ISB PGPpro is the Executive MBA from ISB well suited for mid career professionals who wish to continue working while they pursue an ISB MBA.

Next application deadline for ISB PGPpro is due on 31 July 2022.

Latest updates from ISB PGPpro and ISB PGPMAX in June 2022:

  1. On Saturday, June 18, 2022, the CEO Story was performed. They discussed what drew an entrepreneur, a people strategist, and a business executive to the ISB PGPMAX programme, and how has it aided them in their careers? Interactions with ISB PGPMAX graduates were held during the event to hear their thoughts on the programme and the opportunities it provides.

  2. On the "Ask the PRO" podcast, Syed Qais Hayat, a highly decorated former officer of the Indian Navy who served on the high seas and in high command, speaks with Akshey Walia. In this episode, he highlighted his career history and ISB PGPpro experience, from serving as the Joint Director of Naval Operations to switching courses to enter the corporate world.

  3. With the restoration to normalcy, ISB PGPMAX participants will be able to take advantage of the program's global reach. In June 2022, ISB PGPMAX Co'21 travelled to London for an international immersion at the London Business School.

  4. White Page International recently named Meenakshi Kaul (MK) (ISB PGPMAX Co'20) as one of Asia's 100 Power Leaders in Human Resources 2022. Meenakshi is a people and culture leader with over 16 years of experience who now manages HR leadership responsibilities for two companies.

  5. A session on the Road to Metaverse was held by ISB PGPpro 2022. What is Metaverse, what role does Meta play in bringing Metaverse to life, and what does Metaverse mean for my business will be covered in this session. The person speaking is Mr. Gauravjeet Singh is a seasoned consumer marketing executive with a strong entrepreneurial history. He has spent the past 24 years establishing brands and businesses, 13 of which were spent at Unilever. He has expertise building and expanding businesses and teams from the ground up, having led big teams in numerous roles at Unilever.

ISB PGPpro Eligibility, Fees, Key Points

ISB PGPpro Eligibility

  1. Minimum 5 years work experience

  2. No GMAT or GRE score

  3. Average Age: 36 years

  4. Average Work Experience: 10 years

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ISB PGPpro Fees

  1. Tuition Fee: INR 26,86,000

  2. Admission Fee: INR 3,00,000

  3. Others: INR 50,000

  4. Total Fee: INR 30,46,000 

ISB PGPpro Review

  1. Next Deadline: 29 May 2022

  2. Duration: 18 Months

  3. Locations: 4 - NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad & Bangalore

  4. Batchs Size: 50-80

  5. Placements: Not Offered

  6. Specialisations: 2 - Marketing & Finance

ISB PGPpro Application Process

The ISB PGPpro application process requires:

  1. Submission of one mandatory essay: One of the intrinsic values at the Indian School of Business is “to develop principled, future leaders who improve lives around the world." Please discuss how you will contribute towards this mission citing examples from your past work experience and activities? (400 words max)

  2. One Optional Essay: Additional Information: Kindly share information that you feel is relevant for the Admissions Committee to be aware. For example: current or past gaps in education or employment, professional achievements, awards or other information relevant to your application. (250 words max)

  3. One Optional Scholarship Essay: Why should the Admissions Committee offer you over other qualified candidates? (250 words max)

  4. Letter of Recommendations: 2

  5. Application Form with employment details, academic profile, awards and activities etc

  6. ISB Interview 

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What is the International exposure that ISB PGPpro curriculum offers?

ISB PGPpro students go for a week long International immersion with NUS Singapore.

How are ISB PGPpro placements?

Campus placement is not a part of ISB executive MBA. ISB PGPpro placements are not offered because it is an Executive MBA from ISB designed for working professionals largely the senior level professionals. The ISB PGPpro placements are not  a part of the conceptual framework as these professionals are already well established in their career. As a part of the ISB PGPpro alumni network they would already eget a great network for transitioning to any roles of their choice that is why the ISB PGPpro placements are replaced by a very strong career services  assistance.

Latest Updates from ISB PGPpro:

In March 2022, Ms. Deepa Mani, Professor of Information Systems and Deputy Dean, Digital Learning and Executive Education at Indian School of Business evolved a meaningful conversation with Dr. R Balasubramaniam who is a Member of the HR Capacity Building Commission, Government of India in Karnataka. He is a versatile personality having specializations in Adaptive Leadership, Leading teams, Enlightened Leadership, Leadership for Global Citizenship, Leadership for Policymakers, Leadership for the Social Sector, and many more social development paradigms.

