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GOALisB Reviews

Read some reviews from admits over the past few years.

Ajinkya Deshmukh, IIMA, ISB

I would like to give the credit for securing ISB PGP AND IIM-A PGPX admits to Shruti. I contacted Shruti for application assistance for ISB and other IM A/B Executive MBA's. I worked with her extensively to brainstorm on Career Goals, finalize my career stories, etc. She was very patient throughout the process and always ready to give suggestions about all the career options I could choose from. She knew exactly what the ISB or IIM admissions team is looking for and helped me make appropriate preparations.
I went through a number of mock interviews to prepare for actual interviews as I realized that Interviewing was something I was lacking in. I was so much more confident during the Interview process that I knew I would get the ISB
admit right after completing my Interview. I am much more clear about my Post-MBA goals and that makes achieving them much easier. Finally,
she has been a great mentor who was very prompt in helping whenever I had any doubts. I am so grateful for all the help in my Pre-MBA journey.

Rahul Marwal, IIM C PGPEx

I have known Shruti Mam since the mid of the GMAT prep and looking back I hope I would have met her earlier. Right from helping me with the right material for my GMAT prep to helping me convert my target college (IIM C), she stood by me not just like a mentor but also as a friend, with whom I could talk about anything and everything.

She helped me showcase my candidature in the best way possible and it would not have been possible without her expertise. She constantly kept me motivated and focused at the same time.

Students feel that GMAT Prep is the biggest step to getting into a B-school but its only once one comes across the demanding profile forms that you realise that getting a good score is just the beginning. If you are looking to put in the work and follow her guidance by heart then I don't think converting any B school would be an issue.

Vivek Singh, IIML IPMX, XLRI

I still remember how I gave up on the application for the MBA program this year since I thought my GMAT score of 680 was not competitive enough for round 3. I gave the FRM L 1 exam in November end and I had no plan for applying to colleges this year. However some of my friends encouraged me to give it a shot. Since I had only 4 days before IIM A R3 deadline & 8 days for IIM B R3 deadline, I thought it would be better if I would seek some professional help. After doing some research, I came across Goalisb. During our first conversation, Shruti mam told me that your GMAT score is a thing of the past & focus on the application part now. The way she explained things without sugar coating, I felt instant connection and decided to go for her help in my MBA journey. In a week’s time, I was able to prepare my IIM B essay with her mentoring. Essay was my story however it was refined in a beautiful manner.
I got an interview call from IIM B, C, L, ISB, XLRI and finally received admit in XLRI. This wouldn’t have been possible without Shruti mam’s help. She gave me a lot of confidence during the application & mock interview process since I was lacking it so much that I thought I would retake GMAT and apply next year. She not only saved me from postponing my MBA journey but also encouraged me to pursue some courses/ certification before joining the college. The best part of seeking consulting service from her is that she remains personally involved throughout the process and always ready to help you out with your queries. At the end of the day seeking guidance for B school admissions is individual choice, I would highly recommend Goalisb for MBA admission consulting.

Nirjhar Bala, Schulich MBA 

I got to know about Shruti's consulting services through a friend who had found success in his B-school endeavors. It was absolutely the right decision for me as well, as Shruti does not only bring the winning narrative out of the candidate but also continuously supports in always through this extremely physical and emotionally exhausting process of B-school admissions.

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process with Shruti, having her constant trust, support, and knowledge bank gave me a sense of assurance. It was also really nice of her to make herself available on short notice, and these difficult situations oft
en arise in the process. I would easily recommend GoalISB for anyone trying to get into Indian and Canadian B-schools.

Finally, it was a very sweet gesture to send out personalized goodies at the conclusion of the process. I made it to my dream b-school thanks to Shruti!

