Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore

  • IIM Bangalore is ranked at 54th position worldwide by QS EMBA Ranking 2021. 

  • IIM Bangalore is ranked 2 by NIRF

  • Eduniversal 2020 ranks Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore as number 1 Business school in Central Asia for the 12th time.

  • QS Global MBA 2022 ranks the Executive MBA from IIM as number 2 in India, number 10 in APAC and number 33 globally.

Application Deadlines for Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore 2022 - 23:

  1. Round 1 : 21 June 2022 to 22 August 2022

  2. Round 2 :  24 August 2022 to 10 October 2022

  3. Round 3 : 22 October 2022 to 02 December 2022

Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore eligibility, fees & placements

Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore eligibility

  1. Minimum 5 years of full time work experience post completion of undergraduate studies upto 12 years work experience preferred.

  2. Bachelors Degree or CA/ ICWA/ CS after completion of Class XII with a minimum 50% for General category applicants and minimum 45% for SC,ST & PwD categories.

  3. Valid GMAT score or a GRE score. 

  4. Average GMAT: 690

  5. Range of GMAT: 640-770

  6. Average work experience: 7.42 years

  7. Batch size: 75

Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore Fees

  1. Application fee for Rounds 1 & 2 of Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore: INR 3000/-

  2. Application fee for Round 3 of Executive MBA IIM Bangalore: INR 5000/-

  3. The Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore fees is INR 29,00,000 for shared accommodation and INR 31,00,000 for family accommodation.

  4. This includes a Tuition fees of INR 23,00,000

  5. International immersion fees tentatively of INR 4,30,000

  6. A refundable deposit of INR 20,000

  7. Accommodation charges are INR 1,50,000 for shared accommodation and INR 3,50,000 for family accommodation.

Executive MBA IIM Bangalore placements

  1. The mean annual salary was INR 29.88 lacs and the median annual salary was INR 28.50 lacs for 69 offers made till August 2020. 

  2. Average yearly salary (in INR) in 2019 was INR 23.46 Lakh Per Annum and the Median annual Salary was INR 22.00 Lakh Per Annum.

  3. The largest percentage of recruitment happened in the IT Service and ITES  sector with the next being E-commerce, startups, IT products and Consulting. 

  4. The roles that were offered were senior management to leadership roles.

Executive MBA IIM Bangalore Application Process

The application to the Executive MBA at IIM Bangalore requires the following:

  1. Valid GMAT score or a GRE score. The GMAT code for IIMB EPGP is Q9H-KK-84 and for submitting GRE score is - 1675

  2. Online form with statement of purpose.

  3. Two reference letters to be submitted online for the application process.

  4. Candidates can apply to only one of the three rounds of admission for the Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore.

  5. Work experience letters or payslips with the dates of joining must be submitted among other documents.

  6. Reference letters must be submitted within the time frame of the application submission deadline. There is no relaxation on the deadline for submitting the reference letters.

FAQ Executive MBA IIM Bangalore 2022

Latest updates from Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore 2022:

1. June 2022 from Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore:

Prof. V. Ravi Anshuman has been appointed by the Securities and Exchange Board of India to lead a 16-member panel. 

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), which is responsible for the regulation of India's securities and commodity markets and is part of the Ministry of Finance, has recently reconstituted its research advisory committee, which is in charge of promoting, developing, and maintaining databases for capital market regulation research. Professor V. Ravi Anshuman, Chairperson and faculty, Finance & Accounting, IIM Bangalore, will lead the 16-member panel.

2. June 2022 update for Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore:

VISTA 2022 International Sustainability Challenge will be hosted by IIMB students as part of VISTA 2022 Registrations are open until July 22; the case contest will test participants' ability to generate valuable insights in the face of intense competitive pressure and come up with the right solution.

