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The Executive MBA program from ISB is the PGPPRO program which  is a weekend program designed for working professionals. This program is offered at four locations - Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad. The attendees are not required to travel to the ISB campuses at Mohali or Hyderabad. The Executive MBA program at ISB, PGPpro is delivered in the cities mentioned above. Campus visits, however, are integrated in the program as two weeks of classes are conducted at the ISB Mohali and ISB Hyderabad campus. With classes being held at alternate weekends the format of the executive MBA program is very convenient for working professionals.   

The Executive MBA program, PGPpro has an advanced curriculum which prepares mid career professionals to grow in their career towards higher management positions.  Core courses in the PGPpro include courses in managerial economics, operations management, corporate finance, organisational behaviour, global economics and strategy building. The Executive MBA program at ISB is designed to equip professionals with advanced skills in marketing research, negotiation, team management, entrepreneurship, governance and innovation management. These being the essential tool kit for any manager to lead in the global business scenario.In addition to these the Executive MBA at ISB also offers elective courses in marketing and finance to help build advanced specialisation for progressive managers.

Any working professional who has a bachelor's degree or equivalent with a full time work experience between 5 years to 12 years is eligible for applying to the Executive MBA program at ISB, PGPpro. The application to PGPpro includes submission of an application which is a comprehensive list of the work experience, education and extracurricular involvements of a working professional. In addition to the application the applicants are required to  submit an essay for their application to the Executive MBA program at ISB, PGPpro. The essay topic for the current year application is:

One of the key intrinsic elements at the Indian School of Business is “to develop principled, future leaders who improve lives around the world…" Please discuss how you will contribute towards this mission based on examples of your past work and activities? (400 words max)


Our team of experienced ISB admission consultants have had a 100% success in the Executive MBA at ISB application process with a 100% interview call rate. Discuss your profile with us if you meet the criteria given below for the applicant profile and the program structure of the Executive MBA program from ISB.

Our experience in ISB PGPpro admissions essay has brought to light that the most preferred writer for a successful essay is the applicant himself. However, there is always a need for a fine tuning of the essay to enhance the visibility to the Executive MBA at ISB, PGPpro admissions team. Our team of ISB admission consultants cover the complete spectrum of critical checkpoints for a successful ISB PGPpro application.

Our team offers ISB PGP PRO admission consulting packages which are differentiated and specifically designed to cater to the ISB PGP PRO essay editing needs for MBA applicants who want us to give a second look at them.

ISB PGPpro is truly an Executive MBA program at ISB designed for working professionals and  delivers the MBA education in a flexible format. It is the ideal program for professionals to continue with their work and acquire world class MBA education simultaneously. The Executive MBA at ISB, PGPpro admission process is evaluates the leadership profile of the applicant. 


ISB PGPPRO Admission Consulting

ISB PGPPRO admissions essays are aimed to catch a glimpse of you. It’s an opportunity to tell your story to the admissions team so that they can know you better. Through our experience in ISB admission consulting we try to locate the following standpoints in your profile.

Growth : ISB admissions committee want to see how you have grown in your world, professionally and personally. 

Leadership : ISB application essays are a means for the applicants to show his attitude towards opportunities and how you address them makes, which in turn displays your leadership capabilities. An ISB essay should be able to demonstrate his leadership abilities through past references.

Teamwork : Managers cannot succeed without their teams. The ISB application essays should project how you manage and motivate your teams. 

Decision making : Every individual is unique in terms of how they make decisions. The ISB essays are a window to succinctly express these values.

What drives you : Business environment is uncertain and tough, a successful management professional needs clarity of goals to stick to his path. ISB application essays which contain this element connect to the reader more effectively.

Why MBA : The ISB curriculum brings with it a paradigm shift in your life if rightly placed, thus you should be able to communicate and understand that it’s the route you have to take to progress further.

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