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ISB MBA 2023

ISB MBA is a program which propels the applicants to a new level of career growth. Depending on what kind of background and career expectations one comes from there are different options to pursue an ISB MBA at ISB. 

ISB Rankings:

  1. FT global MBA ranking as number 1 in India

  2. FT Global MBA ranking as number 4 in Asia

  3. Ranked 32 in the global ranking

  4. Ranked number 1 in salary growth

  5. Bloomberg 2021 ranked ISB as number 1 in India

  6. Bloomberg 2021 ranked ISB as number 5 in Asia

Which ISB MBA is appropriate for my work experience?

Depending on the work experience of the applicants the ISB MBA options are as below:

  1. ISB YLP - For freshers and pre final graduates. 

  2. ISB EEO - For recent freshers with less than 24 months of work experience.

  3. ISB PGP - For Applicants with atleast 24 months of work experience.

  4. ISB MFAB - For Family business background applicants.

  5. ISB PGPpro - For applicants with a minimum of 5 years of work experience.

  6. ISB PGPMAX - For applicants with a minimum of 10 years of work experience.

The resources below pertain to the ISB MBA admissions process and updates like the rankings, placements, dates, eligibility and FAQs we are often asked.

ISB MBA Dates & Deadlines 2023

ISB YLP Stage 1 Deadline:

27 March 2022

ISB YLP 2022-23  Stage 2 Deadline: 

31 August 2022

ISB YLP 2023 Stage 1 Deadline:

15 October 2022

ISB PGP: 4 September 2022

ISB EEO: 4 September 2022

ISB MFAB: 13 November 2022

ISB PGPpro: 31 July 2022


18 September 2022

6 November, 2022

How do I choose the ISB MBA right for me?

Which ISB MBA should I choose if I want to pursue it full time?

ISB PGP is the full time flagship program offered by ISB at Hyderabad and Mohali campuses. 

Get to know more about applying to ISB PGP .

Which ISB MBA should I choose if I don't want to leave my current job?

ISB PGPpro and ISB PGPMAX are the ISB Executive MBA programs which allow applicants to get an ISB MBA in a modular or a weekend MBA format. There are very specific criteria for applying to the ISB PGPMAX and the ISB PGPpro which must be taken into account.

Which ISB MBA should I choose if I want to grow my family business?

If you belong to a family business background and are comfortable to write the GMAT or the GRE test you can opt for the ISB PGP. Alternatively the ideal flexi schedule program for applicants from a family business background is the ISB MFAB.

Which ISB MBA should I choose if I am a fresher?

Freshers can apply to the ISB YLP. This is a deferred MBA admit to freshers and pre final year applicants in any stream of study to secure a seat to the ISB PGP once they complete 24 months of work experience.

Vinay ISB Admit

Vinay ISB Admit.jpeg

MBA! I took up GRE without much idea of what I should do with all random thoughts in mind. I had my long-term goal to stay in India, which made me realize that only a few business schools accept GRE scores, and those are the best. This made me realise ISB MBA as the best according to my desire and class profile as a whole. I tried only ISB. With Shruti ma'am help, it became a lot easier. Two things set her apart from the rest.
1. Right time to be blunt and honest (feedback) and the right time to motivate a person to give his best.
2. Reachability/ Involvement - She is always reachable, gives a path and framework to think and retrospect about self. Also, she involves deeply in the process.

Aakarshit ISB admit

aakarshit ISB admit.jpeg

I sought consultation from Shruti through her firm GOALisB. We collaborated for 4 months and through her mentoring I was able to secure admission to my targeted B-School. Shruti is an experienced consultant and has dealt with varied clientele. Her consultation process is well-structured and personalized. I also benefitted from her approachable and patient nature, as it made the entire nerve-wracking ISB MBA admission process much smoother.
Would definitely recommend Shruti as a career consultant.

Arihant ISB Admit

arihant ISB admit.jpeg

One unique thing about Shruti ma'am is her level of participation in a student's application process. She works really hard with her students, providing them with constructive feedback at each and every stage of the process. Would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking assistance in ISB application process.


Updates from ISB MBA 2022?

  1.  On13 September 2022 - The inaugural masterclass in the ISB Masterclass Series was hosted by ISB in Dehradun. The session on "Building Resilient Family Businesses in Turbulent Times: Role of Next Gen Family Leaders" was led by Prof. Sougata Ray, Executive Director, Thomas Schmidheiny Centre for Family Enterprise at ISB. It was organized in collaboration with Confederation of Indian Industry, Uttarakhand, and Young Indians, Dehradun Chapter.