3. June 2022 update for Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore:

On Friday, June 3rd, 2022, the Career Development Services cell of the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore hosted "Industry Connect." The purpose of the event was to increase industry-academia dialogue and collaboration. On campus, more than 50 industry experts participated and engaged with candidates. The participants learned about IIM Bangalore's different programmes and capabilities, like NSRCEL, MOOCs - IIMBx, IIM Bangalore EPGP (One Year Full Time MBA Programme) 1-year full-time MBA, and so on. Discussions between leaders and academics centred on fostering mutually beneficial synergies.

4. May 2022 update for Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore:

The One Year Full-Time MBA (EPGP) at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore proudly presents its ambitious and dynamic 14th class. 

The class has an average of 7 years of professional experience, bringing a diverse range of vibrant viewpoints and exhilarating experiences. 

Students from a variety of industries and functional domains, including Automobile, BFSI, Consulting, Energy, Construction, Fashion & Retail, IT/ITes, Oil & Gas, and more, create a vibrant cohort of leaders ready to meet the rigour and earn a firm foundation in important management concepts.

5. April 2022 update for Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore:

On April 8, 2022, IIMB had its 47th Convocation ceremony.  Mrs. Zia J. Mody, Co-founder and Managing Partner of AZB & Partners, will give the Convocation address. 

After a two-year hiatus, students will be present for the event on campus this year, adhering to all COVID standards. 

Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty, Chairperson, Board of Governors, IIMB, will deliver his remarks during the occasion. Professor Rishikesha T Krishnan, Director of the IIMB, will discuss the institute's achievements and successes.

6. September 2021 for Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore:

IIM Bangalore EPGP (One Year Full Time MBA Program) engaged with distinguished speakers and moderators from the business and academic worlds!  Distinguished politicians, economists, CXOs, and startup founders will evaluate and discuss our theme "Adapting to Emerging Trends - Anticipate | Proact | Lead" with faculty from the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore at the IIMB Business Conclave'21. On September 19th, at 9.30 a.m., the event went live.

7. October 2021 for Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore:

The IIM Bangalore EPGP (One Year Full Time MBA Program) Social Impact Club – Prayaas conducted a webinar in collaboration with ILSS - India Leaders for Social Sector, with the goal of bridging the gap between the social sector and the corporate world. The goal of the webinar was to "demystify the social sector" and raise awareness about shifting into it. 

Mr. Sanjeev Sehrawat, IIMB '96, Director, Grant Lifecycle Management, Tata Trusts, and Ms. Smita Venkataraman, IIMB' 07, social entrepreneur and co-creator, Miranjali, spoke on the panel, which was moderated by Anu Prasad, founder of ILSS.

What if I can't get any reference from my employer, who can I ask for a reference? 

In this case you can approach a previous employer or your college professor or someone can evaluate your skills preferably.


What are the parameters that go into the selection process for Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore?

Some important parameters for evaluation in the Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore are:

  1. Past academic performance - GPA & GMAT/ GRE score

  2. The number of years of work experience

  3. The industry of the applicant

  4. Significant achievements in career or outside

  5. Diversity 

What are the guidelines for the written Ability Test for the Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore application process?


  1. The written ability test is a half an hour a written exam.

  2. Applicants are given a topic to write an essay.

  3. The time limit for writing the Written Ability Test is 30 minutes.

  4. The first 10 minutes can be used to think about the points to write.

  5. The next 20 minutes will be the writing session.

  6. Only after submitting the WAT will the candidate be allowed to sit for the interview. 

Should I apply in Round 1 or Round 2 or Round 3 for the Executive MBA in IIM Bangalore?

  1. There is no fixed number of seats for each of the rounds.

  2. To give equal opportunity for the candidates in the other rounds there are some seats which are available in round two and round three.

  3. It is not essentially the same for round one has in round two, as compared to the round three

  4. It depends on how many candidates join the programme from the round one.

  5. It has been observed that the number of applications in round two is more than round one.

  6. Thus the chances in round 2 or 3 become lesser than that in round 1. 

Is the IIMB EPGP an executive MBA programme or diploma programme?