Sayantan Das, IIMB EPGP Admit Review

What do you look for in a mentor?
What I looked for is someone who can guide me to make my application relevant to the current business scenario showcasing my skills and talents. Shruti has been an excellent mentor and surpassed my expectations. She has a very structured approach to highlight the spikes in your career and to address each of the pain points.As a smart communicator and a patient listener, she can make introverts feel comfortable and help them efficiently. She helped me to get an offer of admission from 2 out
of 3 IIMs I had applied to.
I highly recommend Ms. Shruti P of GOALisB to anyone aspiring for applying to the B School of your dreams.

Pranoy Suresh,​ ISB MBA Admit Review

I had subscribed to GoalisB's comprehensive admission consulting services and with their help, I had admission offers from IIM-A (PGPX), IIM-C (MBAEx) and ISB (PGP).

According to me, what d
ifferentiates GoalisB's approach to consulting is the personal touch to the whole process, right from application preparation, essay correction, connecting with alums to interview preparation. I had been apprehensive about approaching an admissions consultant because of my prior poor experiences with other reputed admission consultants. I gradually came to understand that most admission consulting firms are money-spinning businesses that involve zero risk on their part. During the very first conversation that I had with such firms, they would run me through their tariffs and packages which involves a strict upper cap on the number of hours of consultation, essay reviews and mock interviews.

However, in my first conversation with Shruti from GoalisB, I was asked about my background, about my reason to go for an MBA and about my strengths and weaknesses. Tariffs and pricing details were not even discussed during the first call and was never the focus of our conversation. For the first time, I sensed a genuine interest in helping people with their admission processes rather than expanding business. There has been no limit to the 'consulting' hours that Shruti put in to help me during my applications and interviews. Whenever I needed help, she was just a call away. Being an Alumna of ISB and having extensive experience with admission processes, Shruti was the ideal person to guide me through the whole process. She even helped me with my GMAT preparation by sharing resources to study.

I would recommend GoalISB to all MBA applicants, who expect personal attention and guidance with their application process from an admission consultant.

Vaibhav Khare, UVA Darden

As an international applicant for a US B school, I was thoroughly concerned about my odds since I come from a heavily over represented and highly competitive demographic (read Indian engineering male). I had taken a few attempts at GRE and GMAT and wasn’t able to increase my score beyond a plateau . Most of the consultants I reached out to asked me to aim lower or retake exam which I wasn’t intending to do anymore. However, when I reached out to Shruti from GOALISB, she understood my challenges and supported me in my journey. She saw the strengths in my profile and helped me highlight those. What I really liked about their services are :

1. Shruti was just a call away - anytime!
2. She understood my goals and helped me figure best schools aligned with my profile
3. She supported me not just by providing admission counsel but also acted as a mentor whenever I needed one
4. Even after I got into my dream B school, she provided suggestions around what can I do preMBA, what courses I should pick and which additional opportunities I can take to make my preMBA profile all the more alluring

I got into my dream school which is amazing. Plus I was on a budget and Shruti helped me out while working on the same. At the same time, this did not compromise the quality of work an
d support I received. All in all, loved my engagement with the team and would recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a good consultant.

Aastha Gupta, EEO ISB

I had reached out to Shruti ma'am for assistance with the ISB application, and have recently received my admit.
I would definitely recommend GoalisB to all future applicants.
The insights Shruti ma'am has are invaluable, right from the time you are brainstorming and setting your goals until the day before your interview. The MBA application process can be quite demanding, and with her personal involvement and experience, it became very seamless.
It is her process of going about the application that I found very helpful, as I could brainstorm, have multiple discussions and understand how to present my profile effectively. I also gave several mock interviews with her, and she is to the point when giving feedback during mocks providing clarity on areas of improvement



Harita Tiwari, ISB PGP, IIMA PGPX

It was a pleasure working with Shruti for my MBA applications. She made the whole process so interactive and also made me think through my strengths. She was always just a phone call away for any of my queries. With numerous essay edits to calming me down before my interview, Shruti has been rock strong throughout my journey. She always provided me honest reviews of my mocks and made sure I’m a better version of myself after every session. She has been a great mentor through my admission journey.

