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GOALisB Reviews

In the competitive world of MBA admissions, authentic reviews offer valuable insights. Hear directly from our clients about their transformative experiences working with GOALisB.

The Catalyst Behind My ISB Dream Journey

Reflecting on my MBA application journey, I had the aspiration to pursue my studies at ISB but wasn’t certain how to make it a reality. I then interacted with Shruti Ma’am from the Goalisb team. Her upfront and crisp demeanor, coupled with an inexhaustible set of brainstorming questions, made all the difference. Through her guidance, I gained a 360-degree perspective on my goals, motivation, and skills. Despite the skepticism surrounding a techie’s chances at ISB, Shruti Ma’am highlighted the transferable skills from my tech background to an MBA setting, empowering me to craft compelling essays and interviews. Her support, including mock interviews, instilled confidence in me, and today, as an admit to the ISB PGP CO’25 batch, I cannot express enough gratitude for her invaluable guidance. Thank you, Shruti Ma’am, for helping me achieve my dream.

Aparajita .
MBA Class of 2025 Admit

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Best MBA consultant for smart professionals

After deciding to seek admission assistance from a consultant, I turned to YouTube for help. There, I discovered Shruti's content. What appealed to me the most was her logical approach and straightforward demeanor.
Once we started work on my application essays, Shruti was very clear with her vision on what needed to be done. She provided clear guidance on framing the structure of application essays and also made me introspect on why I wanted to do an MBA. This helped me to ensure that anything written in my essay aligned with my career objectives.
The most rewarding aspect for me has been the opportunity to independently craft my essays with Shruti's guidance, thereby enhancing my confidence in presenting myself in a refined manner.

Sana Dube

ISB Class of 2025 Admit

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Mam’s guidance regarding proper introspection and a step by step guide for properly preparing the answers had been extremely helpful. The mock interviews by GOALisB helped me to highlight and improve my areas of weaknesses and the recordings acted as a great tool to work on rephrasing the answers. The entire feedback would be very comprehensive and detailed. Highly recommended.

Tanu Poddar

ISB Class of 2025

I strongly recommend Shruti as an exceptional MBA admissions counsellor. She has played a pivotal role in guiding me through the entire MBA application process. She took the time to understand my academic background, professional goals, and personal aspirations. She was always a call away and was very patient while addressing hundreds of my queries.

With respect to essays- she offered insightful feedback and editorial support on my application essays, helping me craft compelling narratives that effectively showcased my strengths and aspirations.

With respect to interview preparation- she conducted mock interviews, providing valuable feedback on my communication skills and responses to potential interview questions.

Thanks to GOALisB's help and support, I was able to secure admission to my target college!

Aditi Aggarwal, NUS Admit 2025

I had availed Mrs Shruti's services after reading a lot of positive reviews, and I can confidently say that all the reviews were correct. I have received admission to one of the top MBA programs in my country.

I had prepared simple essays for my target B-schools. Mrs Shruti helped me make them more impactful. I created multiple drafts based on multiple inputs, and my final draft was impactful and able to get my points across well. I was able to show clearly why an MBA was important for me.

My weakness was the interview. I had difficulty getting my points across in the interview, and Mrs Shruti certainly helped me with it. She provided me with multiple questionnaires and personality tests to help me build a good foundation for the interview. I had multiple mock interviews, and they gave me a lot of confidence. The interview prep helped me clarify my journey and its presentation. I was so confident that I was able to answer the questions that I had not prepared for. I certainly recommend GOALisB for MBA Admission Consultancy.

Rohan Rawal, IIMA PGPX Admit 2025

I took the help of GoalIsB for my ISB application and will be joining the PGP program for Co’25.

Since the start, Shruti guided me well and gave me clear feedback. We brainstormed on my application strategy and wrapped up the entire process in under 3 weeks.

I would recommend GoalIsB to anyone looking for a good consultant who will guide you through to the finish line and into your dream college

Mohini Rajamani, ISB Class of 2025

Great consulting- Admission to dream B-School


I got to know about GOALisB and Shruti ma'am through a friend of mine, so I decided to get in touch with her.