During the 45 minutes session on Business and Policy Dialogue, Dr. R Balasubramaniam accelerated the discussion on 'Rethinking Leadership in the Public Sector’ to recognize areas of strategic alignment, generate support, and external collaborations for all sorts of improvising and maximizing the productivity of the technology.

ISB PGPpro Co '23  in March 2022 invited Dr. Pawan Agrawal, TEDx/International Motivational Speaker President - KECT Co - Chairman - Indian Academy of Entrepreneurship (IAE), Mumbai Dabbawala's authorized speaker, Founder of Kamalabai Educational and Charitable Trust Mumbai as a Keynote speaker.

Dr. Agrawal is an Author, Educationist, and International Motivational Speaker. However, each of his talk sessions is itself an inspiration for people on the path of organizational fulfillment and personal growth. His discussion on ‘Supply Chain Management of Mumbai Dabbawala and Mumbai Paperwala’ bestows deeper insights into driven decisions like Leadership, Time Management, Logistics, Execution, & Supply chain, etc.

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ISB PGPMAX Eligibility, Fees, Key Points

ISB PGPMAX Eligibility

  1. Minimum work experience: 10 years

  2. No GMAT or GRE score

  3. On campus classes for ISB PGPMAX - 12 weeks

  4. Students of ISB PGPMAX stay out of office for 60 days.

  5. Class size at ISB PGPMAX - 75

  6. Average age at ISB PGPMAX - 40 years

  7. Over 19 industries are represented in the class of ISB PGPMAX

  8. Average work experience at ISB PGPMAX - 16 years

  9. ISB PGPMAX ranking among Executive MBA programs is 43 globally and ISB PGPMAX ranking is the first in India and

  10. In the Economist Executive MBA rankings and

  11. 53rd globally and the first in India in the Financial Times Executive MBA rankings.​

  12. ISB PGPMAX graduates have achieved 56% hike in their packages in 1 year of course completion and upto 63% hike in their salaries over two years of graduating.

  13. Around 80% of the graduates of the ISB PGPMAX program have levelled up in their positions as per the Economist EMBA Ranking 2020.

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  1. For the academic year 2021-22, the overall program fee was near about ₹ 3,963,000 plus taxes which takes account of both admission as well as tuition fee. 

  2. According to the B-School, the applicants have the option to pay the fees in a one time payment or equal instalments. It covers only admission, teaching and study material. The fee does not incorporate global travel costs, boarding & lodging and other varied expenses.

  3. Loans: As per the B-School, financial help in the shape of loans may be available to applicants of this program. Interested candidates may directly get in touch with the financial institutions for details.

  4. Scholarships: According to their official website, ISB scholarships (near about INR 10 lakhs) will be awarded to entitled students.

  5. The tuition waiver does not include:

    1. Admission fee/  Application fee

    2. Domestic and International travel

    3. Boarding and lodging

    4. Incidental expenses

  6. The students will need to look after these expenses on their own.


  1. Duration: ISB PGPMAX program duration is 15 months while for ISB PGPpro the program duration is 18 months.

  2. ISB PGPMAX vs PGPpro based on location of the program: ISB PGPMAX is delivered at ISB Hyderabad and ISB Mohali where as ISB PGPpro is delivered at four locations, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

  3. ISB PGPMAX vs PGPpro based on average experience in the class: For ISB PGPMAX class average work experience is 16 years where as it is 9 years work experience for ISB PGPpro.

  4. ISB PGPMAX vs PGPpro based on the International exposure: ISB PGPMAX has two International immersions during the course where as ISB PGPpro has one international immersion incorporated in the program.

  5. ISB PGPMAX vs PGPpro based on the seniority level of the applicants: ISB PGPMAX is designed for C Suite professionals and senior executives while ISB PGPpro is designed for professionals who have mid to senior level exposure.

  6. ISB PGPMAX vs PGPpro based on the program focus: ISB PGPMAX is designed for professionals aspiring for senior to C Suite leadership roles whereas ISB PGPpro is designed for mid level professionals looking to move up the ladder in their organisation.


FAQ ISB Executive MBA

Does ISB provide executive MBA?

ISB provides two executive MBA courses - ISB PGPpro and ISB PGPMAX. ISB Executive MBA does not require the submission of GMAT or GRE scores. The  two courses differ in their eligibility and target audience. ISB PGPpro is apt for mid career professionals with minimum 5 years  of work experience. ISB PGPMAX is the ISB Executive MBA for senior professionals with a minimum of 10 years of work experience.