Swar Sood, ISB Mohali MBA

I would recommend GoalisB as the best admissions consultant for ISB. I worked with them for my application process right after giving my GMAT. My non-conventional work experience and lower than average GMAT score was never a problem for Shruti mam and she helped me bring out my application in the best way possible. She was always a call away and provided me with constant feedback on my application. The numerous brainstorming sessions we had helped me explore parts of me which I was unaware of and thus making this application process a remarkable and successful experience. The quality that sets apart Shruti mam from other consultants is that she will be blunt on your face and not just sugarcoat things and she really takes pain in mentoring her students. She believed in me, kept me motivated throughout the process and helped me secure an admit into ISB in my first attempt and I have no hesitation in recommending GoalisB as the best admissions consultant for ISB.

Shubhankar Bharwdwaj, IIMC PGPEx

Goalisb and Shruti have helped me a lot in securing an admit to the one of the top business schools in India. From day 1, she has been a constant support not only helping me with the applications but also in understanding what my goals and expectations should be by getting an MBA. This clarity has helped me in interviews and understand and chalk out a path for my ambition.
Shruti has deep discussions to understand a person's what they have been and what they want to be. This enables not only a highly personalised applications but also prepares us for 2-3 levels of questioning for interviews.
I have found Goalisb's approach to be highly effective and the amount of personal attention enables thorough preparation and I would highly recommend them if somebody is looking to get into the top business schools.

Kushagra Agarwal, ISB Hyderabad PGP

I got in touch with Shruti to help me with my interview preparation for ISB PGP program with only a week to spare, We had a series of sessions where she helped me cover gaps in my application and prepare for the interview, followed up by a series of mocks to make sure I was ready for the actual interview.
She went above and beyond to make sure I could convert my call and I am very happy and satisfied that I reached out to her.
PS: I got an admit from ISB for the PGP program.

Nikhil Potluri, ISB Mohali PGP

Shruti was a very patient mentor. Additionally, she was very detail oriented in her feedback which really helps candidates filling in the gaps while preparing for an interview or putting together an application. Working with Shruti felt more like working with a mentor who’s just as invested in your success than like working with a consultant.

I enjoyed working with Shruti and believe her feedback was extremely important in my successful admit!

Akshal Aggarwal, ISB YLP

I applied for YLP with Goal ISB. The YLP process is long and requires constant support and mentorship. I could not have gotten a better coach than Shruti ma’am to help me structure my entire year.

I owe my admission to Goal ISB.

Komal Agrawal ISB Hyderabad

I was just two weeks away from the application deadline for ISB R2 when I received my desired GMAT score. I was unable to figure out if I can complete the essay and application before the deadline of the upcoming round. That time I reached out to Shruti and she assured me that together we can achieve it. It started with self-introspection and she guided me in the way I should look back at my journey and gather important events to be shared in my application. She knew exactly what the admissions team is expecting and helped me in the preparations. We drafted and re-drafted the essays multiple times to arrive at the best version. She was very helpful during the process and I have finally made it to ISB. She will always respond to your queries and guide you throughout the process. It is always a pleasure to connect with her and she was an amazing mentor to work with!

Sandeep Aggarwal, IIMA PGPX

I reached out to Shruti in July’21 to help me with my application for IIM Ahmedabad MBA PGPX and guess what – I made it...!! I had little idea about how to write the application and essays, and that is where Shruti came in. She was an amazing mentor to me throughout my IIMA application journey. She very well knows that what B-schools look for in a candidate’s application. Shruti and I had multiple brainstorming sessions in which she helped me to bring out the best qualities in my profile by carefully reflecting upon my past experiences and and guided me to write them in a structured manner in my essays. She reviewed my application multiple times and provided me feedback until my essays were in good shape. Apart from essays, Shruti also conducted mock interviews for me which helped me to become very confident for the actual interview. Shruti is also a very approachable and flexible person. I remember calling her for discussions at odd hours after wrapping up my office work and she was kind enough to take out time for discussions even on short notice. I strongly recommend her for any of the B-school consultations.