I belong to Merchant Navy, so I did not have a lot of knowledge about the application process and since my gmat was not the very good, I was reluctant to try for ISB. Shruti ma'am gave me confidence in the first call itself, saying gmat is now done and we need to focus on the application, also mentioning that there is never a guarantee for admissions. Her honesty gave me confidence to go ahead with her and it was the best decision I could have made.

My application prep started with our questionnaires and brain storming sessions, where she took the pain to know my profile and understand me and my goals. It was always very comfortable to talk to her as she always responded very quickly to all queries and was direct in her approach, even though I had poor internet connection and was in different time zones regularly. During my introspection and our conversations, she helped me identify the weaknesses and aspects of myself I did not fully realise before, and eventually we started working on the essays.

She reviewed my essays thoroughly multiple times and suggested the areas which I was lacking in. She guided me to write the essay to potray my actual story. A story which was true to myself, but one which I could have never conveyed.

After shortlist for the interview, we had multiple mock interviews where she gave proper feedbacks on my answers and made me rethink and polish them. She never said no to the amount of interviews we could have and finally I got my admit to ISB Co'25.

I would happily recommend GoalisB and Shruti ma'am to anyone trying for an MBA admission because of her professionalism and her direct approach.

Sarthak Rastogi, ISB Class of 2025

After my GMAT, my wife was researching consultants to help in my MBA application and interview process. She went through many before zeroing in on GOALisB. As someone who had a few undesirables in his career profile, I was worried as to how well any consultant could help me. My first conversation with Shruti really put me at ease and gave me confidence. One thing I would like to state is that at GOALisB, they genuinely want their students to get their respective b-school admits and it’s not just a business for them. They don’t follow a formulaic approach but instead tailor the process based on the person. As someone who really began applying at the very last minute, I am grateful to Shruti for her help in perfecting my essays and applications. The mock interviews by Vinayak sir and their inputs on what works and what doesn’t prepared me well during my journey. Shruti and vinayak sir were also available at all times, not just to answer any queries, but also to give encouragement before the interviews. As someone from the public sector, with some below average academics and with over 12 years of work experience applying in R3, I know my profile wasn’t the easiest to work with. I sought to apply for only IIMs, I managed to be shortlisted for 4/5 schools and was able to convert IIM Lucknow. Thank you GOALisB

Madhu Undurty, IIML IPMX 2025

Admission Consultant review Shruti @GOALisB

For a person with an extreme profile and average GMAT score, the application process journey seemed like a daunting task and I decided to take some professional help.
After talking to a few consultants, I decided to take help from Shruti @GOALisB.
She is thorough with her research of various programs, applications, and interview processes. Based on your profile, she proactively analyzes the kind of scrutiny one’s application/interview would be subjected to and accordingly suggests you to prepare essays/SOPs.
She is not the one who will find shortcuts or provide you with readymade Essays/SOPs, rather she will ask you to go through deep introspection and write honest Essays/SOPs, which will eventually help you a lot while attending interviews. She invests a lot of time and energy in knowing the applicant's case, his /her aspirations, and story.
She handles/calms down your anxiety and curiosity with extreme maturity and patience, which obviously comes from the years of experience and thorough knowledge she possesses.
Her concern, thought process and guidance are beyond the application process, she suggested various online courses via Coursera to build my knowledge and credentials. She remains in touch with you/ guides you further, even after you have scored your admit.
With this small post, I cannot thank Shruti enough for her regular, instant, and honest support.
Thanks to GOALisB, I was able to secure interview calls from all the colleges that I applied to and was able to convert IIM C/L/K/I and waitlisted at IIM A.

