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How good is ISB PGPpro for Executive MBA?

Updated: Oct 16

ISB PGPpro is an Executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad which has been customised as a flexible program with a weekend schedule.

What is the ISB PGPpro eligibility?

If you are a working professional with a work experience ranging from 5 - 12 years and have a Bachelor's degree in any discipline, you fall under the ISB PGPpro eligibility. The average work experience of the class is around 9 years and the average age is 34 years for ISB PGPpro eligibility. ISB PGPpro offers specialisation in Marketing or Finance. The Executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad currently offers weekend classes at Bengaluru, Delhi (NCR), Hyderabad and Mumbai.

ISB PGPpro application :

The ISB PGPpro application process is designed to fit its selection criteria. ISB Hyderabad selects high potential professionals to the ISB PGPpro based on their academic performance, personal characteristics like ethics, interpersonal communication skills, goals and global vision. The Executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad is suited for professionals with a track record of achievements ate work. The ISB PGPpro application shcecks if they stand out due to their managerial experience and their contributions to organisations. A successful ISB PGPpro application must be able to demonstrate leadership potential and the impact.

The application to the Executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad, PGPpro is accepted in two cycles each for Delhi - Hyderabad and Mumbai - Bengaluru. Till the 2020 admission cycle there was no specific test mandated by ISB for admission to the Executive MBA from ISB, the ISB PGPpro. The future ISB PGPpro application cycles may require some test scores as a part of the application. Additionally the application to ISB PGPpro, Executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad, requires the submission of a detailed work experience, recommendation letters and essays.

ISB PGPpro Interview :

The last part is the ISB PGPpro interview. One should never underestimate the importance of the ISB PGPpro interview process. ISB does not give a lot many days for you to start your interview preparation. The time that you would usually get for an ISB PGPpro interview is around 2 - 7 days. The interview panel usually comprises alumni who try to ascertain the fit of the applicant to the program.

The application process for admission to the Executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad, ISB PGPpro actually starts with a thorough profile evaluation of the applicant. Once the fit is clear, the applicant should spend a lot of time brainstorming to get his thoughts and experience together. The rest of the process follows after that.

What are the ISB PGPpro interview questions?

The ISB PGPpro application process results in the selection of a very selective pool of applicants. The ISB PGPpro interview questions revolve around the different experiences that the applicant has asked The main theme of the ISB PGppro interview questions is to address the fit of the applicant to the school and the program. ISB offers three main programs in this league - ISB PGP which is the fulltime MBA program, ISB PGPMax which is designed for top tier professionals and the ISB PGPpro which is designed for mid level to senior level professionals. The ISB PGPpro interview questions definitely probe the motivations and experiences of the applicant to check if they fit into the ISB PGPpro program.

How good is ISB PGPpro?

If you are wondering how good is ISB PGPpro you should check if your goals are in line with what the school and the ISB PGPpro program offers.

We asked a few graduates about how good is the ISB PGPpro, they have all valued it most for the long term value addition that it gives and at the same time they value the peer network they build at ISB PGPpro.

Is ISB PGPpro worth it?

If your goals are aligned with what the school offers. Yes, it is. In terms of goals alignment we mean specifically if you are looking at senior management or C Suite leadership roles in an organization, ISB PGPpro will equip you with the skills required to get there. The ISB PGPpro program is structured in phases to equip applicants with a structured progression on the business concepts. Therefore, from a long term and short term perspective it is definitely worth it.

Is the Executive MBA programme at ISB PGPpro worth joining? What is the placement assistance post the ISB PGPpro program?

Based on the above we can definitely vouch that the ISB PGPpro is worth it. The applicants to the ISB PGPpro program are already working so there is no need for a scheduled placement process. The school provides learning and development activities on career profile building throughout the year and access to opportunities which the graduates can avail.

What are your suggestions on the ISB PGPpro program for a mid level professional who cannot leave his current job to pursue a full-time MBA?

The ISB PGPpro program is ideally suited for professionals who are in the middle management roles and look to proceed towards senior management roles. There are three things why we consider the ISB PGPpro program the best:

  1. It is a flexible schedule program so you don't have to leave your regular job to pursue this course.

  2. You can pursue ISB PGPpro while you are working so you don't have to worry immediately about getting a job or the immediate ROI or security from that perspective.

  3. The ISB PGPpro program is delivered across four locations in a hybrid model, which makes it accessible for most of the professionals.

Which program is better suited for Indian professionals, the INSEAD ILPSIE or ISB PGPpro?

The INSEAD Leadership program for senior executives is a one year program structured to groom the next generation senior executives in India. This program has a part time format with a part of the course held at International locations, i.e. France or Singapore. This program caters to the leadership skills, management concepts and advanced specialisation as does the ISB PGPpro program. However the suitability of either program depends on the individual professional, the costs involved and the goals you have.

Can an Executive MBA from ISB PGPpro help me transition towards a product management career?

Yes, and no. If you are entering the ISB PGPpro program with a background of technical aspects of product management, this education would surely help you transition to a product management role. However, if your background prior to the ISB PGPpro application is not related to the product management in any sector or domain, it can't be said for sure that you would be able to transition to product management career roles.

To confirm your ISB PGPpro eligibility the first step is to share your resume with us.

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