  2.  On11 September 2022 - At the Indian Embassy in Berlin yesterday, ISB hosted the second of its ISB@20 international events. After addressing the crowd, Dean Madan Pillutla and Ambassador P Harish signed an agreement on student exchange between ESMT Berlin and ISB. A thought-provoking panel discussion on "Indo-German Cooperation in the Corporate Sector and the Role of Academia" then took place.

  3. On 13 September 2022 - An annual finance conclave called Artha was organized at the campuses in Mohali and Hyderabad by ISB. This year's conference has the subject "Digital Tomorrow."

  4. For talks on public policy, investing in innovative technologies, fintech, private equity, and personal finance, ISB offered a dynamic lineup of speakers. Mr. Ajay Tyagi, the former chairman of SEBI, and Mr. Chandra Shekhar Ghosh, MD and CEO of Bandhan Bank, were two of the notable speakers on the event.

  5. On 14 September 2022 - In an effort to strengthen academic links, enable academic collaboration, and advance communication between the two institutions, the Indian School of Business and ESMT Berlin have entered into a Student Exchange Agreement.

  6. On 20 September  2022 - Professor Ramabhadran Thirumalai, Deputy Dean - Mohali Campus and Academic Programs, greeted the new ISB PGP MFAB Class of 2023. During a one-day orientation, the students interacted with classmates and alumni and learned about the ISB Honor Code from Professor Hariom Manchiraju.

  7. The Finance Club at ISB MBA hosted The NegotiationChallenge in July 2022, where multiple players debated stocks, investments, and value. Mr. Ashwini Damani, Mr. Abhishek Basumallick, and Mr. Ashish Kila, prominent industry participants, judged the several rounds.

  8. In July 2022, Makerspace AIC - Indian School of Business was officially opened at I-Connect@ISB, which was held on the Mohali campus, by Dr. Chintan Vaishnav, Mission Director, Atal Innovation Mission Official, NITI Aayog. The area was created by ISB in collaboration with NITI Aayog's Atal Innovation Mission to support and mentor companies throughout their prototype and product development journeys. I-Connect@ISB hosted a roundtable discussion on how to promote a strong and vibrant startup ecosystem in the nation that was attended by senior leaders from the government, business, and academia as part of a day-long event that brought together a community of entrepreneurs, enablers, and ecosystem leaders at ISB.

What is the class size at ISB MBA?

The class size for ISB :

  1. ISB Class of 2014 - 770

  2. ISB Class of 2015 - 760

  3. ISB Class of 2016 - 813

  4. ISB Class of 2017 - 903

  5. ISB Class of 2018 - 875

  6. ISB Class of 2019 - 884

  7. ISB Class of 2020 - 875

  8. ISB Class of 2021 - 691

How is an ISB MBA application evaluated?

ISB MBA admissions teams takes into account the applicant's letter of recommendation, academic profile, GMAT score or the GRE score, the work experience and the essays etc to evaluate an application.

Should anyone with not so great academic scores apply to ISB MBA at all?

Yes such applicants can apply. The applicant should work on all the areas of their application to apply to ISB. If you have slightly poor academics you can balance it for the ISB PGP application by focussing on applying through test scores which are close to the average or higher than average of the school averages. Such applicants should also focus on the essays and not leave writing the essays for the last moment. In addition you should consider taking the recommendation letter from a person who would strongly vouch for you. In terms of academic scores from class 10th, class 12th , under graduate degree or post graduate degree (if any) the maximum importance is given to the academic scores achieved by an applicant in the most recent education whether it is undergraduate or post graduate studies.

Is ISB MBA worth it is a very common question. Yes, for those who are looking for global knowledge, upgrading themselves for steeping their career graph for the next two or three decades, building the confidence that anything is possible. The ISB MBA is worth it definitely for those who want to  acquire a network which will add value professionally and personally.  ​Distinguished professionals from the education industry have chaired as Deans at the institution.

  • ​Shri Pramath Sinha: June 2001 to June 2002

  • Shri Vijay Mahajan: June 2002 to June 2004 

  • Professor M Rammohan Rao: June 2004 to June 2009

  • Shri Ajit Rangnekar: January 2009 to December 2015

  • Professor Rajendra Srivastava: January 2016 to July 1, 2021

  • Professor Madan Pillutla: July 1, 2021 onwards

 Why ISB?​​

  • ISB Hyderabad has set the benchmark for institutions like the Ashoka University, Plaksha University and  KREA University to transform the education space in India. 

  • ISB was the first Indian institution that was ranked globally, 

  • ISB Hyderabad was the first to be accredited by the  AACSB,

  • ISB Hyderabad was also the first institution in India to host a US President, and

  • ISB Hyderabad is the first education institution ranked among leading research institutions globally. ISB has surely been a leader in education.

