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If you're looking to pursue an MBA degree but are unsure which school is the best fit for you, then we at A GOALisB are here to help for MBA admission in Mumbai. We work with you to make sure that you get matched with the right school and have been able to successfully place hundreds of students into their dream schools. 


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We provide you with personalised advice and assistance throughout the entire process. Let us help you get your dream school with our proven strategies and extensive experience.

Every B-school has its own set of requirements. We are here to help you through your MBA journey with personalized guidance and advice for MBA admission in Mumbai. Our consultants are MBA graduates with years of experience in admissions consulting, meaning they have the knowledge, expertise and understanding to guide you through the admission process. Connect with us at or call us at +917719497187 or drop in a line to fix a  virtual connect with us over a zoom call or a meeting with our MBA admission consultants in Mumbai.

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Shreya ISB PGP

shreya ISB.jpeg

I reached out to Shruti 10 days before ISB R1 deadline, all the while thinking that I would be be applying in R2 because now it was too late for R1. But in the first call itself, Shruti told me that I just had to apply in R1 itself and that it was possible to put out a good application within 10 days.
She was an amazing mentor to work with. Taking all the stories/content I had, she helped me write great essays. She was always available to help sort out any doubts I had regarding the application. She gave me the confidence that I had the potential to get into ISB, even when I myself had some doubts. She even helped me immensely during my interview preparation.
i highly recommend Shruti to anyone who wants to get into their dream business school.

Girish ISB PGP

girish ISB.jpeg

2 MBA consultants refused to take me on as a client as they were not sure about my chances of getting into a top program due to my age. But during my first conversation with Shruti, I realized she was different. She was patient in understanding the nuances of my profile, its strengths and weaknesses online other MBA consultants in Mumbai.
She helped me craft my story, guided me on how to highlight certain key points and helped me give the overall profile a logical structure and flow. She was upfront about what would not work and along the way made me understand how to build a strong profile. Her structured approach help me submit my application much before the deadline and her mentoring and feedback helped during my interview with ISB.

Shruti's approach to the whole exercise made it a pleasure to work with her and I give her credit for helping me secure a seat in ISB's PGP class of 2021.



I worked with Shruti mam for my application and she really made the process so smooth and hassle free. she helped me present my profile in the correct way as well as helped me prepare for my interviews.



How much do MBA admissions consultant make?

MBA admissions consultant is a professional who offers specialised services by sharing their expertise. What they make is not so important as what drives them as professionals.


At GOALisB MBA admissions consultant make it their job to assist their clients to achieve their dream career goals. This is what we take immense pride in - To be a part of your success story. We have assisted applicants with MBA admission in Mumbai towards successful results.

How much do MBA admissions consultants charge?

MBA consultants in Mumbai charge according to the services required by their clients. The expertise  that has to be brought in for a certain engagement is what decides what the MBA admissions consultants charge. It is best to schedule a one on one call with the MBA consultants in Mumbai to see what you require. It is not a one size fits all solution.

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