Anisha Isharwalia, ISB

I loved Shruti's way of handling my application. She made me write my own story in a coherent way and ensured that I was confident about it. She is extremely professional and easy to reach out. I am very grateful to her for attending my calls at odd hours and answering all my queries. For me, it was not just writing an application to get into a college but more of an introspection which helped me put my story in a unique manner. The best part about her is that she goes above and beyond to make sure that you reap the best out of this process and present the best version of yourself.


I am so glad I sought her help for my admission process. She carefully understood how to put forth my views , helped define realistic goals and gave me honest /stright forward feedbacks. The follow ups she does is extremely good. Like I needn't check my mails for an interview/ offer letters. She would always be the one who would notify me and make sure I did not miss anything. Regarding the essays : I was totally happy with what we had drafted. She positioned my pitch perfectly .Our interview prep was also really thorough. Because of her constant support and guidance I have had interview calls from all top IIMS . I have been i have got admits to IIM Calcutta , IIM K and IIM Indore ( of which i am yet to select). Hoping for more positive results in the coming days.

Rahul Malhotra, IIMA PGPX

I contacted Shruti mam for application assistance for ISB and other IIM A/B Executive MBA's Her in-depth subject knowledge and thorough understanding in the domain of MBA admissions helped me to secure a admits from IIM Ahmedabad for PGPX Co23 & IIM Calcutta MBAex Co23
Her persistency & thorough analysis of my profile through several rounds of introspection helped me carve out niche aspects of my profile and put it out with much more confidence during the application
Her ability to strike out a USP in your profile out of simplest of things in unparalleled. She managed to bring out aspects of managerial ability from a virtual simulation game I took interest in. I also underwent several rounds of Mock interviews with her and most B schools interviews literally mirrored the mocks. I strongly recommend her for any of the B-school consultations.

Vinay Dwarakanath, ISB PGP

MBA! I took up GRE without much idea of what I should do with all random thoughts in mind. I had my long-term goal to stay in India, which made me realize that only a few business schools accept GRE scores, and those are the best. This made me release ISB as the best according to my desire and class profile as a whole. I tried only ISB. With Shruti ma'am help, it became a lot easier. Two things set her apart from the rest.
1. Right time to be blunt and honest (feedback) and the right time to motivate a person to give his best.
2. Reachability/ Involvement - She is always reachable, gives a path and framework to think and retrospect about self. Also, she involves deeply in the process.

Probably, many people who are applying to ISB would not have faced my issue. I had encountered a significant glitch in the application. Shruthi ma'am, gave me the right advice and proper guidance to overcome that. (Will be happy to connect if someone whats to know the glitch)

Finally, ISB Co'23!

MBA Admission Consultant Reviews

Harminder Kaur, INSEAD, ISB PGP

Through my time with Shruti, I have come to respect her as an excellent consultant and a very smart individual. She creatively converted my personal and professional experiences into a compelling story and helped me put forth my post MBA goals in such a coherent manner that not only did I score an admit to the top B schools but I received multiple scholarships, even a 100% scholarship at one. Her interview prep is beyond amazing. She covered every possible category of questions I could be asked, gave me a candid feedback and most importantly helped me cut out the fluff and noise in my answers. With her help my answers sounded more genuine which was also a big factor in my success. I whole heartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a consultant with a cool head and who will drive results home. She continues to support me till today with any resource I ping her for which is a testament that her association with you does not end the moment you get a decision mail, it is a genuine mentorship for a long time.

Ankur Priyam, ISB Hyderabad

I had a good GMAT but initially I was not able to convert any of the premier B-schools , then I decided to take Shruti's help with my MBA application. She is very thorough in her work and is someone who always gives honest feedbacks. It is due to her help and honest feedbacks that I was able to portray my application with lot more clarity in the MBA application and that has led to an ISB admit for me. I strongly recommend her for any of the B-school consultations.