Puneet Vatta, IIMC MBAEX Class of 2024

Shruti Ma'am at GoalisB is the best MBA Application consultant one could wish to work with.
Her process of identifying my strengths and weaknesses aided me in understanding myself better and in working around those to deliver a successful application. Her assistance throughout my application journey from our first call to getting admitted to my dream school has been phenomenal and worth all the time and effort one needs to put in. Shruti Ma'am went above and beyond my expectations during the mock interviews by asking questions that hadn't even crossed my mind, and that ultimately prepared me well for D-day! I would absolutely recommend GOALisB to anyone looking for MBA admission assistance as her overall process and her determination to wring out the winner in an applicant will deliver fruitful results.

Preet Vyas, ISB Class of 2025

I would highly recommend GoalisB and Shruti. It was truly a game-changer for me. As a young professional aiming for the admission through the EEO, I was really looking for someone who would understand my lack of experience and guide accordingly. I decided to go ahead with GoalisB after my initial 1:1 with Shruti and took their ISB application services. I cannot appriciate Shruti from GoalisB enough. She provided very pertinent feedbacks, was constantly availaible for any questions no matter how big or small and had a very structured approach throughout the process. Multiple mock interviews and the right amount of pointed feedback and motivation were the highlight of my experience working with them. I got into the ISB Co’25 through the EEO. If you are a person looking for help in your ISB application - I would highly recommend them. You can also reach out to me on Linkedin, connect and validate this feedback.

Saksham Bhatia, ISB EEO, ISB Class of 2025

Shruti is handling one of the most professional, responsive and effective support systems I have came across. Her expertise with admission essays and interview preparations is strongly complimented by her strong understanding of the systems and processes involved .
I would recommend GOALisB's services without any reservations .

Arvind Singh, ISB PGPpro

Successful Admission Journey: Guided by Shruti's Valuable Support

When I approached Shruti mam, there was only one week left until the application deadline. Despite the limited time, she efficiently assisted me in preparing my application. As a result, all of my applications were shortlisted for interviews. Shruti mam also provided valuable guidance during my interview practice, offering insightful suggestions for improvement. Overall, I applied to four schools and received offers from three of them. Currently, I am pursuing a one-year MBA program at IIM-L. I truly appreciate mam's support throughout this process. My decision to go with GOALisB absolutely paid off.

Sameer Jadhav
MBA Student, IIM-L, IPMX Co'24

I would highly recommend GOALisB for the MBA consultancy services. She is one of the main reasons I have got an admit into ISB in my first attempt. She is supportive and highly dedicated to her work; always motivated me to stay in the present and give my best. Absolutely thankful to her for all the efforts she gave in to my application.

Mohit Vyas on Poets&Quants
ISB MBA Class of 2026 Admit

I highly recommend GoalISB as an admission consultant for ISB. When I approached them before taking the GRE, Shruti provided me with a clear estimate of the score I needed to aim for and guided me accordingly. Throughout the entire admission process, Shruti was exceptionally responsive, professional, and supportive. She helped me create a clear plan for my application and emphasized the importance of brainstorming and thinking through my ideas. Also, were always available to answer my questions and address any concerns I had, no matter how small. I appreciated the GoalISB team was patient and flexible with me, allowing me to go back and forth as many times as needed to ensure that everything was perfect. They also offered multiple mock interviews to prepare me for the actual interview, which I found to be extremely helpful. Overall, I could not have asked for a better experience with an admission consultant. I highly recommend GoalISB to anyone looking for expert guidance and support throughout the admissions process.

Umang Chaurasia, ISB Class of 2024

I would be more than happy to recommend GOALisB as an MBA admission consultant. The best part about working with Shruti is the quick reverts and additional insights that she gives. She was pivotal in discovering my story and rightly influential in helping me draft a strong essay. She was always available with her insights and comments, this promptness helps you ease some nerves as the application can be a demanding and nervous process. She was kind enough to go beyond and suggest some other target schools that suit my profile.