  • ISB Faculty:

  • More than 70 resident faculty from schools like MIT Sloan, LBS, Darden, NYU and UC Berkley.

  • More than 200 visiting faculty from leading business schools across the world from schools like Wharton, Kellogg, NUS, Duke Fuqua, Michigan, Carnegie Mellon University and UCLA.

  • ISB Alumni base:

  • 13500+ alumni

  • 550+ alumni in CXO and leadership roles

  • Alumni spread across more than 60 countries and more than 400 cities

  • Around 11 unicorns are lead by ISB alumni.

  • More than 600 alumni who are entrepreneurs

Get application assistance for your ISB MBA application from the best admission consultants for ISB at GOALisB.

Will the chances of getting an admit be different if I apply in round 1 or round 2?

Scholarships are available in the earlier rounds of application at ISB. There is no quota or a set percentage of offers they would make in each of the rounds. Over the years, it has been observed that an application to the ISB MBA must be submitted when the application is satisfactorily ready.

If one gets rejected in round 1, can the applicant in round 2 or round 3 in the same year?

For ISB MBA applications, an applicant can only apply in any one round during an application year. Only IIM Ahmedabad Executive MBA applicants can reapply in any of the application rounds in one year.

If an applicant writes the GMAT or the GRE test close to the application deadlines would the application be considered?

In this case the official GMAT or GRE score would reach ISB later than the application deadline. The applicant should write to the ISB admissions team on email and share the screenshot and details of the test date. Once the details are confirmed, the ISB admissions team will decide to consider the application for the specific round.

How are the GRE and the GMAT score evaluated at ISB?

ISB does not convert the GRE score to the GMAT score. Both the scores are evaluated independently for every application.

Is higher work experience considered an advantage at ISB application?

Yes, higher work experience is considered a plus point at ISB application if it adds to the class diversity.

What are the financial aid options for ISB applicants?

ISB offers two categories of scholarships - need based , merit based scholarships. By default every applicant who applies to is given an admit is considered for a merit based scholarship. ISB offers around 40 scholarships ranging from 5 lakhs to full fee waiver.

Need based takes into consideration the entire family income as a basic criteria. Additional essays and documentation are required to apply for these.

In addition to these, ISB admits can opt for scholarships offered by alumni, corporates or board members at ISB. There are special scholarships for NRI applicants who have just moved back to India.

If I have a gap in education or work experience, should I apply to ISB MBA at all?

Yes, you can apply to ISB. You only need to provide an explanation in the application form.

Where do I mention the additional certificates in the ISB MBA application form?

If there is a score or a CGPA awarded for the certificate it can be mentioned in the ISB application form in the education section. If there is no score or CGPA awarded for the certificate, it should be added in the additional education section of the ISB application.

How do I write the work experience section in the ISB MBA application?

The ISB application provides for adding five points each in the roles and responsibilities section and the achievements section. It is worthwhile clarifying here that the reporting managers or the Human resource managers at the applicant's workplace are not contacted by ISB till the applicants is enrolled in the ISB MBA program. 

Who should I choose for my ISB MBA application recommendation letter?

Since ISB PGP accepts only a single recommendation letter, one should ideally choose their reporting managers as their recommenders. Some other possible options are any previous manager, a senior peer, or a client. In case of entrepreneurs the recommendation letter can be taken from a banker, any auditor, a client, a supplier or a business partner. A recommendation letter from an academic referee is not advisable for your ISB MBA application. The recommendation letters need to be submitted before the respective application deadline, however in the past the school had provided additional time for the submission of recommendations. 

How long does it take between an interview to receive an ISB admit or know about the rejection?

The ISB admission process is a rolling process after the interview. It usually takes around 5 to 15 days to get the ISB admit for the ISB PGPpro and the other programs while the admit announcement dates are announced in prior for each round in ISB PGP and ISB YLP.

Do ISB or ICFAI offer MBA in event management course post graduation?

No, ISB MBA or ICFAI do no offer a specialization in event management. The MBA schools usually offer specialisation in Marketing and Finance.

What is the difference between ISB Hyderabad and ISB Lingampally?

ISB is situated in Hyderabad in Gachibowli which is not exactly Lingampally but quite close by. Basically, ISB Lingampally would essentially imply ISB Hyderabad.

Is there any business school for non commerce students in India?

ISB has a diverse pool of applicants from all education streams and work experience backgrounds. A large pool of admits to ISB are non commerce students.

How to answer the tricky questions that are generally asked in a job placement interview from a reputed business school in India?

The tricky questions in job interviews are basically stress tests, emotional quotient tests or analytical skills tests. The best way to answer these is to think from the other persons perspective, maintain your cool, and demonstrate different angles to the situation in the question. There is no right or wrong answer.

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