Verbal Preparation

Preparation for the verbal section for various exams like the GMAT, GRE, SAT , CAT or for that matter any competitive exams requires a graded knowledge of the concepts of English grammar, writing skills, rhetorical construction and critical reasoning. 

Reading Comprehension

These are compiled notes on the approach to reading comprehension especially the reading comprehension for GMAT from best practices provided by applicants. To achieve the ideal GMAT score you need to understand the technique and also practice it well.

Critical Reasoning

These are notes and strategies contributed by successful students for anyone to refer to for the critical reasoning questions for GMAT.

Rhetorical Construction

Rhetorical construction is usually not a part of the schooling system that we are a part of. It comes naturally to god readers for others it's a mystery. I am sharing my notes about rhetorical construction strategies that I have taught and found useful over the years. Hope this helps. Please remember practice is key to success in the GMAT test.

GMAT reading comprehension
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