Indrakumar S, IIMA PGPX Class of 2025

I am happy to recommend Shruti of GOALisB for anyone seeking admission to top Indian business schools. When I decided to pursue an MBA in India, it was a bit late in my career with 16+ years of experience. I wasn’t familiar with the options that I had with my unusual profile. I had little clue on what to expect of the admission process. On consulting GOALisB, Shruti carefully examined my CV and provided frank feedback on my chances to get into various business schools in India. The extensive questionnaire GOALisB provided helped me to identify peak points of my career and remember anecdotes. This process provided not only inputs for my essays , but also a lot of talking points during the interview. I was invited to interviews in all the 3 colleges I applied to. GOALisB provides tailored mock interviews for different business schools conducted by alumni from the same school. I found the mock interviews very useful to me as it has been long since I attended my last admission interview. I got a clear idea what the interviewers will be looking for. Thus, I was very confident going into the interviews. I am very glad to share with you that I was admitted to ISB.

Shruti was always available and encouraging during the months we interacted. I highly recommend GOALisB for their expertise in the field and the professional and personalized service they offer to the candidates

Binuraj Nair

ISB Class of 2024


I have known Shruti Mam since the mid of the GMAT prep and looking back I hope I would have met her earlier. Right from helping me with the right material for my GMAT prep to helping me convert my target college (IIM C), she stood by me not just like a mentor but also as a friend, with whom I could talk about anything and everything.

She helped me showcase my candidature in the best way possible and it would not have been possible without her expertise. She constantly kept me motivated and focused at the same time.

Students feel that GMAT Prep is the biggest step to getting into a B-school but its only once one comes across the demanding profile forms that you realise that getting a good score is just the beginning. If you are looking to put in the work and follow her guidance by heart then I don't think converting any B school would be an issue.

Rahul Marwal, IIMC MBAEX Class of 2023

I highly recommend Goalisb for MBA application consultation. Shruti Ma'am, always available and quick to reply, provided excellent assistance with essay preparation, ensuring my application stood out. She is straightforward and doesn't beat around the bush, working as a devil's advocate at times. We underwent thorough revisions for each essay, and Shruti exhibited patience in meticulously reviewing and offering insightful suggestions during each iteration. The mock interviews with honest feedback from Vinayak sir were particularly helpful. Thanks to Goalisb, I successfully gained admission to one of India's top B-schools.

Bharat Kaushik, IIMA PGPX 2025

Shruti has been the strongest support for me to secure an admit to the one of the top business schools in India. From day 1, she has been helping me not only with the applications but also in understanding what my goals and expectations should be by getting an MBA. This clarity has helped me in interviews and understand and chalk out a better path for my ambition.
Shruti has deep discussions to understand a person's what they have been and what they want to be as well as streamline your past, present and future into a presentable format. This enables not only a highly personalised applications but also prepares us for 2-3 levels of questioning for interviews.
I have found Shruti's approach to be highly effective and the amount of personal attention she gives, enables thorough preparation for the interviews. I would highly recommend working with her for somebody looking to get into the top business schools.

Shubhankar Bhardwaj, IIM Calcutta MBAEX 2024

Shruti has been single handedly instrumental in guiding me successfully with my entire application process at ISB.

Her rich experience in this field is clearly evidenced by the methodology and hands down approach followed by her.

She has been a great mentor till date. Even after converting ISB, though the long wait for results, she always made herself available and shared updates on the same. I am still in contact with her and have been reaching out to her for any ISB and even career related doubts that arise as she is truly a champion in this field.

Gurjyot Singh Sachar

ISB YLP 2025

I worked with Shruti at GOALisB for my ISB and IIM A application. She was able to help me rediscover my stories and help me choose the ones that aligned with my career vision. Her prompt replies with insightful comments helped me ease some application anxiety. She goes the extra mile to help with the application and tries to answer even the silly questions, a very commendable act. Her helpful insights along with a little nudge helped me piece together a great application.

