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Updated: Apr 12

SPJIMR PGPM - Post Graduate Programme in Management

The SPJIMR, a business school located in Mumbai, India's financial capital, is an esteemed higher education institution in the field of business. It is certified by AACSB International (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business).

SPJIMR PGPM application deadlines for 2025 intake:

  1. Round 1 - May 31, 2024

  2. Round 2 - July 31, 2024

  3. Round 3 - September 15, 2024

SPJIMR PGPM Application Requirements:

  1. GMAT score can be submitted September 30, 2024

  2. The PGPM at SPJIMR is an so far has been approved by AICTE.  

  3. To qualify for this program candidates must have three years or more of full-time professional experience.

  4. Applicants who have completed relevant full-time work experience after graduation will be considered for this program. However internships and project work that were part of a candidate's curriculum will not be counted as professional experience.

  5. The applicant must provide proof of their full-time work experience with documents like offer letters, salary slips and experience letters.

  6. In case the applicant worked for two or more organizations then they need to submit proof of work for each one.

  7. Entrepreneurs and applicants who own a company need to submit documents such as income tax returns, incorporation certificates and registration certificates as proof of work experience.

  8. If the applicant has taken a sabbatical or career break then they need to provide accurate details about it along with supporting documents.

  9. Applicant must state the reason for taking a break from their job.

  10. Career breaks taken by women are allowed these include career breaks taken to address family matters etc. but even in such cases Applicants must have a minimum of three years of full-time professional work history.

  11. Candidates may use GMAT or CAT scores as entrance scores into the program.

  12. GMAT scores taken between September 30, 2019, and September 30, 2024 will be considered.

  13. Applicants must submit their GMAT scores through the GMAC portal either for online or offline exams using the PGPM program code: 6DQ-MJ-12 or by searching for "S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research - Post Graduate Programme in Management" and selecting it from the drop-down menu.

  14. Applicants who took a CAT exam in any of the last three years (2021, 2022, and 2023) may provide a copy of their score report.

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FAQ about the SPJIMR PGPM:

Q. Do I need to submit a resume, letter of recommendations, or essays with my application form?

A. No, the application stage at SPJIMR does not require a resume and/or letter of recommendations.

Q. Can you explain the interview process briefly?

A. The interview process at SPJIMR consists of one case study round, followed by two rounds of personal interviews.

Q. Which scores does the programme accept?

A. The PGPM programme at SPJIMR accepts CAT and GMAT scores.

Q. How does opting for two specializations benefit me?

A. Opting for two specializations at SPJIMR benefits applicants as it allows for flexibility. If you are not shortlisted for your 1st preference, your application will be considered for your 2nd preference. The outcome of the first option will have no bearing on the process for considering the applicant for the second option.

Q. Can you share the SPJIMR placement process details?

A. Placements at SPJIMR typically begin in September every year and continue until December for a particular admission cycle. The process includes both campus and lateral hiring.

Q. Is International Immersion optional?

A. No, at SPJIMR, International Immersion is compulsory and part of the curriculum. The expenses for the International Immersion are included in the overall fees.

Q. How is the teaching methodology and course structure designed for the PGPM programme?

A. The PGPM programme at SPJIMR uses a pedagogy of learning by doing, with a focus on case studies, interactive teaching methods, and business simulations.


The PGPM curriculum is made up of 15-months of in-class learning and a three-month industry immersion. Participants seeking for an Executive MBA will benefit greatly from this programme. It is created as a career accelerator that enables applicants with at least five years of professional experience and significant topic knowledge to advance to broad responsibilities in general management.

SPJIMR Institute Rankings:

  1. Business Today B-School Ranking - First among private schools in India

  2. Business Today B-School Ranking: 5th Overall

  3. 2nd in India—FT MIM Ranking 2021

  4. FT MIM Ranking 2021: 39th globally

  5. Youth INC 2020 Global Business School Ranking: 4th in India

  6. Youth INC 2020 Global Business School Ranking: 44th.

Check more 1 year MBA in India programs which accept the GMAT score. SPJIMR PGPM Eligibility:

  1. Undergraduate degree, minimum CGPA of 50%.

  2. Prior to October 8, 2023, five years of minimum, pertinent, full-time job experience.

  3. GMAT and CAT scores.

  4. CAT scores from the years 2020, 2021, and 2022, or GMAT scores from tests taken between August 31, 2018, and August 31, 2023.


