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How good is ISB PGPpro for Executive MBA in 2023?

ISB PGPpro is an 18 month General Management program offered by the Indian School of Business. Is ISB PGPpro worth it? If your goals are aligned with what the school offers. Yes, it is definitely worth it.

Next ISB PGPpro Deadline for 2023 - 24: 2nd April 2023

Here, we will discuss the different aspects of the ISB PGPpro program which will help you make a decision whether it aligns with your career goals. Our admission consultants have a 96% success rate with ISB PGPpro applications and have assisted professionals across domains with experience ranging from 5 years to 15 years with the ISB PGPpro applications. Get a profile evaluation to know if this is the right program for you and how we can help you with the application process.

How good is ISB PGPpro in 2023?

The year 2023 has been marked by dynamic changes that have compelled working professionals to reevaluate their career strategies.

Pursuing the ISB PGPpro program provides an opportunity to professionals to upgrade their skills and strategically prepare for career growth. Let's explore why:

  1. The ISB PGPpro is an ideal program for working professionals who aspire to earn an esteemed MBA degree while maintaining their current employment. This allows them to avoid taking a break from their careers and seamlessly continue working, making the ISB PGPpro a highly convenient option for pursuing an MBA during economic downturns like 2023.

  2. ISB PGPpro brings together a very diverse cohort which is evident from the class profile as below. Networking is an essential tool, especially in 2023 because of the advent of social media, LinkedIn and need of professional awareness and visibility.

  3. In 2023, industries are undergoing rapid changes and the ISB PGPpro program offers a multitude of events throughout the year, which are crucial for MBA graduates to stay up-to-date with the evolving landscape.

  4. Attaining the status of ISB alumni is one of the advantages of completing the ISB PGPpro program, which enables them to distinguish themselves in the professional world and establish their individual brand.

  5. ISB PGPpro is a popular option among MBA equivalent programs as it does not mandate the GMAT score for admission. This feature proves to be a great advantage for working professionals with significant work experience who find it challenging to dedicate time to prepare for GMAT.

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What is the ISB PGPpro eligibility?

ISB PGP pro 2023 - 24 eligibility requirements are:

  1. Work Experience: Minimum 5 years work experience on Jan 1, 2023 for Bangalore and Mumbai cohort and as on July 1, 2023 for Delhi - NCR and Hyderabad cohort application.

  2. Undergraduate bachelors Degree / Masters Degree/ CA/ ICWA

  3. No GMAT or GRE or Test Scores required

ISB PGPpro Class Profile 2022:

  1. Women students in the ISB PGPpro cohort - 30%

  2. Age Range in the class of 2022 ISB PGPpro - 26-49 Years

  3. Average Work Experience in the ISB PGPpro class of 2022 - 10.2 Years

ISB PGPpro Application Process 2023:

  1. Submit an online application form with academic details and work experience details.

  2. Submit one main ISB essay and addition scholarship essay along with the online application.

  3. Two letters of recommendation.

  4. Shortlisted applicants are invited for the ISB interview.

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Top ten reasons which make ISB PGPpro a good program for Executive MBA in India are:

1. ISB PGPpro is ideally suited for working professionals with at least 5 years of experience with in class sessions with ISB faculty and online modules during the intervening weekends. The weekend classes for Bangalore cohort of the ISB Executive MBA are conducted at Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway and for the Mumbai the classes are conducted at Taj Lands End, Bandra. Apart from the campus immersion which happens at ISB campuses at Hyderabad or Mohali the rest of the ISB PGPpro course is conducted at locations within the city.

2. A student of ISB PGPpro can shift to any of the four locations that are offered. According to the course start schedules, Mumbai or Bangalore vs. Delhi or Hyderabad are conducted in sync i.e. if a students moves from Mumbai or Bangalore (begins in January) to Delhi or Hyderabad (begins in July) one would face a six months lag in the course.

3. ISB Executive MBA offers students of the ISB PGPpro immense exposure through a plethora of activities and industry interactions. This contributes to the worth of ISB PGPpro as an executive MBA program.

4. ISB PGPpro is suitable for working professionals who wish to gain skills in Strategy and Leadership and the program offers two specialisations - Finance and Marketing. If you are looking at senior management or C Suite leadership roles in an organisation, ISB PGPpro will equip you with the skills required to get there.