Arindam Chatterjee, ISB Hyderabad

Shruti mam, a coach from whom I have taken guidance for my ISB PGP interview prep, is an awesome human being and has an indepth knowledge of B schools selection procedures. With the help of her guidance during my process I have converted ISB and IIM B. I really regret if I could have taken guidance from her from very beginning I could have converted some more top B schools.
I recommend her for all the aspirants seeking help for admission process and interview prep.

Aaditya Veer Sharma, ISB PGP

I had 6 revisions in my ISB essays and overall 7 mocks (3 for ISB and 4 total for IIMs). Throughout this time, I was able to talk extremely frankly regarding my profile and experiences. (not a 1 way traffic in the form of predefined things to write from the consultant). After the discussion somethings appeared right but after writing, some other story seemed apt so we kept on revising and reviewing and this is how the finalization was carried out.
The discussion on " GOAL" corresponding to our experiences and interests is very important in my opinion and because of this i was completely confident in both my essays and interviews.
Result: admission in ISB 21-22 batch. Overall, I can definitely vouch for her efforts and her clear guidance. Thank you very much Ma'am.

Swagatika Arukha, ISB PGP

I was fortunate enough to connect with Shruti ma’am during my admission process. She took time to understand my profile and gave me a holistic overview of how I can curate my strengths and present in my essays. Personalised attention and feedbacks during mock interviews helped me simplify my thoughts. Read Quora Review

Aakarshit Kalra, ISB Hyderabad PGP

I sought consultation from Shruti through her firm GoalISB. We collaborated for 4 months and through her mentoring I was able to secure admission to my targeted B-School. Shruti is an experienced consultant and has dealt with varied clientele. Her consultation process is well-structured and personalized. I also benefitted from her approachable and patient nature, as it made the entire nerve-wracking MBA-admission process much smoother.
Would definitely recommend Shruti as a career consultant.

Arushi Aggarwal, ISB MBA

I consulted Shruti from Goal ISB for my final interview prep. And, I can only wish I would have met her a bit earlier during my application work. Within 5 days, she really mentored me just the way I needed to be mentored and helped me get my final offer. She was unlike all the other consultants I met who were fixated on the number of interview sessions, and her focus was that I get a final call. She is extremely extremely approachable and will do all it takes to get you there, without counting the number of times you message her and call her. Plus, as an ISB alum herself, she knows the ISB interview process like a pro! I really recommend that if you are finding yourself lost amidst a pool of consultants, just call her. It would be a breath of fresh air. At least, for me, it was Read Quora Review

Rishav Sharma,  ISB PGP: Read Quora review of MBA admission consultant

Girish Nerkar, ISB

2 MBA consultants refused to take me on as a client as they were not sure about my chances of getting into a top program due to my age. But during my first conversation with Shruti, I realized she was different. She was patient in understanding the nuances of my profile, its strengths and weaknesses, and suggested a strategy even before I subscribed the service. She helped me craft my story, guided me on how to highlight certain key points and helped me give the overall profile a logical structure and flow. She was upfront about what would not work and along the way made me understand how to build a strong profile. Her structured approach help me submit my application much before the deadline and her mentoring and feedback helped during my interview with ISB. Shruti's approach to the whole exercise made it a pleasure to work with her and I give her credit for helping me secure a seat in ISB's PGP class of 2021.

Vivek Das, Admit - ISB PGPpro

I worked with Shruti to help me with my ISB application and review process. As a consultant, she pushes to you to think about your real achievements and then does her magic by stitching the real you and your story in a nice way. She is always approachable and provides suggestions on how to improve your application. I would surly recommend Shruti to help with your MBA application process.

Abijith Kalladath, SMEAL, Penn State University

I would highly recommend Shruthi from GOALISB to anyone seeking an MBA application consultant, She is both knowledgeable and dedicated. Your passion for helping others is truly remarkable, and I feel fortunate to have had you as my mentor. I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for all the incredible help and support GOALISB provided me during my MBA application process. Your dedication, expertise, and guidance truly made a remarkable difference in my life and I cannot thank you enough.

