Executive MBA from IIM Lucknow

What is IIML IPMX Executive MBA?

IIM Lucknow is a leading management institute offering different Post-graduate diploma, Executive programs and Doctorate programs. It is ranked among the most excellent Business schools in India, and is acknowledged as the top ‘Institute of Excellence’. The International Program in Management for Executives (IIML IPMX Executive MBA) is a one-year course (full time, residential) offered by IIM Lucknow intended for mid/higher-ranking level executives in management or specialised positions. This Executive MBA course in India is offered at Noida in UP.


Course Duration

The duration of this Executive MBA in IIM is 1 year.


Course Structure

The IIML IPMX Executive MBA Course is delivered all the way through live lectures, discussions, seminars, virtual assignments, in addition to field projects. The whole one-year course is spread over four terms, in the midst of foundation subjects in the foremost two terms, and elective subjects in the ending two terms.

Besides, the course also takes account of an abroad module for international study tours (third term). The whole course encompasses 23.5 credits: Term 1 (Core) - 7.0, Term 2 (Core) - 7.0, International Immersion-2.0, Term 3/ Term 4 (Electives)-7.0, Written Analysis of Communication - 0.5.

The establishment takes a small batch of 70 students, and for that reason, it has a very careful method of admission. The establishment looks for a varied batch of students for its one year executive MBA in India - IPMX course. The admission into the IPMX curriculum is decided by an admission board that proposes a student based on his or her strengths as described in the application. The candidate ought to have a solid educational background.

What is the IIML IPMX Executive MBA course in India eligibility criteria?

  • Bachelor’s degree in any course in the midst of a 10+2+3 year education pattern, with at least 50% marks/ equivalent CGPA is required to apply to this one year MBA course in India.

  • Applicants to this 1 year executive MBA in India should submit their GMAT score (GMAT should have been taken in preceding 5 years)

  • To apply to this executive MBA course in India one requires at least 5-years full time post-qualification management experience.


On the basis of the GMAT score, applicants are shortlisted for a written test and a personal interview. Later than the conclusion of a written test and personal interview, every applicant is assigned a score. The score is premeditated based on GMAT score, educational and specialised profile, written test, followed by a personal interview. In conclusion, the organisation announces the selected candidates and puts in order a merit list.

Fee Structure (Tentative estimate)

The full fee for the IIML IPMX Executive MBA Course is something like INR 23,50,000. The fee takes account of tuition fee, study material, international study tour, library, career counselling, extra-curricular activities, lodging and boarding expenses, etc.

In addition, the student is requisite to pay an amount of INR 30, 000 as a refundable security. The whole fee paid for this Executive MBA in IIM is paid in instalments or in a lump sum and it is non-refundable. The students will also be required to bear extra charges all through the international module.

How to get Admission to IIML IPMX Executive MBA Course?

To begin with, the candidates applying to this one year executive MBA in India have to fill out an online application form and submit it earlier than the closing date, along with copies of all the documents supporting their eligibility.

Questions required to be answered in the SOP for IPMX application:

  1. Why you wish to pursue the IPMX? (200 words)

  2. Please describe your short-term and long-term career goals.(200 words)

  3. Please describe 3-5 characteristics that best describe you.(50 words)

  4. Please provide any other information that you would like to share in support of your application.(150 words)

  5. Have you applied to the IPMX before? If yes, mention the change(s) in your profile. (100 words)

The candidate needs to make available the contact details of two referees. The letter of recommendation needs to be submitted online to the IIML office by the recommenders, upon receiving an email from the IIML.


After submitting the online application form on the basis of GMAT scores, shortlisted candidates are required to give a writing ability test, in addition to a personal interview.


As a result of evaluating the following four components, the applicants are shortlisted and made available with the admission offer (GMAT Score: 30% weightage, Educational and specialised profile: 30%, Written test: 10%, Personal interview: 30%).

IIML IPMX Executive MBA Placements

Last year, IIML IPMX Executive MBA course in India batch recorded 100% placement. The batch of IPMX was placed into higher-ranking management roles. The placement procedure for IPMX students is all the way through a Rolling Recruitment Process (RRP) which goes on for some months. With incessant backup support of the career development office, a consistent recruitment timeline for every IPMX batch is in position.


As per policy, IIML doesn’t release their placement statistics and pay emphasis on the knowledge development of its IPMX graduates. By way of the support of Career development services, the IIML Executive MBA program maintains a strong association with top business partners.