5. The opportunity to engage with the upcoming industries at the ISB Executive MBA makes it a unique learning experience and definitely worthwhile. Some of the recent events that students of the ISB Executive MBA participated in are:

  1. Strategy and Consulting Club, ISB PGP pro on 7th July 2021 hosted Mr. Ajit Pai, who is working as an advisor to NITI Aayog to share his expertise on topics like investment in AIML, E-Mobility and areas of infrastructure, technology.

  2. The ISB PGPpro - Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club, conducted an interaction session on 7th July 2021 withMr. Sunil K Goyal, MD, YourNest Venture Capital to discuss "Venture Capitalist’s view on Entrepreneurship".

  3. The Product Management Club, ISB PGPpro, on 26th June 2021, conducted a session on New Age Product Development in the Automotive Sector.

  4. The Business Technology SIG, ISB PGP pro, on 10th July 2021, discussed ideas on Demystifying AI with Mr. Sanket Sinha, product owner for machine learning and analytics platform.

6. The ISB PGP pro program is structured in phases to equip applicants with a structured progression on the business concepts. Therefore, from a long term and short term perspective it is definitely worth it.

7. A prime benefit of the ISB PGPpro program for professionals is that they are awarded the full alumni status by ISB and they are a part of a selective cohort at ISB.

8. Another key advantage that the ISB PGPpro offers is that working professionals can network with professionals without having to take a break from their career. In addition to the curriculum the students of the ISB PGP pro go through three campus residences which are one week long. The first one being at the ISB Hyderabad campus, second being the International immersion - NUS, Singapore and the third is at the ISB Mohali campus.

9. There is no upper limit in work experience for applying to ISB PGPpro. However there is a minimum work experience required which is five years.

MBA admission consultant at GOALisB discusses the different Weekend Executive MBA programs in India.

10. ISB PGPpro offers its students an International immersion program which adds to their global exposure. ISB PGPpro curriculum covers 24 courses dispersed in 4 categories focused on Leadership & Strategy - i.e. preparatory courses, foundation courses, core courses, advanced and elective courses in Marketing and Finance.

To sum it all, the ISB PGPpro program is specifically suitable for a mid level professional who cannot leave his current job to pursue a full-time MBA.

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Updates from ISB PGPpro 2023 which makes this program stand out amongst Executive MBA in India:

  1. The ISB PGPpro Co'24 program is hosting an intriguing event on the subject of innovation and entrepreneurship, featuring a session titled "The Founding Story of Livofy." The event will take place on February 20th, 2023.

  2. ISB PGPpro played host to an upcoming Masterclass on Strategy and Business Models featuring Piyush Sharma, on January 28, 2023.

  3. ISB PGPpro successfully hosted the "Abhyudaya '22" event on November 12 and 13, 2022, with over 30 speakers and more than 200 attendees. The event focused on the theme of Sarvotkarsh - The Century Belongs to India, showcasing keynote sessions and panel discussions on India's fast-growing industries.

  4. The first-ever "PGPpro Industry Connect" event was held on Saturday, July 9, 2022, at Taj Lands End, Bandra in Mumbai. The summit featured a panel discussion on careers, followed by a "Back to Classroom" session, which includes several tracks such as FinTech, Marketing, and Consulting to explore current and future trends in the relevant sectors.

  5. As part of the "Back to Classroom" session for ISB PGPpro in July 2022 Industry Connect event, Mr. R Rajeshwar Upadhyay, CEO of Par Excellence Leadership Solutions Pvt Ltd, shared his expertise on "Leadership Lessons from World Literature."

  6. Pallavi Malani, PGP Co '10 - Managing Director & Partner - Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and Gaurav Nayyar, PGP Co '11 - Partner, Bain & Company, offered their perspectives on the "Current & Future of Consulting" at the ISB PGPPro Industry Connect in Mumbai in 2022.

  7. ISB PGP pro held a seminar on the Road to Metaverse on June 15, 2022. The seminar will address a variety of topics, including what is Metaverse, Meta's role in bringing Metaverse to life, and what Metaverse means for my business.

  8. The Business and Technology Club of ISB PGPpro Mumbai cohort conducted the value and power of data and analytics in improving customer centricity on 28th May 2022.

  9. In May 2022, ISB PGP pro Students at the Indian School of Business learned from Sidharth Shakdher, the CMO of Disney + Hotstar, about the tactics and frameworks for creating OTT platforms.