Your candidness and honesty in explaining why we should focus on certain schools and avoid others were truly insightful. Thanks to your valuable guidance, I was able to save my time and energy by applying only to the schools that matched my profile and aspirations. Your ability to provide constructive feedback and assist me in refining my essays was truly exceptional. You have a gift for bringing out the best in people, and I feel extremely lucky to have had the privilege to work with you.

I was amazed by your professionalism and attention to detail throughout the entire process. You were always there to answer my questions, and your support during the interview preparation was truly invaluable. Your efforts and dedication helped me secure interview calls from all the schools I applied to. I am so grateful for your help in making my MBA application a success

Goalisb Reviews

Shinichiro IMAHORI, ISB Executive MBA

Ms. Shruti is so professional to guide how to prepare an admission essays and interviews of ISB. She responded my messages always quickly and assisted my application strongly by using her detailed understanding of admission structure. Highly recommendable her service.


I wish to take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards the Shruti, who has been a great mentor and guide during this whole process. Her clarity of thought, knowledge about the schools and articulation of the essays/story was immensely valuable. She has also been very generous with her time and encouragement.

Eswar Subramanian Ramakrishnan, IIMB EPGP

Shruti helped me with my MBA admissions procedure for a university in India. Working with her was a pleasure and by the time we crafted my application, I felt better and more confident about myself. She has a knack for storytelling in ways that matter. She was very patient in listening to my stories and understanding my profile and she was able to give me tailor made tips for my interview preparation - the mocks I did with her were nothing short of eye opening. The fact that I felt so calm and confident during my interview was thanks to her. In short, I made a great decision to work with Shruti and I would definitely recommend her services.

Dushyant Kanal, IIMB EPGP

I’ve gotten through IIM B this year with a 680 on the GMAT and lot of credit goes to Shruti for her experience and guidance on this journey.
Getting a GMAT score is important but crafting your profile individually suited to specific business school requirements is a specialised skill. One which Shruti possesses.
When most people told me that my score wasn’t good enough, Shruti believed in my profile and the result speaks for itself.
She is professional, friendly and with a soft nature.

Saksham Bhatia, EEO ISB 

I gave the GRE with an aim to apply to the ISB via the Early Entry Option. While talking to various counselors to get help for my ISB application, Shruti ma'am's approach stood out. I had taken the help of admission counselors before her for other academic applications and therefore I can say that my experience with her has been one of the finest. Throughout the structured process, her approach is a balance of being straightforward, concise and motivating when required. She was availaible throughout the process with just a message away. From a quick 1 minute call to clear a single doubt in the application to elaborate discussions about the application, her inputs and feedbacks were exact and highly pertinent to the ISB application and interview requirements. Her structured approach, flexibility, timely feedback and patience during mock interviews really helped me hone them.

I got into ISB via the EEO and I cannot thank her enough for her efforts, support and guidance.

Arvind Singh, ISB Executive MBA

Shruti is handling one of the most professional, responsive and effective support systems I have came across. Her expertise with admission essays and interview preparations is strongly complimented by her strong understanding of the systems and processes involved .
I would recommend Shruti's services without any reservations.

Kruttika Kulkarni, ISB PGPMAX

Ms Shruti is so adept at navigating you through your skills and career choices. She keeps her clients at the center of the discussion which brings immense quality to the interaction and makes you think for yourself. It was a great decision to collaborate with her on my application which resulted in success.

Gurjyot Singh Sachar, ISB YLP

Shruti has been single handedly instrumental in guiding me successfully with my entire application process at ISB.

Her rich experience in this field is clearly evidenced by the methodology and hands down approach followed by her.

She has been a great mentor till date. Even after converting ISB, though the long wait for results, she always made herself available and shared updates on the same. I am still in contact with her and have been reaching out to her for any ISB and even career related doubts that arise as she is truly a champion in this field.

