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Why is Ashoka University in great demand?

Updated: Feb 21

In the midst of the Indian education system in the state that it is, students make every effort progressively more to search out admission into the top engineering colleges or overseas universities, with the intention that they have a turn at getting the maximum placement packages in the countryside or quality schooling. Students are made to learn by heart matter and without purpose go over answers to the ends of achieving merit marks in their examinations.

Students who in point of fact wish to learn and study further are at a great drawback, seeing that they aren't geared up or trained by way of the skills desirable for academics, and the frame of mind needed to learn is unlike from that for specialized pursuits.

In this situation, a liberal arts curriculum best suits a scholar, and trains them to study and single out skills of study, decisive thinking and communication, on a scale much advanced than that of students in specialized courses.

'Liberal Arts' and the long-established concept of 'Arts' are different from one another. The previous instills a skill-set in students which places far more stress on top of the soft-skills more willingly than hard skills and matter of acquaintance as opposed to substance of acquaintance, which the latter carries out. On the whole, the latter enlightens you merely the facts, at the same time as the former engages by way of them, allowing you to represent conclusions and support those conclusions.

This being revealed, Ashoka University is one of some good institutions trying to push for additional Liberal Arts education within India. So far, owing to the high quality and standard of staff, visitor lecturers, set of courses and students, Ashoka University has been flourishing in spreading the meaning of Liberal Arts in India and the likely benefits linked with it. The wish of the founders is to generate an uprising in Indian education.

Over the coming years, in the company of the rise and growth of more such institutions, it is predictable that there will be a ground-breaking change in the type of education demanded by Indians, which will generate a lot of more Ashoka Universities in one shape or another.

How Ashoka is Different

The excellence of faculty is so high, including the set of courses. At what time students come in, they can carry out 'breadth' which denotes along with their major course, they will study crosswise disciplines.

Ashoka University has brought in several innovations, which have been absent in long-established Indian colleges. Following is an outlook:

· Complicatedness in getting admission” in top Indian edifying institutions (Delhi Univ., Mumbai Univ.) and Worldwide Quality institutions.

· Experience to “liberal arts” education, which gives wider self-determination in contrast to single track obligation of specialization in a particular area. You can opt to “plan” your own educational interests to a certain extent.

· Comparatively “smarter & well-maintained campus” in contrast to on hand institutions.

· Well-to-do, bighearted promoters seemingly not running a profit oriented or family run business university.

Which university is better for a BA in economics, Ashoka or St. Stephen’s?

Both are greatly reliable institutes. Ashoka University lies on top of Delhi border, at the same time as St Stephen's lies in the center of North Campus. Being an on campus, St Stephen's makes available provides you with scores of exposure than you would search out in Ashoka University.

Ashoka University also makes available a Young Fellowship course. Within the days leading up to my ultimate decision, I was in a state of continuous perplexity. I’d begin the day determined to walk off to St Stephen's and by night, I’d have transformed my mind and decided to walk off to Ashoka.

Earlier than I begin, may I just utter that all the views I’ve expressed here are from top to bottom personal. Even the decisive factors all the way through which I weigh up the two universities were based on what was most significant to me.

1. Faculty

On the first decisive factor, I must say that Ashoka University is the best. A straightforward glance all the way through their website will furnish you a pretty good suggestion about the fact that Ashoka stands for business at what time it comes to its faculty. Ashoka students talk wildly about their most up-to-date political science classes and you make out this yearning to learn.

I would be negligent if I didn’t talk about the fact that whilst the professors at Ashoka heard my predicament good-naturedly and gave me some advice the professors at DU were to some extent offhand, to say the slightest.

2. Reputation

The most widespread thing I heard from individuals told me to single out St Stephen's, because it’s a standing that stretches across the countryside. It’s hard to find somebody who hasn’t heard of St Stephen's. The name weight is commanding and there’s more or less no equal to it. In business placements and MBA interviews, just having St Stephen's on your resume will facilitate. Ashoka has a great standing too and I’m sure it will carry on reaching greater heights.

3. Campus

This was a hard one to judge but it in due course came down to the fact the St Stephen's, and as a result of extension DU, both are in Delhi. That lets you to spend time with friends and really have the benefit of your college life.

4. Global Exposure

Ashoka took this one with a mile. Subsequent to carrying our major research, both on the category of exchange programs and the sort of viewpoints the students were being out in the open to, I need to give Ashoka the edge.

5. Academic Learning

I was saving what was in all probability the most vital factor for me till the closing stages. At St Stephen's, one will almost certainly spend most of their moment in time outside class full of activity with their societies. I guess one harmony all across the board about St Stephen's was that real learning or as a minimum educational learning take place in DU. I wanted to really learn, I should set out to Ashoka.

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