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Why I chose to apply to ISB PGPpro?

ISB PGPpro, a Weekend Executive MBA by ISB Hyderabad, has been purposefully curated to endow working professionals and business owners with the acumen and expertise needed to elevate themselves to the echelon of global leadership. The 18 months long program requires the professionals to attend classes every alternate weekend. Here we will share an interview of our admit and the suggestions for applicants to ISB PGPpro.

More Interviews with ISB PGPpro admits:

Q1: Can you briefly discuss your profile?

My name is Mithil and I have a passion for business, technology, sales, and marketing. I have been working with multiple startups for the past five years and even had my own startup in 2015. During my career, I have helped several billion-dollar companies build complex business applications.

Q2: How did you shortlist the schools to apply to? What were the key points that you were looking for? What resources did you refer to while making the decision to go with ISB PGPpro?

I was primarily interested in the ISB course PGP Pro, and so, I did not explore many other options. The course content was quite intriguing and addressed many of the challenges I faced in the past. As for resources, I referred to the school's website, course descriptions, and alumni network.

Q3: What were your expectations from the MBA programs that you chose to apply to, especially ISB PGP pro?

My main goal was to learn how other leaders manage global companies or solve business challenges. Additionally, I hoped to grow within my current organization.

Q4: What do you think was the most important decision you took during your application process?

I had decided that I would apply to the ISB Executive MBA. However, before beginning the application process, I found the right person to help me apply to ISB PGPpro. This was a crucial decision as it provided me with the guidance and support needed to succeed in the application process. I worked with GOALisB and I am glad I did, their expertise in the ISB application process as well as comprehensive interview preparation was instrumental in my securing an admit to ISB PGPpro.

Q5: What was the most challenging part of submitting your application to different schools? Please discuss how you handled these? Any pointers for future applicants?

I did not apply to multiple schools, so I did not face this challenge. I only applied to ISB PGPpro as that was the target school for me.

Q6: What was the interview experience like? Did you feel you were well prepared? What all resources did you access to prepare for the interview?

The interview was a bit tricky, but I felt well-prepared. I primarily prepared through the document shared by GOALisB and did mock interviews with GOAlisB, reading forums that discussed interview experiences. During the interview, I focused on my presence of mind, confidence, and approach to questions. The interviewers were product leaders in their industry and asked me about my current work, startup experience, management-related questions, and why I chose ISB.

Q7: Any suggestions for future applicants to ISB PGPpro as a person who has been there, done that successfully!

My main advice would be to find the right person to help with the application process and focus on your presence of mind, confidence, and approach to questions during the interview. Additionally, it's essential to thoroughly research the school and course content before applying.

To get started with your application, get in touch with a profile evaluation with our experts at GOALisB. You can write to us at or call us at +91 7719497187.


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