD Executive MBA classes currently include an average of 12 years of experience, including several years' management of teams and/or projects (which has at least eight years' postgraduate work experience).

The Tsinghua-INSEAD Executive MBA ( TIEMBA ) is intense, rigorous and difficult. The school requires a solid academic foundation-typically demonstrated by the graduation of a bachelor or a university equivalent and by the GMAT or TIEMBA entrance exams.

The program attendees should share intercultural experiences from which others can learn. Tsinghua-INSEAD Executive MBA also searches for candidates who have lived , worked or trained abroad – or working with clients, vendors or other stakeholders around the world for foreign enterprises.

The curriculum at Tsinghua-INSEAD Executive MBA, a top MBA college in world is tailored for individuals with a deep interest in Asian business and experience. It is best suited to people who are or are planning to live and work in the region – or whose work focuses on Asia.

The Oxford Executive MBA SAID Business School

The Oxford Management Executive MBA is a part-time modular postgraduate program which is different than the usual MBA type offered by top MBA college in world that helps senior professionals understand their potential and provides their organizations with international general management expertise.

Depending on the four chosen topics, the Oxford Management Executive MBA program is delivered over 14 one week core modules and 2-4 elective weeks. The intake of September takes 24 months into one week and the intake of January is spread over 21 months into one week's modules. The assessment requires around one to two more months, which ensures that the cumulative duration of the course is 26 and 24 months. The quality of the two intakes does not vary.

Usually, core modules start on a Monday morning and end on a Friday night. Weekends can include elective courses and courses abroad. It is advisable to remain in or close Oxford during module weeks. The Oxford Management Executive MBA courses are supplemented by versatile studies, which are done away from business school (reading, study, writing tasks). Oxford SAID Business School undoubtedly is consistently among the top MBA college in world.

The Oxford Management Executive MBA program consists of key courses, including two international courses that offer an overview of modern industry.

Elective courses include two choices abroad to improve your skills and specialisations,

inclusive projects, GOTO and Entrepreneurship Projects, both in teams which draw up and apply content areas studied in the programme. The main themes are the integrative projects. The Oxford Management Executive MBA program focuses on leadership development, including team and individual coaching sessions and Career Dev workshops and meetings.

Executive MBA IESE Business School

IESE Executive MBA is conducted across four locations i.e.Barcelona, Madrid, Munich, São Paulo. The original IESE campus is one of Europe's most architectural. The main buildings of 60,000 m2 include state-of- the art lecture halls, a library, a 598-seater auditorium, interactive and virtual spaces for learning, meeting rooms, and dining areas. Barcelona – one of Europe's leading port – is one of the technological, design , fashion, production, sport and hubs for biotech. Its profound commercial traditions now contribute to the success of a successful start-up scene.

In collaboration with Banco Sabadell, IESE offers a unique opportunity to finance the Global Student Loan programme. The loan covers the costs of the program and is open from the moment of its access to one of the IESE MBA programs for students of any nationality. IESE ranks high on the FT score card as the top MBA college in world.

The IESE Executive MBA helps to prepare you for all business challenges.

From a general management point of view students obtain a deep, detailed view of the organization. This allows students to understand the unique characteristics of different areas, the interrelationships between them and the influence of their decisions.

Students of the IESE Executive MBA will be able to examine problems by reviewing more than 300 market scenarios, explain the approach and assess how best to take action.

At IESE Executive MBA, Students learn to identify new chances and learn to develop knowledge and tools.

Students learn efficient management skills and improve their ability to handle a number of personal profiles to motives to align them with a common goal. They become a professional, integral and service-driven leader.

Thanks to high impact content, faculty feedback and intense weeks at 3 global locations, students become aware of trends and opportunities in today's global business environment.

ESCP Executive MBA

The worldwide part-time ESCP Executive MBA (EMBA) program ranks fourth in the Financial Times career development. It has 6 International and 50 options globally.

The ESCP Executive MBA is delivered in two alternative options: a part-time and an online format are available for Executive MBA.

A student can choose from 6 study tracks : ITINERANT, BERLIN-LONDON, PARIS, TURIN, BEIRUT, BLENDED.

The ESCP Executive MBA equips professionals to develop a philosophy of personal leadership that reflects better knowledge , skills and insights in an inter - cultural environment.

During the ESCP Executive MBA (EMBA) , 5 seminars are held focused on the burning problems of global business. The five week seminars offer the opportunity to put together your own expertise and knowledge.

As part of the intercultural team, students work for 12 to 14 months on this collaborative, multidisciplinary project at ESCP Executive MBA (EMBA).

Every campus of the ESCP Executive MBA (EMBA) provides customized instruction during the Management MBA and four hours of one-to-one confidential coaching courses.

MIT Executive MBA

The MIT Executive MBA is a comprehensive 20-month MBA program for mid-career managers that is well placed in the pivotal stages of their professional careers. This is a unique MBA type from the top MBA college in world. The students develop a broader perspective and the tools to enhance their effect through advanced management strategies as well as applied learning initiatives. The MIT EMBA Program offers an opportunity to join a leading innovation and leadership community that allows students to improve management skills and create a life-long network.

Applicants of the MIT Executive MBA who are leaders of existing organizations or new ventures are considered by the Selection Committee of the MIT. The following conditions are met by a successful candidate at the MIT Executive MBA:

  • At least 10 years of relevant postgraduate experience are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, with less than ten years of experience.