  10. 'Antarya', a new series centred on consulting and case solutions, was presented by the Finance & Consulting Club at ISB PGPPro class of 2023.

These are the kind of events and industry network that one gains from the ISB PGPpro program.

How do the Executive MBA from IIM and the EMBA program at ISB differ from each other?

If you are considering pursuing a management program in India, you may be weighing the pros and cons of an MBA from IIM and an EMBA from ISB.

  1. Duration: The Executive MBA from IIM is a one-year program, while the EMBA from ISB is offered in two formats - a 18-month PGPpro program and a 15-month PGPMAX program.

  2. Mode of Program: The MBA from IIM for executives is a full-time program, while the EMBA from ISB is designed for working professionals and is offered in a part-time, weekend, or modular format.

  3. Audience: The MBA from IIM for executives requires a minimum of 4-5 years of work experience and an average work experience of 8-8.5 years, while the EMBA from ISB requires a minimum of 5 years of work experience for PGPpro and 10 years for PGPMAX, with a higher average work experience.

  4. Test Scores Required: The MBA from IIM for executives requires the submission of the GMAT or GRE scores, while the ISB Executive MBA does not require test scores to be submitted.

  5. Placement Support: The MBA from IIM for executives provides placement support, while the ISB Executive MBA is designed for working professionals and does not offer placement support.

  6. Loans: The MBA from IIM for executives admits are eligible for a moratorium period from banks for education loans, while ISB Executive MBA students usually do not get a moratorium period and repayment starts immediately. When it comes to career prospects, both programs have their advantages.

The full-time MBA from IIM is ideal for career transitions and can open up new opportunities in a shorter amount of time. However, it requires taking a break from work to pursue the program, which can be a drawback for some. On the other hand, the EMBA from ISB is designed for working professionals and offers career advancement options without the need to leave your job. This means that you can continue to earn while pursuing the program, avoiding any loss of income. In summary, both the MBA from IIM and the EMBA from ISB have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. It's important to carefully consider your goals, work experience, and financial situation before making a decision.

Further let's explore what makes ISB PGPpro worth it?


What are the differences in the faculty in Hyderabad or Mumbai cohort at ISB PGPpro?​

The calendars of the program in Mumbai and Bangalore are synced. The faculty for the different cohorts are the same depending on the subjects offered during the period. The expertise of the faculty and their availability is synchronised for all the four cities offering the ISB PGPpro program.

How does one decide whether to apply for ISB PGPpro or ISB PGPMAX?

This decision should be made on the quality of work experience the applicant has gained so far. ISB PGP Pro is suitable for professionals working at mid to senior level in their organisations.

ISB PGP Max on the other hand is structured for professionals who are already engaged in leadership roles or those who have had good experience in leadership positions in their organisations.

Still wondering about how good is ISB PGPpro program?

If you are wondering how good is ISB PGPpro you should check if your goals are in line with what the school and the ISB PGPpro program offers. Connect with an ISB admission consultant to discuss your goals and profile to evaluate the ISB PGPpro program fit with your profile. We asked a few graduates about how good is the ISB PGPpro, they have all valued it most for the long term value addition that it gives and at the same time they value the peer network they build at ISB PGPpro.

Some other FAQ about the ISB PGPpro:

What is the placement assistance post the ISB PGPpro?

The applicants to the ISB PGPpro program are already working so there is no provision for a scheduled placement process. The school provides learning and development activities on career profile building throughout the year and access to opportunities which the graduates can avail.

ISB PGPpro offers many tools you can utilise to move towards a career change. ISB PGPpro does not offer campus placements as the program is intended for working professionals. ​

  1. Career support services is a series of personalised workshops done by the L&D team. These workshops are not a part of the curriculum but a part of the program. These include developing a job search action plan, build a stronger resume, mock interviews, building a personal brand, negotiating a job offer, work on your weaknesses etc.

  2. Career transition services by the corporate relations team networking side profile book for the students are collated and circulated among the corporate relations which float the relevant lateral placement opportunities.

  3. Leveraging the alumni network is a very important tool. ISB PGPpro offers a full alumni status for the students enabling them in outreach to alumni for connect.

  4. The alumni job portal is an exclusive job networking site for ISB graduates available for the ISB PGPpro alumni.

Is there a benefit of applying early to ISB PGPpro application?

