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ISB Scholarship 2025-26

Are you aspiring to pursue an MBA at the prestigious ISB? If yes, you might be looking into scholarships as well. We understand it is not an easy task to navigate through the entire MBA process without assistance, especially when it comes to scholarships. This is why we are thrilled to present a comprehensive guide to the diverse scholarships available for your journey at ISB.

Here's a detailed update on scholarships at ISB for 2025-26 Admissions:

  1. Merit Based ISB Scholarships:

  • Range: 8.5 lakhs to 25 lakhs

  • Can cover up to 100% of tuition fees

  • Automatically considered; no separate application required

  • Based on performance in the ISB selection process

  • Criteria include profile score and interview performance

  1. Need-cum-Merit Scholarships:

  • Available for candidates with annual family income less than 18 lakhs per annum

  • Considers both financial need and merit

  • Maximum tuition fee waiver: 25 lakhs

  • Minimum scholarship: Around 8 lakhs

  1. Diversity Scholarships:

  • Aimed at promoting class diversity

  1. Donor-based Scholarships:

  • Various options based on donor specifications

  • May require additional essays or applications

  • Candidates are contacted if they fit specific donor criteria

  1. Women's Scholarship

  2. Application Process for ISB Scholarships:

  • For merit scholarships, all applicants are automatically considered

  • Some scholarships may require additional essays or applications

  1. ISB Scholarship Statistics:

  • Last year, about 20-25% of the batch received some form of scholarship

  • Total scholarship amount dispersed: Around 20 crores

  1. ISB Scholarship Availability Across Rounds:

  • Opportunities available across all three application rounds

  • Recent changes aim to ensure equal chances of getting a scholarship across rounds

  • 8% tuition fee waivers available across all three rounds

  1. Timing Considerations:

  • While there's an effort to maintain equal chances, applying early is encouraged

  • The scholarship pool can be limited and may diminish in later rounds

  • No fixed quotas for scholarships in each round

  1. Evaluation Criteria:

  • For merit scholarships: based on overall performance in the selection process

  • Includes factors like GMAT/GRE scores, academic performance, work experience, essays, and interview performance

  1. ISB Scholarship Decisions:

  • Likely announced along with admission decisions

  • May be part of the offer letter

  1. ISB Scholarship Amounts:

  • Vary based on the type of scholarship and individual merit

  • Can range from partial to full tuition waivers

More details on ISB Scholarships:

ISB offers two categories of scholarships - need based, merit based scholarships. By default every applicant who is given an admit to ISB is considered for a merit based scholarship. ISB offers around 40 scholarships ranging from 5 lakhs to full fee waiver.

Need based ISB scholarship takes into consideration the entire family income as a basic criteria. Additional essays and documentation are required to apply for these. In addition to these, ISB admits can opt for scholarships offered by alumni, corporates or board members at ISB. There are special scholarships for NRI applicants who have just moved back to India.

What are the ISB MBA Scholarships?

All ISB MBA applicants shall be eligible for the merit-linked tuition waivers. They are not required to apply separately. ISB MBA Applicants for tuition waivers must submit proof of income for self, parents & spouse (if working) is mandatory to be eligible. An MBA applicant is allowed to apply for more than one tuition waiver, at the same time only one tuition waiver shall be awarded to an applicant.

There is one new ISB Scholarship that you can apply to in 2024:

The Ishwar Prakash Agarwal Scholarship, which will be introduced in 2024, is exclusively for differently-abled applicants per GOI norms and women returning to work after a sabbatical or raising a family. In order to apply, candidates need to submit a compelling 300-word essay detailing why this scholarship holds significance for them. At GOALisB, we also offer essay writing assistance to help our candidates excel in their applications with the support of our ISB admission consultant "Why is this scholarship important for you? "

Which ISB scholarships require an income declaration?

  1. ISB Scholarship - ISB merit cum need based waiver

  2. External Scholarship -Bridge to India Tuition Waiver

  3. ISB Scholarship - ISB - AIESEC Tuition Waiver

  4. ISB Scholarship - Ramesh C. Khanna Nurture India Scholarship

  5. ISB Scholarship - PGPMAX Co 2012 Scholarship

  6. ISB Scholarship - AT&T Scholarship

  7. ISB Scholarship - Ishwar Prakash Agarwal Scholarship

Get assistance for ISB essays from our ISB admission consultant at GOALisB.

