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ISB PGPpro 2024

ISB PGPpro Application Deadlines 2024:

18 August 2024 for Mumbai and Bangalore Cohorts

There are two leading ISB Executive MBA courses which executives and working professionals can choose from  in India.​

  • The ISB PGPpro is an 18 months weekend executive MBA program.

  • The ISB PGPMAX is the 15 months modular ISB Executive MBA for C Suite leaders.


GOALisB MBA admission consulting Team Comprises Alumni Of:

ISB admission consultant at GOALisB is Stanford alumnus
ISB admission consultant at GOALisB is ISB alumnus
ISB admission consultant at GOALisB is IIM alumnus

ISB PGPpro 2024 - About the program

  1. Duration of the ISB PGP pro program: 18 Months

  2. Locations where the ISB PGPpro is delivered: 4 - NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad & Bangalore

  3. Batch Size for ISB PGPpro : 50-80

  4. Specialisations offered: 2 - Marketing & Finance

  5. Access to 10,000 Plus alumni network

  6. ISB PGPpro courses offered: 24 Courses

  7. International Immersion during IISB PGP pro: NUS Singapore

  8. The Bengaluru and Mumbai cohorts will commence from January 2024

  9. The Delhi and Hyderabad cohorts will commence from July 2024

ISB PGPpro 2024 eligibility

ISB PGPpro is the Executive MBA from ISB well suited for mid career professionals who wish to continue working while they pursue an ISB MBA.

1. Working Professionals

2. Minimum 8 years upto 15 years work experience.

3. No GMAT or GRE scores required

ISB PGPpro Class Profile

  1. Women comprise 24% of the class, indicating a strong gender diversity focus.

  2. Engineers account for 41% of the class, indicating a preference for diverse academic backgrounds.

  3. The class has a functional representation of at least 13 different roles, reflecting a varied mix of business functions.

  4. There are representatives from 17 or more industries, indicating a diverse range of professional backgrounds.

  5. The average age of the class is 33 years, reflecting a preference for experienced professionals.

  6. The average work experience of the class is 10.1 years, indicating a preference for mature individuals with substantial work experience.

Overall, the profile of the ISB PGPpro class reflects a strong emphasis on diversity, both in terms of gender and academic and professional backgrounds, and a preference for experienced and mature professionals from a variety of industries and business functions.

ISB PGPpro Fees

The fee for ISB PGPpro 2024-25 is INR 37,38,180 inclusive of taxes

The components of the ISB PGPpro fees are as follows:

1. Admission fee including taxes - INR 3,54,000

2. Tuition fee for ISB PGPpro - INR 28,51,000

3. Security Fund deposit - INR 20,000

4. Alumni Fund Contribution - INR 29,500

This fees does not cover travelling costs for the International immersion or domestic modules.

ISB PGPpro Admission Process

How do I get into ISB PGP pro?

  1. The applicant must have a bachelor's degree or an equivalent qualification in any discipline.

  2. An equivalent qualification will be determined by the Admission Committee of the programme and may include CA, ICWA, etc.

  3. Full-time work experience of 8+ years is required.

  4. Candidates with less than 8 years of work experience as on Jan 1, 2024 (Bengaluru and Mumbai) and as on July 1, 2024 (Delhi-NCR and Hyderabad) are not eligible for admission.

  5. Each application is evaluated for academic performance, personal attributes, professional qualities, and interview performance.

  6. The application fee is INR 5,000 for Hyderabad, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Mumbai.

  7. The application fee for reapplicants is INR 1000.

  8. The programme office only accepts online applications that can be completed over several sessions.

  9. The following documents have to be uploaded along with the application: color photograph, passport, academic certificates (bachelor's degree and class 12).

  10. Applicants are required to submit two professional evaluations from current and previous managers or business associates.

ISB PGPpro 2024 Essays:

  1. Submission of one mandatory essay: One of the intrinsic values at the Indian School of Business is “to develop principled, future leaders who improve lives around the world." Please discuss how you will contribute towards this mission citing examples from your past work experience and activities? (400 words max)

  2. One Optional Essay: Additional Information: Kindly share information that you feel is relevant for the Admissions Committee to be aware. For example: current or past gaps in education or employment, professional achievements, awards or other information relevant to your application. (250 words max)

  3. One Optional Scholarship Essay: Why should the Admissions Committee offer you over other qualified candidates? (250 words max)

ISB PGPpro Placements

Campus placement is not a part of ISB executive MBA. ISB PGPpro placements are not offered because it is an Executive MBA from ISB designed for working professionals largely the senior level professionals.