There is a maximum scope of qualifying for the scholarships when applying in the Round 1 of the application itself.

What are some ISB PGPpro reviews, application process?

We have compiled details on the ISB PGPpro application process and interviewed the applicants as below.

Q. How did you shortlist the schools to apply to? What were the key points that you were looking for? What resources did you refer to while making the decision?


1. ISB PGPpro Applicant Response. The ISB course PGP Pro was pretty intriguing and I wasn't exploring too many options against this course. The PGP Pro course content was pretty interesting and addressed most of the challenges I faced in last few years was a key factor in choosing this course.

2. Another ISB PGP pro applicant responded to the question above as: I was looking for a program that offered flexible timing, faculty, peer knowledge.

3. An ISB PGPpro applicant with 11 years of experience in IT services responded as: First of all, based on institution ranking followed by curriculum and diversity of peer groups

The ISB PGPpro application process is designed to fit its selection criteria. ISB Hyderabad selects high potential professionals based on their academic performance, personal characteristics like ethics, interpersonal communication skills, goals and global vision.

The Executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad is suited for professionals with a track record of strong achievements at work. The ISB PGPpro application checks if they stand out due to their managerial experience and their contributions to organisations. A successful ISB PGPpro application must be able to demonstrate leadership potential and the impact.

The application to the Executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad, PGPpro is accepted in two cycles each for Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai, Bengaluru.

What is the test score required for ISB PGPpro application?

There is no specific test mandated by ISB for admission to the Executive MBA from ISB, the ISB PGPpro. The application to ISB PGPpro, Executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad, requires the submission of a detailed work experience, recommendation letters and essays.

How important is the ISB PGPpro interview?

The last part is the ISB PGPpro interview. One should never underestimate the importance of the ISB PGPpro interview process. ISB does not give a lot many days for you to start your interview preparation. The time that you would usually get for an ISB PGPpro interview is around 2 - 7 days. The interview panel usually comprises alumni who try to ascertain the fit of the applicant with the program.

The application process for admission to the Executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad, ISB PGPpro actually starts with a thorough profile evaluation of the applicant. Once the fit is clear, the applicant should spend a lot of time brainstorming to get his thoughts and experience together. The rest of the process follows after that.

Download the comparison report for weekend Executive MBA programs in India.

What are the ISB PGPpro interview questions?

The ISB PGPpro application process results in the selection of a very selective pool of applicants. The ISB PGPpro interview questions revolve around the different experiences that the applicant has asked The main theme of the ISB PGppro interview questions is to address the fit of the applicant to the school and the program. The ISB PGPpro interview questions definitely probe the motivations and experiences of the applicant to check if they fit into the ISB PGPpro program.

Which program is better suited for Indian professionals, the INSEAD ILPSE or ISB PGPpro?

The INSEAD Leadership program for senior executives is a one year program structured to groom the next generation senior executives in India. This program has a part time format with a part of the course held at International locations, i.e. France or Singapore. This program caters to the leadership skills, management concepts and advanced specialisation as does the ISB PGPpro program. However the suitability of either program depends on the individual professional, the costs involved and the goals you have.

There are 5 main differences in ISB PGPpro vs INSEAD ILPSE:

  1. Minimum work experience required: ISB PGPpro is 5 years while INSEAD ILPSE is 10 years.

  2. Fees: ISB PGPpro costs around INR 34 Lacs, while INSEAD ILPSE costs around SGD 66,000.

  3. Duration of the program: ISB PGPpro is 18 months in duration while the INSEAD ILPSE is one year in duration.

  4. Locations: ISB PGPpro has cohorts at 4 locations in India + One International while the INSEAD ILPSE is conducted conducted across 3 locations Internationally.

  5. Program Inception: ISB PGPpro is present since 5+ years while INSEAD ILPSE is present since 12+ years.

Can an Executive MBA from ISB PGPpro help me transition towards a product management career?

Yes. A majority of our applicants seek a transition to the product management roles within or outside their organisations and they do achieve this goal successfully.

If you are entering the ISB PGPpro program with a background of technical aspects of product management, this education would surely help you transition to a product management role. However, if your background prior to the ISB PGPpro application is not related to the product management in any sector or domain, it can't be said for sure that you would be able to transition to product management career roles.

Contact an ISB admission consultant at GOALisB for your ISB PGPpro application.


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