Some scholarships our applicants have received recently:

2023 - ISB full 100% tuition fee waiver

2023 - ISB Diversity waiver of INR 6 Lacs

2022 - ISB merit based waiver of INR 5 Lacs

2022 - ISB merit based waiver of INR 5 Lacs

2021 - ISB Diversity waiver of INR 14 Lacs

ISB MBA fees can be managed better by opting for various scholarships offered by the school. These ISB scholarships include:

  1. Merit-based scholarships, which are awarded to eligible candidates based on their academic performance.

  2. Need-based scholarships, which are offered to deserving candidates whose annual family income is less than 18 lakhs.

  3. Merit by diversity scholarships, which are given to candidates to promote diversity.

  4. AIESEC waivers, which are scholarships sponsored by the global youth leadership organization.

  5. International diversity scholarships, which are intended for promising overseas students who want to study in India.

  6. Bridge to India scholarships, which aim to bring expatriate students back to study in India.

  7. ISB Develop India Scholarship, which is offered to ISB students who want to venture into social impact start-ups, non-profit, and development sector.

More details about Scholarships at ISB MBA:

1. AT&T Scholarship for ISB Applicants:

  • Eligibility:

  • Work experience in any of the following industries: IT/Technology/Media/Communication Industry

  • The applicants should not be directly or indirectly associated with AT&T or its affiliates

Application process requires the submission of a declaration. 2. Bridge to India Tuition Waiver:

Eligibility: Stellar academic background Indian with a full-time work experience abroad for at least for one year.

Application process requires submission of an ISB scholarship essay as follows: Justify why you deserve this Scholarship. (For applicants working abroad for more than 1 year and plan to return to India) (200 words max) 3. ISB - AIESEC Tuition Waiver: Eligibility: AIESEC member/ alumnus with a strong academic background

Application process requires submission of an ISB scholarship essay as follows: Justify why you deserve this Scholarship. Also, provide your contribution to the AIESEC.

4. ISB need based waiver

Eligibility: Family income inclusive of the applicant's pre ISB income being less than INR 12 lakhs.

Application process includes submission of the proof of income for self and family and Application process requires submission of an ISB scholarship essay as follows: "Justify by stressing on the need & your family financial condition " (200 words max)

5. PGPMAX Co 2012 Scholarship: Eligibility: Applicant must have experience in the social sector and the income criteria same as the ISB need based waiver.

Application process involves submission of relevant proof for eligibility and Application process requires submission of an ISB scholarship essay as follows: "Explain how do you plan to give back to the society? " (200 words max)

6. Ramesh C. Khanna Nurture India Scholarship

Eligibility: The ISB applicant should be the only earning member in the family with a family income less than INR 12 Lakhs.

Application process requires submission of an ISB scholarship essay as follows: "Justify why you deserve this Scholarship." (200 words max) 7. Shapoorji Pallonji Tuition Grant - Given Every alternate Year 8. Jagannath Arora Scholarship 9.Bajaj Auto Scholar

Recent Scholarship Achievements: Inspiring Success Stories

We take immense pride in celebrating the achievements of our scholarship recipients. Here is a little peek into our recent year's numbers:

● 2023: 100% tuition fee waiver

● 2023: Diversity waiver of INR 6 lakhs

● 2022: Merit-based waiver of INR 5 lakhs (Multiple Recipients)

● 2021: Diversity waiver of INR 14 lakhs

FAQ for ISB MBA Scholarships:

What scholarships are available in Round 2?

ISB offers need-based, merit-based, diversity scholarships, corporate scholarships and alumni endowments for admits.

How can I be eligible for need-based ISB scholarship?

If your combined family income is less than 18 lacs (INR) you can qualify for the need based ISB scholarship. In addition to need-based, merit-based, and diversity scholarships, ISB also offers corporate scholarships and alumni endowments.

What is the range of merit-based scholarships available in Round 2 for ISB admissions?

The minimum scholarship offered is 25% while the maximum can go up to 75% of the tuition fee. Regarding the eligibility for need-based scholarships, the applicant's family income should not exceed 18 lacs (INR).

How can one apply for merit based ISB MBA scholarship?

All ISB MBA applicants are considred automatically for merit-based scholarships. The holistic evaluation of the application is considered for the same – the GMAT/GRE, Academic history, LOR, Quality of Work exp. and Interview performance, among many others.

How do I apply for need-based ISB scholarships?

To be considered for a need-based scholarship, applicants must check the appropriate scholarship option in the Scholarship section of the application portal, which will prompt them to submit a separate essay.

Personalize Your Scholarship Journey: Reach Out to Us

ISB's commitment to nurturing talent and fostering diversity has earned ISB the trust of over 70 sponsors offering a mix of merit- and need-based scholarships. We understand the significance of your scholarship journey and are here to support you at every step.

For personalized application assistance or a profile evaluation, reach out to our dedicated ISB admission consultant are always ready to help you. Your dream MBA awaits with ISB, and we are excited to be part of your journey.

Join ISB, where your aspirations take flight and your future is limitless.

Become an ISB Scholar—Your Key to Success! Call us today!

For further application assistance or a profile evaluation contact our ISB admission consultant at or +91 7719497187.


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