The ISB PGPpro placements are not  a part of the conceptual framework as these professionals are already well established in their career. As a part of the ISB PGPpro alumni network they would already get a great network for transitioning to any roles of their choice that is why the ISB PGPpro placements are replaced by a very strong career services  assistance.

ISB PGPpro Updates

Latest updates from ISB PGPpro:

  1. In March 2022, Ms. Deepa Mani, Professor of Information Systems and Deputy Dean, Digital Learning and Executive Education at Indian School of Business evolved a meaningful conversation with Dr. R Balasubramaniam who is a Member of the HR Capacity Building Commission, Government of India in Karnataka. He is a versatile personality having specializations in Adaptive Leadership, Leading teams, Enlightened Leadership, Leadership for Global Citizenship, Leadership for Policymakers, Leadership for the Social Sector, and many more social development paradigms.

  2. During the 45 minutes session on Business and Policy Dialogue, Dr. R Balasubramaniam accelerated the discussion on 'Rethinking Leadership in the Public Sector’ to recognize areas of strategic alignment, generate support, and external collaborations for all sorts of improvising and maximizing the productivity of the technology.​

  3. ISB PGPpro Co '23  in March 2022 invited Dr. Pawan Agrawal, TEDx/International Motivational Speaker President - KECT Co - Chairman - Indian Academy of Entrepreneurship (IAE), Mumbai Dabbawala's authorized speaker, Founder of Kamalabai Educational and Charitable Trust Mumbai as a Keynote speaker.​

  4. Dr. Agrawal is an Author, Educationist, and International Motivational Speaker. However, each of his talk sessions is itself an inspiration for people on the path of organizational fulfillment and personal growth. His discussion on ‘Supply Chain Management of Mumbai Dabbawala and Mumbai Paperwala’ bestows deeper insights into driven decisions like Leadership, Time Management, Logistics, Execution, & Supply chain, etc.

You can also evaluate similar programs like the INSEAD's ILPSE.

What is the ROI of the ISB PGPpro?

The ROI of the ISB PGPPro can be valued in the following three ways:

1. The ISB PGPpro prepares you for the leadership roles going forward in your career.

2. As a one time career investment it benchmarks your personal brand as an ISB graduate. 

3. The ISB network is the most important part of the ROI of the ISB PGPpro.

Is it tough to get into ISB PGPpro?

Is it tough to get into ISB PGPpro?

Yes, it is tough to get into ISB PGPpro. There are two reasons for that:

1. The convenience that ISB PGPpro provides to working professionals to acquire an ISB MBA without leaving their jobs and without the GMAT or GRE test is extremely coveted. This makes the process competitive. 

2. The selection process may seem simple - just an essay or two and an interview, but that's the tricky part. The ISB interview is tough to crack.

How can I decide if ISB PGPpro is the right program for me?

To decide if ISB PGPpro is the right program for you, you can take the following steps:

1. Evaluate your career goals and career growth progression.

2. Check if you are planning to hedge on a career growth where the placements process is very important for you. 

3. Get a profile evaluation from an ISB admission consultant at GOALisB to discuss your career plans in detail.

ISB PGPpro Curriculum

What is the ISB PGPpro Curriculum like?

ISB PGPpro Curriculum - Preparatory Module - conducted online:

  1. Quantitative Methods (ISB PGPpro) Designed specifically for incoming PGPpro students, this course equips them with the necessary skills to analyze quantitative information in various business settings.

  2. Financial Accounting: (ISB PGPpro) In the ISB PGPpro preparatory curriculum, students engage in an introductory online course that focuses on financial accounting within a management context.

  3. Finance: An Introductory Online Course (ISB PGPpro) The ISB PGPpro program also offers an introductory online course in finance, providing students with a solid understanding of corporate finance principles, financial analysis tools, and introductory models used in corporate decision-making.

These preparatory courses, specifically designed for ISB PGPpro students, ensure that participants have a strong foundation in quantitative methods, financial accounting, and finance principles. 

ISB PGPpro Curriculum: Foundation Courses:


  1. Management of Organizations (ISB PGPpro):

The foundation course on "Management of Organizations" provides PGPpro students with insights into understanding interpersonal behavior and its impact on organizational performance and effectiveness.

2. Accounting Analysis and Information (ISB PGPpro):


The foundation course on "Accounting Analysis and Information" focuses on developing a comprehensive understanding of financial statements and how managers can utilize accounting information for business analysis and performance evaluation. 


These foundation courses in management of organizations and accounting analysis and information equip ISB PGPpro students with essential skills and knowledge to navigate the complexities of organizational dynamics.