Paridhi Mishra

ISB and IIMA PGPX Class of 2025 Admit

Confused...go for Goalisb

I still remember how I gave up on the application for the MBA program this year since I thought my GMAT score of 680 was not competitive enough for round 3. I gave the FRM L 1 exam in November end and I had no plan for applying to colleges this year. However some of my friends encouraged me to give it a shot. Since I had only 4 days before IIM A R3 deadline & 8 days for IIM B R3 deadline, I thought it would be better if I would seek some professional help.
After doing some research, I came across Goalisb. During our first conversation, Shruti mam told me that your GMAT score is a thing of the past & focus on the application part now. The way she explained things without sugar coating, I felt instant connection and decided to go for her help in my MBA journey. In a week’s time, I was able to prepare my IIM B essay with her mentoring. Essay was my story however it was refined in a beautiful manner.
I got an interview call from IIM B, C, L, ISB, XLRI and finally received admit in XLRI. This wouldn’t have been possible without Shruti mam’s help. She gave me a lot of confidence during the application & mock interview process since I was lacking it so much that I thought I would retake GMAT and apply next year. She not only saved me from postponing my MBA journey but also encouraged me to pursue some courses/ certification before joining the college. The best part of seeking consulting service from her is that she remains personally involved throughout the process and always ready to help you out with your queries.
At the end of the day seeking guidance for B school admissions is individual choice, I would highly recommend Goalisb for MBA admission consulting.

Vivek Singh

IIML IPMX Class of 2024

As an international applicant for a US B school, I was thoroughly concerned about my odds since I come from a heavily over represented and highly competitive demographic (read Indian engineering male). I had taken a few attempts at GRE and GMAT and wasn’t able to increase my score beyond a plateau . Most of the consultants I reached out to asked me to aim lower or retake exam which I wasn’t intending to do anymore. However, when I reached out to Shruti from GOALISB, she understood my challenges and supported me in my journey. She saw the strengths in my profile and helped me highlight those. What I really liked about their services are :

1. Shruti was just a call away - anytime!
2. She understood my goals and helped me figure best schools aligned with my profile
3. She supported me not just by providing admission counsel but also acted as a mentor whenever I needed one
4. Even after I got into my dream B school, she provided suggestions around what can I do preMBA, what courses I should pick and which additional opportunities I can take to make my preMBA profile all the more alluring

I got into my dream school which is amazing. Plus I was on a budget and Shruti helped me out while working on the same. At the same time, this did not compromise the quality of work and support I received. All in all, loved my engagement with the team and would recommend GOALisB to anyone who’s looking for a good consultant.

Vaibhav Khare, UVA Darden Class of 2025

I would highly recommend Shruthi from GOALISB to anyone seeking an MBA application consultant, She is both knowledgeable and dedicated. Your passion for helping others is truly remarkable, and I feel fortunate to have had you as my mentor. I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for all the incredible help and support GOALISB provided me during my MBA application process. Your dedication, expertise, and guidance truly made a remarkable difference in my life and I cannot thank you enough.

Your candidness and honesty in explaining why we should focus on certain schools and avoid others were truly insightful. Thanks to your valuable guidance, I was able to save my time and energy by applying only to the schools that matched my profile and aspirations. Your ability to provide constructive feedback and assist me in refining my essays was truly exceptional. You have a gift for bringing out the best in people, and I feel extremely lucky to have had the privilege to work with you.

I was amazed by your professionalism and attention to detail throughout the entire process. You were always there to answer my questions, and your support during the interview preparation was truly invaluable. Your efforts and dedication helped me secure interview calls from all the schools I applied to. I am so grateful to GOALisB in making my MBA application a success.

Abhijith Kalladath, Smeal MBA 2024

After considering different options, I decided to go with GoalisB to help me with my MBA interview prep and I think it was the right decision. Shruti Ma'am made sure that she understood my needs and helped me put across my thoughts in a structured manner. She gave honest feedback which helped me improve after the first mock. She was also very flexible with her time. Her advise and feedback helped me secure an admit to my target school.

Sidharth Jain, ISB Class of 2024

Shruti helped me with my MBA admissions procedure for a university in India. Working with her was a pleasure and by the time we crafted my application, I felt better and more confident about myself. She has a knack for storytelling in ways that matter. She was very patient in listening to my stories and understanding my profile and she was able to give me tailor made tips for my interview preparation - the mocks I did with her were nothing short of eye opening. The fact that I felt so calm and confident during my interview was thanks to her. In short, I made a great decision to work with Shruti and I would definitely recommend her services.

