I worked with Goalisb to help me with my ISB application process. She is very approachable. Regarding my profile and application, she was direct as to what to highlight on the application and what not to.  I would surely recommend Goalisb.

—  Shubham Jain, ISB PGPpro Admit

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If you plan to get started with your application contact us for profile based offers.


Early starters have an advantage of time and cost.


If you are looking for an MBA admission consultant to work with you as a mentor to assist you to prepare your application, our team would be glad to orchestrate the  process for you. 

Get in touch with our MBA admission consultants for a discussion on course selection or profile building.


Contact us @ Goalisb for a profile evaluation or a discussion on any thing that's bothering you about the MBA application process. 

Goalisb, Sector 7, Panchkula, Haryana, India   Tel  +91 7719497187    contact@goalisb.com

MBA Admissions Consulting FAQs

Get answers to general queries about the process that we follow.

 01  Why do we personalise the process.

I believe in quality over quantity. I think a personal approach yields the best results for the applicants that I choose because preparing an ISB application essay is often a process of self discovery for applicants. It takes time and effort to sift through all past experiences to choose the ones that best portray any applicant's true personality. I believe quality applicants are worthy of my undivided attention to achieve the best results. 

 02  How can I be sure if I will get an admission. Is there a guarantee?

We prepare each application and interview in the best context that it deserves, it shows in our consistent results. We don't feel the need to issue any guarantees to prove our diligence. It shows in our work. 

We do not have association or representation with any business school, in India or abroad.

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