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Why Liberal Arts Program At Flame University?

Updated: May 31

Why Liberal Arts Education?

Education has been pivotal to human existence since time immemorial. However, its form and structure have been capricious and flexible to enhance. One such curriculum is the Liberal arts education study programs offered by a vast number of universities in India and abroad.

What Is Liberal Arts Education?

Liberal arts education is a category of student learning that provides greater flexibility to students for finding their interest. In this schema of formal education students enjoy a certain degree of liberty in choosing the fields of study that they find engrossing. The idea of liberal education is to offer some level of freedom of choice to students in a predefined structure. This system lets students make informed decisions related to their career and future.

One of the many Indian universities that offer liberal education opportunities for students is the Flame University in Pune.

What Are The Highlights About Flame University?

Established in 2015, Flame University has over the years become a pioneer in the field of liberal education. Many of its undergraduate and postgraduate programs are considered to be best in the industry. The campus of this university is situated on the Pune - Bangalore highway with 7 full-time courses available in about 5 disparate streams of education.

What are the courses offered by Flame University?

The features of liberal arts education reflected by the undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Flame University include some of the following:

  1. Support for interdisciplinary education and learning

  2. Profound study in any field of choice

  3. Liberty to the mind of students to empower decision making

  4. Importance of real-world application-oriented education in the curriculum.

  5. Varied skillsets rendered to students with multi-disciplinary courses.

How is the Faculty at Flame University?

The faculty at Flame University comprises of some of the industry leaders. The university has about 99 faculty members with expertise in a wide array of fields of education. The faculty members including professors and assistant professors are adroit with various teaching strategies to inculcate application-oriented learning among the students.

Flame University is renowned for its highly competent and deft professors in the different

streams that it offers, like degree and diploma programs.

What are the Available Programs At Flame University?

There are a number of courses that Flame University offers for the students interested in pursuing liberal education. These courses are segregated into undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Get in touch with our Admission experts to assist you in the process.

What are the Undergraduate Programs at Flame University?

The university offers the following undergraduate programs with a duration of 3 years. These courses aim to morph the status of higher education in the country.

They give eminence to the profundity of skill development and real-world application.

1. BBA

2. BBA Communication

3. BA

4. BA (Hons) Economics

5. B.Sc.

6. B.Sc. (Hons) Computer Science

The core concept of undergraduate programs at Flame University is the numerous features of liberal education. The university programs observe freedom for students to explore courses from a number of disciplines instead of the parochial approach of segregation into arts, science, and commerce.

The students take up a variety of well-structured courses with some core curriculum subjects like Critical Reasoning, Academic Writing, and IT Literacy to create a firm industry competence in the students. The university course structure aims at a dichotomy of knowledge breadth and expertise depth in education hence providing a holistic learning environment to undergrad students.

What are the Postgraduate Programs at Flame University?

In addition to the above-mentioned undergraduate courses, the Flame University also offers

some popular postgraduate course programs as well. These include two year MBA courses and a one-year Postgraduate program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Some detail about these courses can be gathered below:

1. MBA:

The MBA courses at Flame University aim at the objective of creating

dexterous management professionals who are impressionable to culture and

environment, follow ethical methodologies, and excel at their specialization. The

curriculum follows the liberal education guidelines with the inclusion of versatile

courses, industry exposure, and promotion of physical activities through sports and

fitness regimes.

2. MBA(Communication Management):

The MBA in Communication Management is an interactive course that fosters confidence in a prolific learning environment. The course curriculum is planned cautiously to instigate the tendency to generate ideas and learning through participation.

3. Postgraduate Program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (PGP EI): This program is

aimed towards the development of keen and inspired entrepreneurs and industry

innovators. The students in the course are exposed to the creative minds of

renowned faculty members as well as overseas programs at Babson College (USA).

What is the Admission Process at Flame University?

Flame University follows a thorough and consistent application process. The process includes certain steps that an applicant needs to follow for applying to any program of their choice. It is important o first choose a program that a student is inclined to pursuing at Flame University. Get assistance on the admission process from our experts.