Eswar S, ISB Class of 2024

Ms. Shruti is so professional to guide how to prepare an admission essays and interviews of ISB. She responded my messages always quickly and assisted my application strongly by using her detailed understanding of admission structure. Highly recommendable GOALisB service.

Shinichiro Imahori, ISB PGPpro 2025

I wish to take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards the Shruti, who has been a great mentor and guide during this whole process. Her clarity of thought, knowledge about the schools and articulation of the essays/story was immensely valuable. She has also been very generous with her time and encouragement.

Additionally, the whole process of multiple reviews and multiple mock interviews is extremely effective.

I shall be really happy to recommend Goalisb to my colleagues and friends for their MBA endeavors.

Sayan Mukherjee, IIM Calcutta 2024

Ms Shruti is so adept at navigating you through your skills and career choices. She keeps her clients at the center of the discussion which brings immense quality to the interaction and makes you think for yourself. It was a great decision to collaborate with her on my application which resulted in success.

Ms. Kruttika Kulkarni, ISB PGPMAX 2025

I am attending my dream school (ISB) in a couple of months and I owe this success to Shruti Ma’am.

When I decided to apply for ISB, I had no idea what to do next. So consultation was what I needed. I still remember GoalISB was the first which fascinated me. I was inspired by Shruti Ma'am and her initiative in providing personalised consulting to MBA candidates.

I was fortunate enough to find the right mentor who didn’t judge me based on my past experiences. After the initial conversation, I felt encouraged and inspired to continue to pursue my dream. We set up a few meetings that week to get things started.

The key to crack ISB is to have complete clarity about your career aspirations. GoalIsb listened to my story and helped me connect the dots. My experiences made a lot more sense when Shruti Ma’am beautifully curated the same story showing the qualities which reflect through my story. My Essays became more engaging with a few sessions and feedback from Shruti ma’am.

Swagatika, ISB PGP

Yes I did.

And. It. Was. A. Great. Decision.

I wrote the GMAT in Nov’19 and subsequently started my application to the Round-3 of the PGP programme of ISB.

ISB essays are pretty straightforward. They want simple and succinct responses from you in terms of standard questions such as “why should you be part of the cohort”, “what are your short and long term goals”, “why ISB” and so on. You need to keep your story honest and to-the-point to be able to clearly communicate your line of reasoning in the responses.

This is where I believe Shruti ma'am from GoalISB came to my rescue. In my first phone conversation with her, we had a thorough review of my journey so far and my career goals. She then sent me a 5-step questionnaire that assisted in better articulation of my responses to the essay questions.

One thing that I believe sets her apart in MBA admissions consulting is her level of participation in each of her student’s application process. We used to have discussions at length regarding my essays and the application in general, alongside multiple reviews and iterations to prepare the final draft. She was very accessible during the entire process, and I could ask as many questions as came to my mind regarding my application.

Once I received an interview call from ISB, I approached her for helping me with it's preparation. She used to carefully analyze my responses in the mock interviews, and provided constructive feedback on each one of them. In a way she was more of a mentor to me than an admissions consultant.

To conclude, I'd say that taking help from an admissions consultant is a very personal decision, but if you opt for it, take it from someone who wants you to succeed as much as you do.

Arihant Vijay, ISB PGP

A consultation is an important step, and I believe that it was the best decision I took. The consultation helps you strengthen your beliefs in yourself and set your personality in a structured way.

Returning to the quote of William Shakespeare, indeed one should take the tide towards fortune. I also took it, despite confusion and disbelief. But to survive those tides, you need assistance, a mentorship. And I believe in my case, an educationist and a person who empowered me in my journey, GOALisB’s guidance helped me sail through those tides to my fortune. Gatsby, unfortunately, did not meet the green light, but in my case that dream became true. I have reached the other side where the ISB campus awaits me. :)

I wish her and her team of GoalISB the best!