Shubhankar Bhardwaj, IIM C PGPEx

Shruti has been the strongest support for me to secure an admit to the one of the top business schools in India. From day 1, she has been helping me not only with the applications but also in understanding what my goals and expectations should be by getting an MBA. This clarity has helped me in interviews and understand and chalk out a better path for my ambition.
Shruti has deep discussions to understand a person's what they have been and what they want to be as well as streamline your past, present and future into a presentable format. This enables not only a highly personalised applications but also prepares us for 2-3 levels of questioning for interviews.
I have found Shruti's approach to be highly effective and the amount of personal attention she gives, enables thorough preparation for the interviews. I would highly recommend working with her for somebody looking to get into the top business schools.

Siddharth Jain, ISB PGP

After considering different options, I decided to go with GoalisB to help me with my MBA interview prep and I think it was the right decision. Shruti Ma'am made sure that she understood my needs and helped me put across my thoughts in a structured manner. She gave honest feedback which helped me improve after the first mock. She was also very flexible with her time. Her advise and feedback helped me secure an admit to my target school

MBA Admission Consultant Reviews

Advik Aggarwal, Admit ISB YLP

Shruti ma'am at Goalisb has been really instrumental in helping achieve the ISB dream. Understanding the candidate in depth and using her vast experience, she made sure all the aspects were covered well. Would highly recommend her to ISB aspirants.

Sanya Katyal, IE Spain

Navigating through the MBA interview process can be very intermediating and Goal ISB provided exactly what I needed to get through it. I applied for the International MBA program at IE Business School, Spain and was successfully able to ace it. A huge thank you!!!

Anamitra Ghosh, IIM C, MBAEx, IIMB EPGP

Goalisb will not write your essay/SOP on your behalf, rather they will guide you to research & figure out the highlights of your past experience, strengths, post MBA target roles. The process certainly helps to present the best story of yourself in the final applications, also it will prepare you for the interviews. I got interview shortlist from all the top IIMs I applied, converted IIM B & C.

Throughout the application process, mock interview sessions Shruti Ma’am is always a call away. She puts a lot of effort to make your profile stand out. If you are looking for a consultant for MBA application guidance, go for Goalisb. Best wishes!

Tanya Jain, ISB AMPBA

I would highly recommend it as they provide a correct balance of professional and personal touch to the profile and have a great experience in this field!

Shraddha Bindal, Admit - IIM C, ISB

First a little about my profile, I have been working in steel sector since seven years in a PSU. When I decided to go for an MBA from top 4 Indian colleges, I needed an experienced consultant who is well renowned and at the same time should be well within my budget. I did a lot of research and finally zeroed in on Goalisb. Here I came in contact with Shruti. She came like an angel and changed my life for better. She herself is an ISB alumnus. She shaped my thoughts towards clearer goal, she made me think so much about my profile so that I could write my application (which will anyway help in interview), she corrected and finely edited and the best part was she is always a call away, whenever you need her. She helped me in all possible ways. I applied for IIM A, B, C and ISB. I got interview call from all the four. All the credit goes to shruti. I was so impressed with her working style that I took help for interviews from her only. She made it a point that my interview answers should be perfect. For that she even got me interviewed with other excellent people; with no limit on number of mock interview sessions. Unlike other consultants who charge by an hour and even count number of mails and calls, she has no limitations of such sort (one of the rare qualities one can find today). One can call her any number of times in a day and she would be happy to help. She is very pro active in following up and giving constant reminders for deadlines. Before I could check, she used to give me good news on my selection. She is a true professional and one of the BEST in industry. Finally, the result - I got selected in IIM Calcutta & ISB.