Online Registration And Application

To begin one’s online application the applicant first needs to create an account on the

university application website.

For the completion of the application the applicant needs to provide the following information and documents:

  1. Recent passport size photographs

  2. Self-attested mark-sheets and certificates for 10th(or equivalent) and 12th (or equivalent) education.

  3. It is compulsory for the application to either appear for the university entrance test

  4. or provide the latest SAT/ACT scores.

  5. Any other certificates, transcripts, and testimonials as mentioned in the online application form.

Paying The Application Fees

The application for all courses at Flame University is INR 2000 payable at the time of filling the application form. The applicant can pursue one of the following methods for paying the

application fee:

1. Online Payment: Online payment option includes payment using a debit card, credit

cards, net banking, e-wallets, and UPI payments. All available online payment

options are mentioned on the payment portal.

2. Demand Draft or DD: The applicants can also pay the application using a DD. The

application would ask the applicant t fill in the details of the DD like DD number,

bank name, issue date, and more. After the completion and submission of the

application the applicant needs to mail the DD to Flame University’s mailing address

as specified on the university website.

Any more information regarding the application fee payment can be gathered by visiting the

university website. It is essential to note that the application fee for any course at Flame

University is non-refundable.

Appearing For Entrance Test And Personal Interview

For students opting for the Flame University, Entrance Aptitude Test (FEAT), and Essay/

Personal Interview (PI) the university admissions office performs a preliminary screening. The students passing this screening are allocated the test date and venue. The applicant has the option to provide a preference for the test venue. However, allocation of the center for Essay/Personal Interview (PI) is subject to availability. The university is not obligated to assign the preferred test to students in case the center is at capacity.

Accepting The Admission Offer

If the student is extended the admission offer to pursue his or her studies at Flame University it needs to be accepted within the validity period. To accept the offer selected applicant needs to submit the acceptance letter and pay the admission deposit fees. The modes of payment are the same as the ones mentioned for application fees payment. In case of any queries the student can visit the university or contact the admissions office.

What are the Scholarship Opportunities At Flame University?

The course fees for various programs at Flame University lie between 10-20 lakhs. Detail

information on the specific course expenses is available on the university website.

Flame University offers five different scholarship programs for the students to cover their tuition fees and study expenses.

1. Merit-Based Scholarship: At the time of admission meritorious students are offered

fee waivers and scholarships. The scholarship criterion is on the basis of final

internal scores in the admission process.

2. FLAME Fellows Program: Under this scholarship program 20 worthy scholars from

postgraduate programs are offered 100 percent tuition fee waivers. The selection

process is thorough and evaluates students on a number of metrics like academic

excellence, written Essay, video SOP, and two separate interview rounds. The

primary criterion is a 90 percentile in CAT/XAT or GMAT score above 650.

3. Special Scholarship through application: Some special scholarships are also awarded

to students excelling in varied fields like national/state/ board level rank holders,

international/national/state level sports adroit, and achievers.

4. Need-based Scholarship: Students in need of financial assistance due to back

economic conditions are offered fee concessions and scholarships.

5. Merit Scholarship for already enrolled students: Students already pursuing education

in Flame University can apply for merit-based scholarships as well for remaining

semesters of the course.

What are the Study Abroad Tie-ups For Flame University Students?

The amount of versatility that the curriculum at Flame University exposes the students to is

enthralling. They provide the opportunity for students to experience in a multi-lingual and

multi-cultural domain. They have various study abroad or exchange program collaborations with a number of internationally recognized universities across the globe.

Some of the study abroad collaborations for undergraduate programs include the following


  1. USA

  2. Yale University

  3. Babson Collaborative

  4. Boston University

  5. Wellesley college

  6. Canada

  7. York University

  8. King’s University College

  9. DHBW in Germany

  10. Sciences Po in France

How are the placement opportunities after graduating from Flame University?

The graduates of undergraduate and postgraduate courses get the opportunity to appear for the recruitment process for various industry leaders in a wide array of fields. The recruiters list for the Flame University includes finance and banking, e-commerce and retail, real estate and hospitality, IT, and more. Get in touch to address your fit with the University.

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