ISB PGPpro Core Courses:

1. Managerial Economics (ISB PGPpro):

The core course on "Managerial Economics" introduces students to the fundamental principles of microeconomics and applies them to analyze firm-level and market-level issues. 

2. Decision Making under Uncertainty (ISB PGPpro):

In this core course, students explore the complexities of decision-making in the presence of uncertainty. The course highlights the challenges of understanding and incorporating uncertainty into the decision-making process, as well as the potential biases that can arise.

3. Leveraging Data Analytics (ISB PGPpro):

The course on "Leveraging Data Analytics" enables students to recognize the immense opportunities in providing business analytics services through data mining and econometric techniques. 

4. Marketing Management (ISB PGPpro):

The "Marketing Management" course addresses the challenges of designing and implementing effective marketing strategies to achieve a firm's goals in target markets.

ISB PGPpro Curriculum: Advanced Courses:

1. Competitive Strategy (ISB PGPpro)

The course covers industry analysis, strategic investments, the impact of environmental changes on competitive position, global strategy, resource allocation in diversified firms, firm-specific capabilities, and the role of innovation.


2. Corporate Finance (ISB PGPpro):

The core course on "Corporate Finance" addresses financial decisions crucial for corporate managers. It equips students with quantitative and conceptual tools to determine investment choices and financing methods. The course emphasizes evaluating investment value through discounted cash flow analysis, forecasting future cash flows, and considering risk factors.


3. Operations Management (ISB PGPpro):

The "Operations Management" course focuses on the planning and control of business processes to deliver products and services that surpass customer expectations. 


4. Strategies for Digital Economy (ISB PGPpro): This course delves into various aspects of the high-tech industry, including competition and business models. It also examines the transformation of traditional industries in the digital economy and the influence of a more interconnected economy on different business functions.


5/ Marketing Research (ISB PGPpro):

The "Marketing Research" course prepares students for making informed marketing decisions by introducing a structured and logical approach to solving business problems.


6. Global Economics (ISB PGPpro):

It explores the impact of economic shocks on aggregate economic conditions and their implications for firms. 


7. Financial Statement Analysis (ISB PGPpro):

The "Financial Statement Analysis" course aims to develop students into sophisticated readers of financial statements.


8. Managing Teams (ISB PGPpro):

Through experiential exercises, case analyses, videos, discussions, and presentations, students develop practical skills for effective teamwork. The course enhances students' ability to understand team dynamics and lead teams to achieve organizational goals.


9. Strategic Innovation Management (ISB PGPpro):

The "Strategic Innovation Management" course equips students with a strong foundation for managing innovation in industries characterized by rapid technological change.


10. Supply Chain Management (ISB PGPpro):

The "Supply Chain Management" course views the supply chain from a general manager's perspective, focusing on managing hand-offs of information and products.


11. Negotiation Analysis (ISB PGPpro):

The "Negotiation Analysis" course equips students with effective negotiation strategies to achieve satisfactory outcomes.

12. Corporate Governance and Business Ethics (ISB PGPpro):

The "Corporate Governance and Business Ethics" course addresses the complex role of corporations in economic growth and societal challenges.


13. Global Strategic Management (ISB PGPpro):

The "Global Strategic Management" course develops concepts and tools for designing and implementing competitive strategies in the dynamic global business environment.


14. Corporate Entrepreneurship (ISB PGPpro) The "Corporate Entrepreneurship" course explores modes of entrepreneurship available to managers for driving firm growth and change. 

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ISB PGPpro Reviews

Shruti is very friendly and approachable. I worked with her to apply for my application at ISB. She is very thoughtful and understands the profile of the person very carefully. She identifies the correct areas which needs to be highlighted and presented properly in the application. Her insights and experience are really helpful in preparing for the interview. I would highly recommend her for any ISB aspiring candidate.

I worked with Shruti to help me with my ISB application and review process. She is very approachable and friendly. Regarding my profile and application, she was direct as to what to highlight on the application and what not to. She explained me about how to look for the strength and learning from my past experiences and with her magic of words she wrote a perfect essay which would show my experience and achievements in a structured way. When I got the call for the interview, I just had 2 days to prepare and was very nervous but Shruti helped me through and was just a phone call away for any questions or suggestions required regarding it, we had a mock interview set up just hours before the interview which helped in settling my nerves. As an ISB Alumni she knows what ISB is looking for in a student. I would surely recommend GoalISB to anyone who needs help with their MBA Application.

Shruti is handling one of the most professional, responsive and effective support systems I have came across. Her expertise with admission essays and interview preparations is strongly complimented by her strong understanding of the systems and processes involved .
I would recommend Shruti's services without any reservations .

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