Shubham Jain, Admit ISB PGPpro

I worked with Shruti to help me with my ISB application and review process. She is very approachable and friendly. Regarding my profile and application, she was direct as to what to highlight on the application and what not to. She explained me about how to look for the strength and learning from my past experiences and with her magic of words she wrote a perfect essay which would show my experience and achievements in a structured way. When I got the call for the interview, I just had 2 days to prepare and was very nervous but Shruti helped me through and was just a phone call away for any questions or suggestions required regarding it, we had a mock interview set up just hours before the interview which helped in settling my nerves. As an ISB Alumni she knows what ISB is looking for in a student. I would surely recommend GoalISB to anyone who needs help with their MBA Application.

Simrandeep Singh Ahuja, Schulich MBA

I have worked with Shruti while applying for b-schools. She took a very systematic approach to the application process. She asked me to stop fretting about low GPA and focus on key areas of strength. Not only application, she actually made me discover what I wanted to do. With her guidance and my renewed goals we shortlisted few b-schools that helped me achieve my goals. I really liked the way she asks to write your real life instances and then she refine it by marrying your stories with your goals. This approach has resulted in personalised essays that brings your true self in front of admission committee. I consider her more than an MBA consultant. She acts like a mentor. 

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Shilpa Yadav, ISB PGP

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

I am short of words to thank Shruti for her constant and instant support. Right from day one Shruti had been like my mentor and friend not only for the applications but also for my over all career growth and interview prep.

She gave me honest feedback while I was writing irrelevant stories for my applications and her feedbacks were to the point and an eyeopener for me ! I remember how she reviewed my application multiple times and provided me feedback again and again until the essays were good.

I got interview calls from all the colleges I applied ( IIMs, ISB and abroad colleges). Because of her consistent and extended support for mock interview sessions , I secured the admits from Lucknow and ESCP. Also, her suggestions to enroll for certain Coursera courses were really great and helped me to increase my industry level knowledge!!

I go to her for my any doubts related to my applications, career growth and interview prep( even after my package was completed long back). The best part is - she is always available to respond and support just like a family member!!!

Thankyou Goalisb team and Shruti :)

Harsimran Sidhu, Co-Op MBA at DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University

Goal ISB and Shruti have been crucial in all my MBA school conversions. Ease of accessibility is one of the highlights that I was looking for in a consultant and Shruti has always been one call away throughout my applications journey. The extensive brainstorming sessions helped me not only in portraying a better story link but also brought clarity to my short and long term goals. I would highly recommend Goal ISB to anyone out there looking for a B-School application consultant.

Sayantan Das, IIM Bangalore | EPGP

Goal ISB and Shruti ma'am helped me to strategically showcase my strengths in my application. The approach of knowing about me through a questionnaire helped me during my interviews too apart from writing the applications. I strongly recommend Goal ISB for the services offered by them.

Sumit Goyal, IIM Calcutta | MBAEx 

My experience with GOALISB and Shruti Mam has been phenomenal. They adopt different preparation and application strategies, best suited to everyone's needs, and perfectly deliver them. Their focus on convenience and accessibility is much appreciated. Shruti Mam is always a phone call or a message away. I highly recommend GOALISB.

Mithil Thakkar, ISB PGPpro

Shruti is very friendly and approachable. I worked with her to apply for my application at ISB. She is very thoughtful and understands the profile of the person very carefully. She identifies the correct areas which needs to be highlighted and presented properly in the application. Her insights and experience are really helpful in preparing for the interview. I would highly recommend her for any ISB aspiring candidate.

Pranoy Suresh, ISB PGP

I sincerely thank Mrs. Shruti for helping me secure admissions to ISB (PGP), IIMA (PGPX) and IIMC (MBAEX) (2021-22 batch).

Being an ISB alumna and an experienced consultant, Mrs. Shruti has absolute clarity on what to mention in the applications depending on one’s profile and she made sure that I am able to portray my best self in the applications. Throughout my application processes and interviews she supported me as a mentor, spending hours on each minute detail that I need to look into. She even went out of her way to help me with my GMAT by sending me reference materials. On the whole, my experience has been as if I have been working with an elder sister rather than with a consultant. This personal touch clearly differentiates Goalisb from other MBA consultants.

Akanksha Mehta, ISB Hyderabad

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