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Workshop on Latest Trends in Digital Marketing At Chandigarh University

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Digital marketing is a key tool today for a business or an individual presence. Today we conducted a workshop for an introduction to the latest tools and concepts in the industry with a hands on creativity challenge.

Creativity is an important part of life. The workshop included a Creativity Challenge for students at Chandigarh University where they created beautiful logos for themselves.

We discussed new tools and thinking models for an approach to digital marketing and social media marketing.

This presentation was designed on the basis of things that we are doing in our own business for Digital Marketing. We all know about websites, email marketing.

Today we introduced some things which are upcoming and are there to stay!

Digital marketing workshop
Some logos designed by students at Chandigarh University

Digital Marketing System can be broken down into the following model:


AWARENESS - Building your brand

INTEREST - Having a strategy to get people interested in you.

DESIRE - Like to desire

ACTION - Likes, Subscribe, Purchase

RETENTION - Email mktg, exclusive content, youtube series

Social media marketing workshop
More logos designed by students at Chandigarh University

Writing unique content drives our search for The New Tools Of Digital Marketing Buzzsumo, Google Trends, Podcasting, Quora, MeetEdgar, Ubersuggest, Canva, HootSuite, Buffer

Creativity workshop
Some more logos designed by students at Chandigarh University

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