The highest salary offered for IIML IPMX Executive MBA was Rs.20.05 Lakhs. A total of 75 companies visited the IIML campus for employment. Top companies that on a regular basis employ IPMX students are Amazon, Accenture, NIIT, Oracle, Mahindra, Microsoft, Mindtree, Deutshe Bank, Sapient, SAP labs, Wipro, Google, TCS, Mahindra & Mahindra, etc. The major positions included Commercial GM, Assistant Vice President, Financial Controller, Program Manager, Senior Consultant, Program Consultant, Senior Project Manager, and many more.


Benefits of IIML IPMX Executive MBA

IIM Lucknow IPMX is a one-year Executive MBA course in India, in the midst of an introduction to the international business background. The international module makes available an opportunity to experience and get outfitted with international business acquaintance and issues.


The IPMX Executive MBA in India is the prime course for the IIML Noida Campus. One of the prime things to note is that IIM Lucknow in company with IIMA used to spotlight on higher-ranking experienced profiles in the past and as such its alumni are in several of the higher-ranking most positions of the industry.


IIM Lucknow is well-known for its wide range of marketing courses in the industry and owing to shared lecturers the IPMX program benefits incredibly. The Noida Campus has a number of resident professors on top, and staff from both the courses teaches at both campuses and in addition in IIM.


One has to get 23.5 credits crosswise 4 terms to graduate and every credit comprises 30 hrs of lectures, coursework, quizzes, term assignment and concluding end term exam.



This Executive MBA course in India ranks fourth in the NIRF ratings, to apply to the course or discuss your profile with an expert MBA admission consultant, click here.

What is the two year MBA at IIM Lucknow?

The Two year MBA program of IIM Lucknow the Post Graduate Program - PGP believes in "Good practice flows from strong theory". The two year MBA at IIM Lucknow, the Post Graduate Program equips future managers to gain holistic knowledge about business fundamentals.

Upon completion of the two year MBA at IIM Lucknow the students are awarded a Post Graduate Diploma in Management.

Through the two year PGP program IIM Lucknow aims to impart to its students awareness to political, technological, socio economic business environment through a state-of-art knowledge academic curriculum. The students are groomed to become proactive change agents in the society.


The curriculum for IIM Lucknow two year MBA program is designed in tune with the industry requirements. Contemporary knowledge is ensured by addition of fresh courses in the IIM Lucknow curriculum every year. This creates new synergies for the students of the two year MBA program from IIM Lucknow to engage with the business world.


The PGP MBA from IIM Lucknow includes live and stimulated projects, periodic evaluations with a rigorous academic calendar for its students. This imparts the excellence to graduates from IIM Lucknow to become effective business leaders.


IIM Lucknow Two Year MBA - PGP Eligibility & Selection Process:

The selection process for the two year program is done on the basis of CAT scores, academic scores and quality of work experience. Upon preliminary selection the candidate must present himself for a Written Ability Test (WAT) and Personal Interview (PI).


IIM Lucknow conducts the WAT and the PI at several locations: Bangalore, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, New Delhi and Hyderabad usually toward the end of February every year.


Final selection is based on performance in CAT, scholastic achievement, work experience, and performance in the Written Ability Test (WAT) and Personal Interview (PI).

More about One year MBA - Executive MBA IIM Lucknow:

International Programme in Management for Executives or IPMX (One-year MBA) conducted at the at NOIDA Campus. The One year MBA from IIM Lucknow , IPMX is a full time residential program which was started in 2008 for mid level and senior level professionals seeking future leadership positions.


The highlights of the program are assignments related to industry, an interactive learning environment. IIM Lucknow provides the students of its one year MBA program exposure to the realtime environment by events like the Leadership Talk Series, Independent study courses, industrial visits and International immersion. International immersion at IIM Lucknow is an opportunity for the students to build global connections and aim for the top leadership roles in the industry. The students of the one year MBA program at IIM Lucknow facilitate collaborative learning through the specific Student Interest Groups.

IIM Lucknow is much more than just academics. Through the inter-corporate sports tournaments 'Pravah' the students of the one year MBA get a holistic learning environment.

One Year MBA from IIM Lucknow Eligibility & Selection:

The selection process involves the submission of a GMAT score along with the application. A minimum of 5 years of full-time post-graduation in a a managerial capacity is another criteria for eligibility.


The primary selection is followed by the WAT and PI process similar to the two year MBA program selection.


The weightage of the different components of the application for the one year MBA from IIM Lucknow are as below:


GMAT Score: 30% weightage

Academic and Professional Profile: 30% weightage

Writing Ability Test: 10% weightage

Personal Interview: 30% weightage


If you are a working professional who is looking to lead organisations in the top management roles, develop your entrepreneurship skills, gain knowledge about contemporary business environment IIM Lucknow IPMX is the program for you.

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