  • Full time working.

  • Combination of good leadership, global vision, technical expertise and creativity.

  • Has the opportunity to pursue a comprehensive academic programme.

  • Effectively interacts in both oral and written language.

  • Graduate degree along with exceptional achievements.

  • Precondition for Statistical Courses

The MIT Executive MBA program is known for its academic rigor and we must evaluate the degree and internship transcript(s) as part of the admissions process. In particular, in statistics and in calculus, top MBA college in world looks for at least one course.

It is highly recommended that the applicants to the MIT Executive MBA take a credit bearing class if they haven't taken Calculus and Statistics or haven't received a high degree (B or better) in the course.Even if GMAT or GRE are not necessary, one can submit the results of the test.

IE Business School EMBA

Global Executive MBA of IE Business School is an international top-class business leadership program from a top MBA college in world. Three continents – America, Europe and Asia – offer students useful management perspectives on today ’s major regions through the five face-to - face residential weeks in the IE Business School EMBA. This first-hand experience in combination with immersive online courses provides an overview of the current business world.

The renowned partner institutions, UCLA, SMU and the Change Governance Center join together to explore the global strategic skills with their very own top professors and empower students with C-suite performance instruments.

A specific evaluation system is available in the IE Admissions Department. IE Business School EMBA looks for inspired, innovative and high-potential applicants who have exceptional academic , technical and interpersonal accomplishments.

IE Global Executive MBA Requirements:

  • 10 years work experience

  • >5 Years of experience in managerial capacity

  • Bachelors degree

  • International exposure

Yale School of Management EMBA

A top-level management requires recognizing the dynamic problems facing the sector and organization of a globalised world — and the ability to exploit potential wherever it exists. Yale SOM ranks as the top MBA college in world. The Yale school of management Executive MBA incorporates strict intellectual abilities and a deep knowledge of the social context, with an emphasis on fields at the heart of industry and society – asset management, healthcare and sustainability.

A two-week in-residence session for students in their first year ends at mid-summer with the MBA for executives. Classes are then held for the next 22 months each weekend, Friday and Saturday in a row. Yale school of management Executive MBA applicants must apply with the results for one of three standardized tests: GMAT, GRE or EA.

A bachelor's diploma is required for four years from an accredited U.S. university or foreign counterpart to apply to this MBA type from this top MBA college in world. International applicants from an approved institution with a three-year degree should apply.

The Yale school of management Executive MBA is designed for professional experts and has the objective of speeding up careers, in which students acquire and grow personally and professionally while they advance through the programme.

Cambridge Executive MBA

The duration for the Cambridge Executive Masters of Business Administration (EMBA) is 20 months, conducted over 16 weeks. It is specifically built for executives who have already reached a senior level and are now exploring leadership positions in their organizations. The curriculum develops both hard and soft skills to allow participants to play a lead role in their organizations and to provide realistic and applicable information. A top MBA college in world, the Cambridge MBA is an experience of a lifetime.

The Team Consulting Project (TCP) and the IBST (IBST) assure that the Cambridge EMBA is important and is at the forefront of global market developments. It is a very realistic system. Elective courses and individual projects enable participants to tailor their programs to their needs, desires and future jobs.

Applicants to the top MBA college in world, the Cambridge Executive MBA should have a minimum 7 years of full- time experience, including good management experience.

The GMAT or the Executive Evaluation (EA) examination demonstrates a preparedness to reintegrate into a rigorous university at Cambridge.


The IMD EMBA has 6 starting dates each year for the Foundation Stage and 3 for the Mastery Stage. The program is delivered at 4 international locations: IMD campus (Switzerland or Singapore), Silicon Valley & 2 Discovery Expeditions

The IMD EMBA includes in its curriculum applied learning through company assignments, leadership & crisis management training, Discovery Expeditions. IMD has maintained its position as a top MBA college in world year on year and offers great opportunities to the graduates of the programs.

The curriculum of the IMD EMBA is targeted at people 35 years old and older and has at least 10 years of business experience, a strong management resume, successful career growth and outstanding leadership ability.

Applicants who are 28-35 years old, 5-10 year old and target for IMD EMBA, can apply for Business Leadership in the IMD Building on Talent (BOT) instead of Business Leadership Foundations. BOT students apply BOT and pursue their careers for at least 2 years before they pursue with their IMD EMBA, ensuring that all admission requirements are met.

Chicago Booth Executive MBA Program

The Chicago Booth Executive MBA is the first business school in the United States to have colleges in three continents. Students on campuses have exposure to the same instruction, to the same respected Faculty of Chicago Booth and to the same top MBA college in world. When Chicago Booth Executive MBA participants are applying for a primary campus in Chicago, London or Hong Kong, during international sessions they attend courses on each of the world's campuses.

The following Chicago Booth Executive MBA admission criteria are taken into account:

  • Proof of career development

  • Potential career growth

  • Academic record power

  • The program's dedication

  • Chicago Booth's Leadership Training Appreciation

  • Contribution and experience to classmates

  • Executive evaluation scores (GMAT or GRE) Test scores

Get in touch with our MBA admission consultant at Goalisb for a profile check and application assistance for the Global Executive MBA programs.

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