IIMB EPGP is an MBA programme for professionals with more than five years of work experience. 

Will I be eligible for placement if I take sabbatical from my current organisation?

There are two kinds of candidates here.

  1. One is a candidate who has opted for a sabbatical but not informing the Institute is free to attend the placement.

  2. In the second case, if there is an agreement between IIMB and the applicant's organisation then the candidate is not eligible to participate in the placement process.

Can an OBC candidate who has applied for the OBC certificate but not yet received it yet apply for the Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore program?

Yes, he can apply with the OBC certificate but if he is shortlisted for the interview at that time he must provide a valid certificate.

I one takes a study leave and join Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore program then will he be able to sit for placement process?

If a candidate takes a sabbatical leave and if the same company is also coming for placements at IIMB EPGP. If IIMB has an agreement, saying that he won't be allowed the candidate to sit in the placement, then IIMB wouldn't allow those candidates to sit for placement otherwise, the candidate is eligible to apply for placement opportunities.

Is the gap in career or education a negative?

A gap in academics or a gap in career is a negative for the IIMB EPGP application process. 

Is it mandatory to write the optional essay?

Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore application does not any essay. Applicants have to submit only a statement of purpose. There is no optional essay required.

Can only the professional email addresses be added for recommenders in the Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore application?

For the reference letter the professional email address is preferred but not mandatory and the request for recommendation letter can be sent to their personal mail IDs also.

What should be included in the SOP for Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore?

The SOP in the IIMB EPGP application process has guidelines. Some important things to cover in the IIMB EPGP SOP are reasons for you looking for a one year MBA programme and  how it will help you in your future. Include post MBA plans also in the SOP. 

What are the merit scholarships offered by Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore?

IIMB EPGP students are offered an admission scholarship that is based on the composite score after the interview based on everything including the interview performance and the academics of the applicant. 

  1. The admission scholarship is of INR 6 lakhs out of which the qualifying candidate will receive three lakhs at the time of admission and three lakhs later after the performance in term one and two.

  2. There is a merit scholarship for five students which is of three lakh each and that is based on performance of term one and two put together.

  3. Terms-  One and Two are the deciding factors for the scholarships.

Do IIMs accept GMAT?

Yes, IIMs accept the GMAT score for admission to the full time Executive MBA programs. Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore and Executive MBA from IIM Calcutta all accept the GMAT score.

Following are the IIMs which accept the GMAT score for the Executive MBA from IIM:

  1. Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad - IIMA PGPX  - GMAT / GRE

  2. Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore -IIMB EPGP - GMAT / GRE

  3. Executive MBA from IIM Calcutta - IIMC MBAEX - GMAT only

  4. Executive MBA from IIM Indore - IIMI EPGP - GMAT only

  5. Executive MBA from IIM Kozhikode - IIMK PGP-BL - GMAT/ GRE/ CAT

  6. Executive MBA from IIM Lucknow - IIML IPMX - GMAT / GRE

  7. Executive MBA from XLRI EXPGDM - GMAT/ GRE/ XAT

  8. SP Jain PGPM - GMAT/ CAT

  9. Executive MBA from IIM Rohtak - IIM Rohtak - GMAT/ CAT/ GRE

  10. Executive MBA from IIM Kashipur - IIM Kashipur - CAT/ GMAT or EMAT(conducted by IIM Kashipur)

  11. Executive MBA from IIM Udaipur - IIM Udaipur DEM - GRE/GMAT/CAT (within 3 years)

  12. Executive MBA from IIM Amritsar - IIM Amritsar - CAT/ GMAT/ GRE/ GATE score (not more than 2 years old) or IIM Amritsar Admission Test (IAAT)

  13. Executive MBA from IIM Udaipur - IIM Udaipur GSCM - GRE/GMAT/CAT (within 3 years)