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Comparing EMBA Programs

Executive MBA (EMBA) programs cater to seasoned professionals aiming to elevate their leadership abilities and propel their careers forward. While numerous EMBA programs are accessible, this blog post will undertake a comparative analysis of the EMBA offerings provided by the Indian School of Business (ISB) and the partnership between the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

National University of Singapore - UCLA - NUS Executive MBA:

The NUS-UCLA EMBA program is a 15-month program that takes place in six segments in six different cities worldwide. The program requires participants to attend two intensive weeks once every three months, including weekends and public holidays. Apart from these components, participants are obligated to finalize an international journey as an integral aspect of the Global Program. The typical work experience among participants totals 17 years, with an average of 10 years in management roles. The total program expenditure amounts to $130,000 USD, and the class comprises 23 individuals.

ISB Executive MBA for Senior Executives - ISB PGPMAX:

ISB PGPMAX, the Post Graduate Program in Management for Senior Executives, from the Indian School of Business: The 15-month ISB PGPMAX program is provided by the ISB and involves one week of class attendance every six weeks. The program includes two international trips, one to NUS and one to Wharton. The minimum work experience required for the ISB PGPMAX program is 10 years, and the average work experience of participants is 16 years. The program cost is र 3848000 (INR), and the class size is 70.

Indian School of Business - ISB PGPpro:

The ISB PGPpro program is an 18-month program that requires participants to attend classes on alternate weekends. The program includes one international trip to NUS. The program mandates a minimum of 5 years of work experience, with an average participant work experience ranging from 10 to 12 years. The cost of the ISB PGPpro program is INR 30,46,000 (excluding taxes), and the class typically comprises 50 to 80 individuals spread across four locations in India: NCR, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Mumbai.

Comparing EMBA Programs: ISB PGPpro vs PGPMAX vs UCLA NUS EMBA:

The NUS-UCLA EMBA program has a smaller class size compared to ISB Executive MBA i.e. the ISB PGPMAX and ISB PGPpro programs. Nonetheless, the program carries a higher price tag, with a program cost totaling $130,000 USD. Moreover, participants are expected to engage in two intensive weeks once every three months, encompassing weekends and public holidays, which could present a challenge.

The ISB PGPMAX program has a higher minimum work experience requirement compared to the other programs. The ISB PGPMAX program also includes two international trips to NUS and Wharton, which provides participants with exposure to different cultures and business practices. However, the program has a larger class size compared to the NUS-UCLA EMBA program.

The ISB PGPpro program has the lowest minimum work experience requirement of the three programs. The program also has the lowest program cost. However, the program has the longest duration, spanning over 18 months, and requires participants to attend classes on alternate weekends. The program also has the largest class size. How good is the ISB PGPpro? has also been discussed by us.

All three programs have their unique features, advantages, and disadvantages. The NUS-UCLA EMBA program offers a global perspective, with international segments and a smaller class size. The PGPMAX program offers exposure to different business practices through its international trips to NUS and Wharton, while the ISB PGPpro program is more accessible with its lower minimum work experience requirement and program cost.

The decision between the three curricula ultimately comes down to personal preferences and professional objectives. We have also compared ISB PGPpro vs PGPMAX vs Columbia EMBA Global Asia and ISB PGPpro vs PGPMAX vs Cornell EMBA.

Prospective students should consider factors such as program length, cost, class size, work experience requirements, and international exposure when making their decision. However, all three programs are highly reputable and will undoubtedly provide a valuable learning experience to those who are accepted.

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