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Upgrading to a Band 8 IELTS Essay

Updated: Feb 10

An IELTS essay is scored using 4 criteria:

1. Task Response 2. Coherence and Cohesion 3. Lexical Resource 4. Grammatical Range and Accuracy

Many test applicants are not clear about what they should do to score a 7 or 8 Band score in their essay

To convert a Band 7 essay into a Band 8, would require an upgrade in terms of use of grammar, a streamlined flow of ideas, and the use of a higher level of vocabulary.

The flow and the content of the essay should be succinct as to let the ideas flow consistently and there being no need for the examiner to re read any part of the paragraphs.

This is apart from the basic criterion of forming paragraphs, structuring the essay etc.

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