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ISB PGPpro review

ISB PGPpro Eligibility

Why should one apply for ISB PGPpro Program?

1. ISB PGP pro is an Executive MBA from ISB designed for working professionals

2. ISB PGP pro delivers the MBA education in a flexible format.

3. It is the ideal program for professionals to continue with their work and acquire world class MBA education simultaneously.

4. The Executive MBA at ISB, PGPpro admission process is evaluates the leadership profile of the applicant. 

5. ISB PGP pro does not require the applicant to submit a GMAT score.

How is the ISB PGPPro program different from a regular MBA?

1. ISB PGPpro has an advanced curriculum which prepares mid career professionals to grow in their career towards higher management positions. 

2. ISB PGPpro syllabus include courses in managerial economics, operations management, corporate finance, organisational behaviour, global economics and strategy building. 

3. The Executive MBA program at ISB is designed to equip professionals with advanced skills in marketing research, negotiation, team management, entrepreneurship, governance and innovation management.

4. ISB PGPpro syllabus provides the essential tool kit for any manager to lead in the global business scenario.

5. In addition to these the Executive MBA from ISB PGPpro also offers elective courses in marketing and finance to help build advanced specialisation for progressive managers.

ISB PGPPro eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria for ISB PGPPro Executive MBA program is as follows:

  • Possess a Bachelor’s Degree

    • The applicant should have bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification in any course. The related qualification will be determined by the program’s Admission Committee.

  • Required Work Experience

    • Full-time work experience ranging from 5 - 12 years. Applicants having below 5 or above 12 years of work experience as on Jan 1, 2021 (Bengaluru/ Mumbai) and as on July 1, 2021 (Delhi/ Hyderabad) are not entitled for admission to this Pro Executive MBA program.

Successful Profiles for ISB PGPpro?

Industry: IT Storage Solutions | Experience: 14 years +

Industry: SAP | Experience: 9 years +

Industry: IT Services | Experience: 12 years +

Industry: IT Development Financial Services | Experience: 5 years +

Industry: IT Solutions Architect | Experience: 7 years +

Industry: IT Product Development | Experience: 5 years +

Industry: Finance - Valuation Services | Experience: 12 years +

Industry: IT Analytics Solutions | Experience: 8 years +

Industry: IT Storage Products | Experience 5 years +

Top 3 Reasons For Choosing The ISB PGPpro Program:
  1. Flexible timing,

  2. International Faculty,

  3. Peer Knowledge

Top 3 Challenges In The ISB PGPpro Admission Process as Reported by Admits:
  • Most challenging part of the ISB PGPpro admission was while writing the essay.

  • Structuring my roles and responsibilities, articulate it in proper language under words limit is a critical part of the ISB PGPpro admission process.

  • You need to understand the key points which need to be written in application for ISB PGPpro admission.



PGPMAX Executive MBA in India for Working Professionals 

This program is ingenious, in order that higher-ranking professionals can make bigger their business knowledge and build up a holistic approach towards dealing with complex business situations and all together, in view of the fact that they’re working, they can apply the innovative skills and business concepts they gain knowledge of, at their place of work. The stress of the program is on all-purpose management.

Duration of PGPMAX Executive MBA in India


The PGPMAX Executive MBA Course is covered over a 15-month period in the midst of week-long classroom-based sessions, regularly held at an interval of six weeks (ISB Mohali/Hyderabad). The program entails you to dedicate around 62 days for the complete duration of the program. At some point in the regular week, at the same time as you’re working, you may have to keep away nearly ten hours every week to finish your assignments, in addition to your course pre-reading.

PGPMAX Executive MBA Eligibility 


Work Experience Requirements 

The minimum work experience necessary to be considered for this curriculum is 10 years. Although, it was at the start estimated that the standard work experience would be in between 14-15 years, but it is in fact much elevated. 

Does the PGPMAX Executive MBA need GMAT?


If you are fearful of encountering the GMAT, but the GMAT score is not compulsory for admissions to PGPMAX admissions. The stress is more on getting to be familiar with what you’ve done at work in the business world. In case you’ve previously appeared for the GMAT and encompass a GMAT score, you may put forward the same and this would be considered.

Admissions Interview

An interview would be a necessary and vital component of the admissions process. Candidates would be assessed on different specialized and personality-related parameters like leadership abilities, communication skills, projects embarked on and productively delivered, in addition to your educational performance. You’d also have to elaborate on how the curriculum would help you take your profession to the next level.

Support Letter from Employer

A letter of support from your existing employer is looked-for. This letter would make available information that your employer knows about your inclination to follow the program and supports the same, notwithstanding whether they’re sponsoring your course or not.​



The 15 month long ISB Post Graduate Programme in Management for Family Business ( PGP MFAB) is ideally suited family business owners or second generation business professionals who seek to enhance their general management skills.  

The class profile in the ISB PGP MFAB program shows that the average applicant work experience to the program is 3 years with an average age of 25 years.  The ISB PGP MFAB class consists of representatives from various industries like manufacturing, trading, textile, real estate, infrastructure, pharma, FMCG, logistics, automobiles, financial services, mining and many others. Talk to our ISB Admission Consultants for your profile evaluation for the MFAB program.

