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20 Must Know Aspects for London Business School Applicants

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

How many students are selected from India in London Business School?

Indian applicants become a part of the International applicant pool. It is very difficult to give a number as to exactly how many students from India are selected to the London Business School. Only those who fulfil the criteria of the school are selected. One this is sure however, that India is a large component of the International student pool at LBS. One can however connect to current students and alumni at LinkedIn.

The London Business School (LBS) is a prestigious institution to pursue Business Administration courses. It a constituent college of the Federal University of London. Ever since its inception in 1964, the institution became synonymous with distinguished business courses at Graduation, Masters as well as Ph.D. programs. Its main campus is at Sussex and London, while it has a secondary campus in Dubai, that offers Executive MBA as well as other Education programs.

The institute demands good scores from International students in their TOEFL, IELTS and GRE exams to be eligible for its admission.

What are the documents required for the candidates to take admission in colleges for LBS?

The documents required would be proofs of your academic qualifications, work experience, any awards and achievements, mark sheets and official transcripts, your passport and GMAT score report and TOEFL score report.

Is it possible to get admission in London Business School with 50 marks in graduation for MSC finance?

Not really, though additional factors as your work experience etc will matter a lot in your application but academic scores are quite important when applying to a top business school as LBS.

If LBS certificate is a degree based or certificate

LBS issues a degree in MBA.

How to crack London Business School?

1. You have to answer the following essay question for the online application to LBS:

Question 1:

What are your post-MBA goals and how will your prior experience and the London Business School programme contribute towards these? (500 words)

Question 2 (500 words)

This question is optional - You can explain any of the below mentioned points if they appear in your candidature.

  1. A low GMAT score or weak GPA

  2. Explain gaps in your work experience

  3. Any relevant personal situations that have greatly influenced your application

  4. Explaining your choice of recommenders

2. There are additional questions about your extracurricular interests in the application form

3. Two letters of recommendations

Here is a quick guide of 20 pointers that every LBS aspirant needs to know:

#1. Locale

This B school is located at the heart of the city in London – a city with an amalgamation of culture and business. The whole atmosphere is inviting and inspires students in its best form. Its main campus is situated next to Regent Park in Marylebone.

#2. Jaw-Dropping Campus

Designed by the British Architect John Nash, the main building on the campus is jaw-dropping. It has 26 terraced houses, along with a library, sports center, a restaurant, a fitness studio, and others. Students can also opt for private accommodations instead of the campus. The MBA classrooms resemble amphitheater and can accommodate 100 students.

#3. World Ranked MBA Program

Except for a long standing reputation and brand the London Business School currently ranks sixth in the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2019 and fourth in the QS Global MBA rankings 2019.

#4. Research Programs and Faculty

With business leaders hailing from all across the globe, the LBS has the best of the faculty, engaged in cutting edge research. The institute offers Ph.D. programs in areas like Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing, and Business Studies.

#5. Curricula and Courses

The LSB MBA program is designed to instill in its students an international approach, a global network, and solidify their decision-making skills. Other executive programs of duration 15, 18, and 31 months focus on imparting job and entrepreneurial skills in the candidates.

Alongside this, the LBS also offers exchange programs in partnership with NYU Stern, IESE, Booth, Wharton, UCLA Anderson, and the like.

#6. Application Requisites

An undergraduate degree is a must for every applicant and in addition a minimum of two years of work experience is required to apply to the LBS program. They must also produce the Language Ability, the Application fees of £200, and copies of grade transcripts.

#7. Fees and Expenses

The annual tuition fee and the Student Association subscription were £82,000 and £240 respectively in 2019. The student’s accommodation cost is around £360 which includes living expenses, transport, utilities, groceries, library fees, insurance, and entertainment.

#8. Scholarships

The London Business School offers multiple scholarships like the LBS Fund Scholarship, BK Birla Scholarship, Bell Cohen Scholarship for MBA, LBS MBA Scholarships for Women, 30% Club Scholarship, and Monica and Navin Valrani Scholarship.

Apart from this, there are other scholarships by sectors like Entrepreneurship, Engineering, etc.

#9. Admission Statistics

The academic year 2020 witnessed a total of 485 admissions from across 64 nations and the average work experience of each candidate is 5.5 years. The Pre-MBA industry analysis of students admitted indicates 28% from Finance, 25% from IT & T Electronics, while 7% in Retail and 6% in Pharma.

#10. Career Development Team

The LBS’s Career Centre team has a partnership with industries and the corporate world. It also organizes workshops on writing C.V.’s and on career development.

#11. Prospective Job Opportunities

Past statistics indicate that most candidates were absorbed in good jobs. From the 2018 MBA batch, 95% joined jobs, while 28% of graduates launched their own businesses.

The top recruiting firms include Mc Kinsey, BCG, Bain, Merrill Lynch, Amazon, Uber, Kraft Heinz.

#12. Pay and Perks

The average salary of a graduate was £79,885 and £37,584 was the minimum compensation. The maximum salary of £86,214 offered was by a consulting firm.

The average salary offered was the highest in the United States followed by Canada, Middle East, Oceania, the United Kingdom, and Europe.

#13. Globally Spread Alumni Group

The London Business School’s Global Alumni community houses over 44,000 professionals in 155 countries. They also aid in admissions, mentoring, organizing alumni meetings, and promoting club activities.

#14. Alumni Par Excellence

The London Business School has some important and distinguished professionals as its alumni. The likes of Kumar Birla, Chairman Birla Group, Evelyn Bourke CEO, Bupa, Maria Kiwanuka, Senior Advisor to the President of Uganda, Tim Kopra, a US Astronaut are some important names we often see on campus.

#15. USP

The Unique Selling Proposition of the London Business School is “We are Minds alive”. True to it, they always question the industry norms, build commitment, and charters its own way to success.

The way to their success lies in the fact that they encourage free-thinking among its professionals. They bag the credit of being the best school for grooming students of Finance. Of special mention is the Exchange Program of the MBA course. It highlights the course’s flexibility and its diversified course structure.

#16. Percentage of Women

The percentage of women studying any program in LBS, on an average, is as much as 40%.

#17. Faculty Specialization

The faculty of the London Business School hail from around 30 countries and flaunt many specializations in the areas of study.

They are also scholars and run the seven research centers that consist of topics like Private Equity, Entrepreneurship, Energy Markets, and Asset Management.

#18. Clubs and Conferences

LBS students find ample opportunities to involve in co-curricular activities like managing clubs that are of professional, regional, athletic, and social interests. For instance, an MBA student can enroll in the Investment Management Club and organize Company visits, or a stock competition at the college level.

In addition, they can invite a guest speaker to hold a talk on a professional topic. Conferences on Global Energy Summit and other Business Conferences are also conducted.

#19. Sports Activities

LBS has a cycling club and encourages its students to participate in it, thus emphasizing their physical well-being. This club holds weekly cycle races at Regent’s Park. Besides, LBS offers other adventure activities like Mountain Biking and Road Biking trips within England.

#20. Luxurious Campus Space

The London Business School is vast and spacious. The London Business School enjoys a close proximity to the Boating Lake at Regent’s Park with its three distinguished buildings - the Ratcliffe building, the Plowden building, and the Taunton Centre.

An education at the London Business School is nothing less than a holistic learning experience. And undoubtedly, the students discover a new version of themselves when they graduate from this reputed institution. Know more about your application and the upcoming deadlines from us.

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