  1. Admission Fee for PGPM: 65,000

  2. Tuition Fee for PGPM: 13,20,000

  3. Computer/IT services fee/ Reading Material, Books/ Library & Database fee: 80,000

  4. Hostel fee (shared): INR 1,30,000

  5. Development Fees: INR 75,000

  6. Career Services: INR 60,000.

  7. International Immersion Fees: INR 4,10,000

  8. Flight, visa, airport transportation, and insurance: INR 70,000

  9. PGPM Program Cost: INR 22,10,000

SPJIMR Application Process/Requirements

  1. Submit an application on the online admissions portal to apply for the PGPM Program.

  2. The processing cost for applications is Rs. 1500 which can be paid with a credit or debit card.

  3. The application processing fee is not transferable by credit card or net banking.

  4. SPJIMR Admission Process

  5. Short listing of the applicants on the basis of their profile

  6. Interview Process

SPJIMR PGPM Class Profile: SPJIMR PGPM Class of 2022

  1. Batch Size: 114

  2. Average Work Experience: 6.3 Years

  3. Female Participants: 18%

  4. Male Participants: 82%

  5. Average Age of the Participants: 28.8 Years

  6. Education background represented in class:

  7. B.E./B.Tech – 92%

  8. Others – 8%

Specialization Breakup in the SPJIMR class profile:

  1. Information Management: 31

  2. Operations & Supply Chain Management: 50

  3. Marketing: 16

  4. Finance: 12

  5. Business Analytics: 5

Incoming Domains of the SPJIMR class profile:

  1. Armed Forces: 1%

  2. Automotive: 10%

  3. BFSI: 12%

  4. Consulting: 9%

  5. E-Commerce: 2%

  6. Energy/Utilities: 7%

  7. Technology/Telecom: 17%

  8. Life Science/Healthcare: 2%

  9. Logistics: 3%

  10. Manufacturing: 26%

  11. Media/Marketing: 1%

  12. Retail/Textile: 6%

  13. Real Estate: 4%

SPJIMR PGPM Placements PGPM 2021 Batch SPJIMR Placement Statistics

  1. Total Participants: 130

  2. Females: 19

  3. Male: 111

  4. Specialization Breakup in SPJIMR placements:

  5. Finance: 8

  6. Marketing: 16

  7. Information Management: 51

  8. Operations & Supply Chain: 55

  9. Number of Participating Firms: 75

  10. Number of First Time Recruiters: 13

  11. Average Salary (INR): 23.58 LPA

  12. Highest Salary (INR): 36.32 LPA

  13. Average Salary Hike (INR): 159.65%

  14. Some Recruiting companies - Accenture Operations, Accenture Strategy & Advisory, Blue Yonder, Cognizant, IBM and Infosys Consulting

SPJIMR PGPM FAQs Does the programme offer job placement assistance?

Yes. As part of the PGPM programme, a committed career services staff helps students with the placement process. The career services team assists with both preparing the students for placements and inviting businesses to participate in the campus placement process. Every year, placements normally start in September and last until December.

What types of documents are required to complete the application form? It will be necessary to submit documentation of full-time work experience, such as an offer letter, pay stubs, and experience letters. If the applicant has held positions with more than one organization, all proofs of employment for those positions must be submitted. Entrepreneurial or business-owner applicants must provide documentation of their work history, such as income tax returns, incorporation certificates, registration certificates, etc. Additionally, proof of the academic credentials listed in the eligibility paperwork will be required.

When does the PGPM programme application process start?

Every year, the application process generally starts in February and finishes in August.

Do SPJIMR PGPM graduates receive degrees?

Participants will receive a Post Graduate Diploma in Management, which has been approved by AICTE, upon successful completion of the programme (Business Administration). AACSB and AMBA have both accredited PGPM program. Get in touch with an admission consultant at GOALisB for application and interview preparation assistance. Contact us at +91 7719497187 or email us at


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