Is ISB MBA worth it?

Is ISB MBA worth it is a very common question. Yes, for those who are looking for global knowledge, upgrading themselves for steeping their career graph for the next two or three decades, building the confidence that anything is possible. The ISB MBA is worth it definitely for those who want to  acquire a network which will add value professionally and personally.  

IS ISB MBA worth the money?

The answer is yes ISB MBA worth the money for those who look at a long term ROI. 

How many seats are generally available for ISB MBA Early Entry Option Candidates? 


When applying to the ISB MBA, there is no demarcation of seats. ISB selects the applicants depending on the quality of the application. There is no specific number of seats allotted for round one or round two round three. As and when ISB gets quality applications it ensures admission.

For applying to ISB MBA when should I take the GMAT or the GRE exam?


You can take the exam even on the day of the deadline because you get an official score then and there. So you can provide the unofficial score and report the score officially through the GMAT or the GRE exam portal. Once ISB receives the official scores they are updated. You can apply using an unofficial score also by taking the screenshot of the unofficial report and upload it.

In the ISB MBA application do applicants need to upload pay slips and related documents in the work experience section?

The ISB MBA application, there is a document upload section. The mandatory documents to be uploaded are marked with an asterisk mark and for the others it's up to you whether you want to upload or not.

Is GMAT given preference over here GRE for ISB admissions? No, not at all. GMAT is not given any preference over the GRE score. These are two independent scores which are also evaluated independently, usually the GMAT score is converted to the GRE equivalent. That is not the case in ISB. ISB has a separate individual evaluation for GRE and separate for GMAT. 


I am married and shall be bring my family to the ISB MBA course. Are there any suitable arrangements at campus for married ISB MBA students?

Yes ISB MBA offers accommodation in studio apartments for students with families. 

For an ISB MBA applicant what does the quality work experience mean?

Quality work experience means if you have worked for example as a software developer and you should know about what your work is and whatever you have mentioned in your work experience section. You should be able to justify and talk about it.


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Is ISB MBA worth it for  candidates who have more than 10 years of work experience? 


ISB has students ranging between two years and 20 years of work experience. From a placement or a career opportunity  perspective ISB MBA has a Senior Executive Club for all those students who have more than seven or eight years of experience. Since their aspirations might be a little narrow because they have a lot of experience in terms of the number of years and they may want to climb up the ladder getting into senior leadership kind.  To address their career aspirations. ISB MBA has a Senior Executive Club and the Career Advancement Services team works with them individually .

Who should you take a recommendation letter for your ISB MBA application?

Get a recommendation from someone who knows you very well because there will be questions asked in the recommendation letter  where they will have to provide, transparent  and honest feedback about the ISB MBA applicant in terms of the qualities the skill sets which you hold. 

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