You can also check the leading Global Executive MBA programs and get in touch with our MBA admission consultant for the further process or a profile evaluation.

How much does Executive MBA from ISB cost?

The ISB Executive MBA programs are ISB PGPpro and ISB PGPMAX. ISB PGPMAX cost INR 39,63,000 plus taxes 2022-23 and the ISB PGPpro cost INR 30,46,000 plus applicable taxes.

How good is executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad?

Executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad is good for professionals who want to pursue a world class education while continuing with their jobs. They get the alumni status, the education, International immersion and the ISB network to grow their career further through the executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad. While pursuing the Executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad they have the benefit of  not bearing the opportunity cost of foregoing one year of salary as well. 

Is Indian School of Business good?

Indian School of Business is a world ranked MBA school. There are many benchmarks which prove that Indian School of Business is good:

1. The ISB MBA ranks 32 in the world FT ranking,

2. A network of more than 50 exchange schools

3. An Alumni network of more than 12500 professionals

4. A placement record of average placement of INR34 lacs in 2022

5. ISB ranks 4th in Asia FT ranking.

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Is an ISB MBA worth it?

Yes, an ISB MBA is worth it for the following 5 reasons:

1. Career Advancement - ISB graduates have received  2066 placement offers with an average of 2.32 offer per graduate in 2022. In addition the average salary at ISB MBA placements 2022 was INR 34.07 lacs. This is definitely a good number to target for achieving post MBA placements.

2. Alumni and peer network - With 12500 alumni at different leadership positions across diverse industries the best network is always just a phone call away. This definitely makes an ISB MBA worth it.

3. Leadership experience - It is well known that ISB MBA is a jam packed year full of curriculum, career activities, social activities and industry networking. Managing these is a great leadership experience for professionals.

4. Career Shift - The MBA program at ISB has enabled many professionals to achieve the functional role shift or the sector shift as per their desire.

5. Lifelong learning and career support - Through SIG (special interest groups) , alumni connect, access to curriculum for alumni ISB ensures lifelong learning. Its not a one time investment so its definitely worth it.

What is salary after ISB?

ISB ranks at the first position in the FT ranking in terms of salary increase. For the class of 2021 the mean CTC awarded to ISB graduates was close to INR 27,00,00 while for the class of 2022 the average CTC has risen to INR 34.07 lacs.

How is ISB PGPpro different from ISB PGP?

10 key differences between ISB PGPpro and ISB PGP:

1. Batch Size: ISB PGPpro intake is 50 - 80 per cohort usually while ISB PGP cohort size is around 900.

2. Program Eligibility: ISB PGPpro minimum eligible work experience is 5 years whereas for ISB PGP it is 2 years

3. Average Class Work Experience: ISB PGPpro average work experience is around 10 years in the class while it is 4.5 years roughly at ISB PGP.

4. Curriculum: ISB PGPpro comprises 24 courses while ISB PGP comprises 32 courses

5. Duration:  ISB PGPpro program duration is 18 months weekend schedule while ISB PGP has a duration of 12 months full time program.

6. Program Focus: ISB PGPpro orients towards Strategy and Leadership while ISB PGP is a general management program.

7. Placements: ISB PGPpro does not offer placements while ISB PGP offers placements to the graduates.

8. Test Requirement: ISB PGPpro does not require a GMAT or GRE test score while ISB PGP requires the test score.

9. Location: ISB PGPpro is offered at 4 locations across India while ISB PGP is offered at 2 locations, Hyderabad and Mohali.

10.  Flexibility: ISB PGPpro offers asynchronous and synchronous classes while ISB PGP offers synchronous classes.

What are the electives provided during the ISB PGPpro curriculum?

ISB PGPpro is intended to assist business leaders with a certain standing to transition to senior roles. As a general management program 20 management oriented subjects and the remaining 4 modules offering the specialisation either in Finance an or Marketing. At the time of application students do choose their specialisation, however once the program starts students do have the choice to review the specialisation they want to choose.

How are ISB PGPpro placements?

Campus placement is not a part of ISB executive MBA. ISB PGPpro placements are not offered because it is an Executive MBA from ISB designed for working professionals largely the senior level professionals. The ISB PGPpro placements are not  a part of the conceptual framework as these professionals are already well established in their career. As a part of the ISB PGPpro alumni network they would already get a great network for transitioning to any roles of their choice that is why the ISB PGPpro placements are replaced by a very strong career services  assistance.

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