Rishav, ISB PGP

I consulted Goalisb and with their help I have admits to – ISB (PGP), IIMA (PGPX) & IIMC (MBAEx) (2021 - 22).

During May 2020, I was searching online for a trusted admission consultant who could help me with my MBA applications and interviews. After failing to get an interview call from many foreign universities that I applied to on my own during January 2020, I did not want to take chances again. The COVID 19 situation made me alter my plans and I decided to study in India and not to apply to foreign universities. My choices were obviously ISB followed by the top IIMs.

I had been always sceptical of MBA application consultants because they run a nearly no risk institution. I researched online and had preliminary discussion with many big MBA consulting brands with lots of positive reviews posted about them. When I communicated with them, most of them sounded like corporates with deadlines before which I need to pay them for considering my applications. The first thing they explained was their organized tariffs, number of “hours” and “calls” and “proofreads” they offered with each package. Further, I couldn’t comprehend the hefty amount they charged. I decided that I will rather prepare my applications on my own rather than be a victim to any of these money spinning institutions.

I came across Goalisb through an online forum in May 2020. My first discussion with Mrs. Shruti from Goalisb intuitively told me that this was the kind of consultant I had been searching for. From our conversation, I sensed her genuine passion about helping students like me, which was in stark contrast with many others that I approached. Here was a person who was more interested in understanding my profile and how I needed to position myself for my target schools. Pricing, tariffs, hours of consultation etc. never even came across in our initial conversation. Her focus right from the beginning was on understanding my profile, my strengths and weaknesses. Being an ISB alumna and an experienced consultant, Mrs. Shruti has absolute clarity on what to mention in the applications depending on one’s profile and she made sure that one is able to portray one’s best self in the applications and the interviews. Throughout my application processes and interviews she supported me as a mentor, spending hours on each minute detail that I need to look into. There was never a limit on the number of hours or calls on consultation. Whenever I needed help she was just a call away. She even went out of her way to help me with my GMAT by sending me reference materials. On the whole, my experience has been as if I have been working with an elder sister rather than with a consultant. This personal touch clearly differentiates GoalISB from other MBA consultants. I would very highly recommend GoalISB to my fellow applicants and MBA aspirants.

Pranoy Suresh, ISB PGP

Shruti Ma'am's help in my MBA Application Journey has been magnificent. She comes up with a clear crystal feedback to you once she understands your need and your profile. She is super helpful and is very quick in responding to any queries. She will shape up your thoughts and help you in guiding and giving you options on what is the best for you which comes out because of her immense experience in the MBA Applications Consulting Domain. Thank you for your help and support in my journey.

Sreeragh Iyer, IIM Shillong 2025

I had a very good experience working with GOALisB for the complete MBA admission process. Throughout the application journey Shruti Mam’s meticulous attention to detail and strategic insights were instrumental. She helped me fine-tune my essays and craft a compelling personal statement that truly reflected my strengths and potential. Her guidance not only enhanced the quality of my application but also boosted my confidence. She was very approachable and patient addressing all my questions.Mock interviews were very insightful. GOALisB guidance also helped me prepare well for the entrance test.

Prannoy Mehta, IIMB Weekend MBA 2025

The support provided by Shruti mam in MBA admission process is phenomenal. Her method makes the entire admission process seem simple. Furthermore, she is always available to help with any kind of query. It has been a pleasure to work with her during my admission process.

Aviral Aggarwal, IIM Calcutta 2025

Shruti Ma’m - Guiding Light To Oxford


Mam is phenomenal. She is passionate, patient, kind and very approachable. She entertained every silly concern and was extremely supportive in every stage of the process. She is master of her art and made my dream of walking in the corridors of Oxford a reality. Thank you Ma’m.

