YLP Proofreading

Applying to ISB YLP? As a COVID 19 response this is a cost effective means for ISB YLP applicants to avail the expertise of an ISB admission consultant at Goalisb.

Get proofreading assistance for ISB YLP application - 2021

What's included?

Share the almost final essay ( upto 350/400 words).

Our editor will proofread your essay and within 3 days you will receive a final draft with edits and suggestions.

Proofreading does not include any major changes on the structure or the story, though we will share our suggestions on the same.

Proofreading is ideal for those looking for a final polish on their ISB YLP essays.

ISB YLP Stage 2 Essay Topic:

Tell us about one goal which you want to achieve in your life going forward. How do you plan to reach closer to your goal/ achieve it?

Essay Analysis - ISB YLP Application

The ISB YLP application consists of essays that have to be submitted in two phases. 

Once the application is selected in both the phases it is followed by an interview before the Indian School of Business YLP results are usually announced around a month later.  

What is the  ISB YLP admission based on?

The Indian School of Business seeks potential business leaders who have demonstrated strong academics, extracurricular activities, leadership focus and impact on their surroundings. 

Here's how we see the essay prompt for YLP stage 1 application.


Brace yourself to build your ISB YLP essay with us. To begin the process break down the essay prompt!


The  essay topic for the ISB YLP stage 1 begins with the following prompt:

Describe an event or accomplishment that became a turning point in your life? How did it change your perspective about yourself and others?  

Now let’s look at the question parts once again.

The first part reads - Describe an event or accomplishment - 

Here we are looking for some incident positive and engaging with a lot of characters in play. 

The essay does not necessarily revolve around your greatness alone. 

The admissions committee would like to see others who contributed to this event becoming an accomplishment.

Now coming to the second part - that became a turning point in your life? 

Here we are looking for something that makes you different. 

What is your perception of the situation, why this situation has become a turning point in your life. 

In other words what distinguishes you from the set of highly qualified individuals applying for the same program.

The third part reads - How did it change your perspective about yourself. 

This is quite simple as it calls for a candid discussion of the lessons you learnt from this event that has become a turning point in your life to the extent that you chose to write about it in your ISB YLP application.

The fourth part of the essay reads  - and others? 

This is a very important part of this ISB YLP essay. The discussion of the event in question would be incomplete without giving me a perspective about others involved in the situation. 

There would have been some takeaways for you. You would have some supporters, diverging agents, teachers, mentors or any other catalysts participating in this journey with you. This perspective is what the admissions committee is looking for. 

We have thus sufficiently outlined how you can write the best essay for your ISB YLP application.

Wish you luck!