The ISB PGP MFAB program being a general management programme for family business owners is delivered from the owner's perspective. Additionally, the students get an International immersion experience at the world renowned Kellogg School of Management for one week.

ISB PGP MFAB is a program specially structured to meet the needs of Family businesses in India. The ISB PGP MFAB program is equipped to deliver world class MBA education. The alumni of the ISB PGP MFAB program get the advantage of being a part of the inclusive 10000+ strong global community of ISB alumni in addition to being a part or course audits, conferences, seminars and workshops conducted at ISB.  

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What are the programs for Executive MBA from ISB?


ISB offers two programs for Executive MBA. The ISB PGPpro and the ISB PGPMAX. Both these programs are designed for senior professionals. The difference lies in the cohort in the class of ISB PGPpro and the ISB PGPMAX. The ISB PGPpro is an executive MBA at ISB for professionals from 5 - 12 years of work experience. On the other hand the ISB PGPMAX is  the executive MBA at ISB for professionals with 12 years plus of work experience and those who are essentially looking at senior level C Suite top management roles in organizations.

What is the Executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad eligibility? 


You can read about the Executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad eligibility here.

Have you addressed executive MBA from ISB quora questions?

Yes, some of our answers are available here at: and

Is executive MBA from ISB worth?

Most applicants evaluate what is the executive MBA from ISB worth, we have discussed the evaluation points for the  question here.

How to do executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad?


If you are wondering how to do executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad, then the first step to address this query is to share your profile with us here. Once it is confirmed that you have the desired profile for an executive MBA in ISB, the application process for ISB PGPpro follows.

Is there an executive MBA from ISB Mohali?

PGPMAX is an executive MBA from Mohali, however the ISB PGPpro is not one of the executive MBA from ISB Mohali. The ISB PGPpro is conducted at Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad only. The next deadlines for the executive MBA in ISB Bangalore and Mumbai applications is November 29.

Is the executive MBA ISB distance learning or classroom learning?

Due to COVID the executive MBA ISB is completely distance learning, in fact it is online. However in normal times the executive MBA ISB mixes distance learning and classroom learning in a hybrid format. Some part of the executive MBA in ISB program is in the form of on demand lectures while some is classroom interaction based lectures.

Have any admits to executive MBA from ISB review the application process?

Yes, we have shared the executive MBA from ISB review from recent applicants here.

What is the duration of the online executive MBA from ISB?

The duration of the hybrid online executive MBA from ISB, the ISB PGPpro is 18 months while the duration for the online executive MBA from ISB the ISB PGPMAX is 15 months.

What is the average salary after executive MBA from ISB?

The average salary after executive MBA from ISB depends on the previous salary of the applicant. There is no doubt that there is a lot of value addition by the executive MBA at ISB to an individual's career growth however the exponential because of the plethora of opportunities that you can access.

What about the placement after executive MBA from ISB?

Since the executive MBA at ISB is a program for working professionals there is no special cycle for placement after executive MBA from ISB. However over the course of the 15 months of ISB PGPMAX or 18 months of ISB PGPpro ISB Hyderabad offers specialised training and access to the opportunities for the graduates  of executive MBA in ISB to avail so that executive MBA ISB placement should not be a worry.

What are the criteria for executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad?

The successful applicant profile for the Executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad, ISB PGPpro is an individual with a bachelor's degree, a full time work experience between 5- 12 years with in depth functional experience in a certain domain as marketing, finance, accounting, manufacturing, operations, project management, research & development, and healthcare. The executive MBA criteria for ISB requires submission of an ISB essay, application form and recommendation form. 

The criteria for executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad seeks out applicants who have displayed high ethical values, professional excellence with a capacity for academic performance. One major executive MBA criteria for ISB is leadership skills in managerial role. An Executive MBA from ISB, PGPpro is a worthwhile investment for professionals with a considerable work experience to be able to create new strides with the strong leadership grooming from ISB. Graduates from the 1 year executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad become a part of the 10K+ global ISB alumni.

What is special about the 1 year executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad?

The ISB PGPpro program is aa 1 year executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad especially designed for working professionals who want to fortify their professionals skills with the global management education curriculum from Indian School of Business.

The ISB PGPpro, the 1 year executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad, assimilates an in depth coverage of business concepts and equips one to deal with business uncertainty and take sound decisions based on available data points as business leaders.


Domain experts gain the tools, skills and global best practices required to build a general perspective of business. Spread over 18 months, the Executive MBA from ISB,  PGPpro curriculum covers 24 courses which are divided into 4 categories.

The innovative curriculum is designed in coordination with the partner schools which are some of the leading institutions of the world. This 1 year executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad integrates a corporate global immersion module which incorporates International exposure and top management interaction for the participants.

Additionally, the working professionals would indulge in classroom engagement with professionals from a diverse background and organisation types. This makes this 1 year executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad unique in format, content and opportunity for any graduate.


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