Gamalla Sai Teja, Oxford MBA 2025

I’ve gotten through IIM B this year with a 680 on the GMAT and lot of credit goes to Shruti for her experience and guidance on this journey.
Getting a GMAT score is important but crafting your profile individually suited to specific business school requirements is a specialised skill. One which Shruti possesses.
When most people told me that my score wasn’t good enough, Shruti believed in my profile and the result speaks for itself.
She is professional, friendly and with a soft nature. I recommend GOALisB as an MBA admission consultant.

Dushyant Kanal, IIMB EPGP

I would highly recommend GOALISB. So I did some good research before finalizing an admission consultant and somehow went with GOALISB. One of the key criterias before finalizing a college is the ROI post MBA (both short & long term) and the same holds true for an admission consultant too. And having worked with GOALISB throughout the application process, they definitely provide the best application & interview preparation services in the Indian market right now. The discussion with Shruti Mam is not limited to minutes and hours (as is the case with most of the renowned consultants), but on the answers you need. Shruti Mam is always a call or a message away. And for the “Not so motivated” people like me who cannot overcome their habit of procrastinating things, GOALISB is much needed. They continuously follow up with you day and night to ensure that you put up the best avatar of yourself in the applications.

Sumit Goyal, IIM Executive MBA

I would recommend GoalisB as the best admissions consultant for ISB. I worked with them for my application process right after giving my GMAT. My non-conventional work experience and lower than average GMAT score was never a problem for Shruti mam and she helped me bring out my application in the best way possible. She was always a call away and provided me with constant feedback on my application. The numerous brainstorming sessions we had helped me explore parts of me which I was unaware of and thus making this application process a remarkable and successful experience. The quality that sets apart Shruti mam from other consultants is that she will be blunt on your face and not just sugarcoat things and she really takes pain in mentoring her students. She believed in me, kept me motivated throughout the process and helped me secure an admit into ISB in my first attempt and I have no hesitation in recommending GoalisB as the best admissions consultant for ISB.

Swar Sood, ISB Class of 2024

Taking consultation is a personal choice. Someone who is absolutely clear on one's goal and confident that they can articulate their thoughts well might not even require consultation. However, I feel like a good consultant can do wonders in framing ones essays and over all profile by guiding how each peice fits into the larger picture. I took consultation from GoalISB for my ISB application and without a shadow of doubt it is by far the best decision I had taken. Background info: I graduated from an average uni and had around 3+ years of work ex. I spoke to alot of consultants about my chances at ISB and all of them suggested me to add more years of work ex, switch jobs get into a more reputed company with a bigger brand name, clock in some some volunteer work etc. Just the usual things every consultant suggests. And even after that they said that ISB is a long shot.

Then I met Shruti from Goal ISB. The first time I met her I told her that I know my profile isn't ideal for ISB but I would still like to apply and she said: you don't have to have an ideal profile we will work on your profile and present it in the best possible manner. She asured me that as you long as I am clear on why I want to do an MBA I am sorted. Never once did she tell me to add more stars into my profile just for the sake of the application. Instead she focused on the strengths in my profile and showed me a way to highlight them. We created essays that were authentic and true to who I am and what I wanted from ISB and from MBA. Through the whole process she constantly guided me and mentored me to look deeper into my profile and bring out hidden gems that I never realised were there. Her approach is simple: she will not hold your hand and write essays on your behalf. Instead she will motivate you to write your own story and then help you refine it to showcase the uniqueness in your profile. For me the whole process was a learning experience way beyond just MBA application. The process helped me better understand my goals and expectations from MBA and ISB. I also consulted with Shruti for my interview prep. As usual she worked her charm and helped me in acing my interview and I am happy to say I'll be joining ISB soon.

Had I listened to the advices of other popular MBA consultants I would have given up on ISB altogether. But like I said a good consultant can do wonders and it did for me. I cannot thank her enough for the constant support and guidance she gave me thoughout the process. I urge you if you are looking for consultation don't just go for someone just for the sake of it. Go to someone who believes in you as much and in my case even more than I believed in myself, and then let them work their charm on you.

You can contact her at: GoalISB | ISB Application Help and I hope you have an amazing experience.

Akanksha Mehta ISB PGP

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